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Narcissistic Harem. Trapped in the Narcissist’s Bubble. (Jezebel Spirit)

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Narcissistic Harem. Trapped in the Narcissist’s Bubble.
9 But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage? Galatians 4:9 (KJV)
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  • Demetria Gaines

    Thank You For Sharing
    For Over 4 Yrs I Have Been So Depressed
    I.Continue To Break No Contact.After Being
    So Horribly Discarded..The Narcissists Continue
    To Give Me The Silent ~ Treatment For Over A Yr.
    I Haven’t Seen This Person In A Yr And He Continues
    To Control Me I Struggle With Going No

  • janette mcmurray

    Love your Artistic content and lay out of this video. One of the Best I've seen in describing them to a T! I never thought about this Horrendous Sick Abuse of poor Defensive Animals 😥 how Sick and Twisted. They're Cruelty/Evil is NEVERENDING! Great watch and learn again. Thank you.. Jennuine Soul, 🌹

  • Joann HOPKINS

    Good evening. Illusion , the narc is the master of creating illusions. Their whole life is one grand stage, where they perfect the art of deception. Living in an alternate reality and using any prop to make the scene complete.
    You are a part of the grand deception and as long as u can be recycled they will recycle u.
    As children the trauma they faced or the trauma they inflicted on others give them a sense of power and dominance over those they deem weak and insignificant.
    Once u avail yourself to them , no they will never let you go. But God created the angels and the demons. He created the good and the evil,remember the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That is where all this started our knowledge of what's right and what's wrong.
    As part of a harem , u have no freedom, u are constantly being sucked in by evil and that drains you. It causes a rift between your relationship with God and it causes conflict on your walk with Jesus.
    This is a battle to distract and keep u from the promises of God.
    Satan uses those who have been deeply wounded and vow never to b wounded again. Narcs have learned how to adapt and change accordingly , they cause confusion and conflict with u so as to keep u begging and groveling .
    They delight in your misery and you heartbreak, they devour your hopelessness and feast on you feeling inadequate.
    But u can walk away from this illusion, if u so desire to be free from those shackles. If u live only for man , then will u find time for God?
    I thought I could live without him but then I remember that he's only a figment of my imagination. Like he/she walked into your life, we can also escort him/her out of our life as well. Do u believe your life has been enhanced by his/her presence or diminished by it?
    Ask yourself this, Are you willing to stand before Jesus on that day and give an account of how u spent your time chasing a temporary illusion instead of a eternal reality? Later survivors.

  • Cathy Greenia

    WOW 😮Yes! I went through it all !
    8 years!!!! I asked the Lord to get me out and he did !😇👍🏼🙏🏼
    2 years out NO Contact it was Very difficult- I’m just starting to feel good again 🙂 God pulled me out of that pit ! 🙏🏼

  • Virginia Romero

    No contact seven months…. the longest i've been successful. After 4.5 years of the come n go. I'm sure i'm the crazy ex cuz that's how he described those before me. This entire video i've experienced most of it. No more hoover attempts after I was finally strong enough to not answer his two calls one month into no contact for the umpteenth time. I will not play any more, i've lost enough of my precious time and resources and myself. I'm slowly becoming who I was yet different…. stronger boundaries and I don't trust anyone. I'm better able to discern those who have hidden agendas or are not good for me. Thank God I'm free!

  • Julia K

    Wow this is EXACTLY how they are … so sad how we learn about their nefarious behaviors. These lessons we learn from them are like a scar, a permanent reminder to NEVER be in contact with them for the rest of our lives.Thank you for these videos🙏🏻

  • Curious Nook

    Outstanding video! I was part of a harem once and I went no contact. I didn’t provide an explanation. An explanation will only give the Narcissist an opportunity to rebut your decision. We empathy’s need to realize that we don’t owe certain people anything. And actually, going no contact without an explanation actually causes a narcissist more injury than anything else you could do or say. I happened to find out that the narcissist that I went no contact with was ruminating about WHY I suddenly and without warning disappeared off his radar. It wasn’t one particular thing that made me decide to disappear and this seemed to cause him to almost obsess and think back about what he did or said (or so a friend told me). I also didn’t tell my friend why I did it. She may well have been being used as a flying monkey even unbeknownst to her. Remember, we don’t have to be the information bureau with ANYONE!

  • Cynthia Meirah Voormeij

    On one hand I regret to have exposed him as in having kicked his vile ass as in telling him that I finally saw the real him but on the other hand I ain't because it caused /causes him so much pain ( and him even more showing his true colors) / him even more becoming crazy! 🙂 He ( and our "relationship") is now only study material. I can't wait for him to return for whatever. I'll be waiting! 🙂

  • teo tselek

    I hate them!… and hate got nothing to do with plans to harm anyone but i am sick of them! Through your words i see the truth about my relatioship with my narc… They are exactly the opposite of what we are, we are looking for truth, they are looking for the lie, we are looking for a soulmate they are looking for their supply, we are giving love and they are giving us abuse, we are heaving Jesus for our lord and they have money and power for their God. Everything you said to this video is True. I guees some pain will Last forever through this life untill we live again to a New life away from all the things caused pain to us… God bless you!!

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