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Narcissistic Family Patterns-everyone as Extensions of The Narcissist

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  • Duane Outdoors

    Beautiful day there! I think spring is finally here. I know that feeling of the disconnect in that dynamic, the feeling of not belonging. I disconnected myself from the disconnect in a sense. I'm doing and exploring the things that make me happy and bring me peace, even tho the family of origin views it as hippieish, I feel more connected to myself and nature around than I ever have. It feels good.Good discussion😊

  • Grace Kelly

    Yes after a year of no contact with parents and husband I am starting to see the difference. Slowly coming out of solitude into company that is healthier to be around resonates in my being in a positive way. The disconnect is not there the self doubt the cognitive dissonance isn’t there. It is slowly coming about. I have to let go and trust in the process and your videos peace and harmony help keep me on track 😘

  • c c

    ❤️ spending time learning how to be a person now unlearning that lesson in many ways and even at this age learning how to be a valuable person. Still better than all that distraction I once practiced fully never knowing I was better until I learned I was better

  • Dotty P

    💯 accurate 👍🏻. That’s exactly how my family works. So nice to hear somebody else say it! Validating. Thank you so much for this. It’s was not just my parents (both now deceased, and my mother would turn it on and off, my step father was the worst) my sister and her children are the same to me ( well her girls, her son and I have had a great relationship over the years), and my sister in law and her girls ( again the sons and my brother are lovely to me) Lots of love to you 😘💕 xxxx

  • Mike Smith 116

    Yes Peace and Harmony these people are super greedy , two timing and they make us feel like crap . They also make everything one big compatention and they use us as a puppet to make them look good . I definitely felt like I was used and felt less than when I was around them . I was walking on eggshells living with my narc dad when I used to live with him . I was always scapegoated for something everytime I was around him . I pray and stay away from him & his flying monkeys I do not want them in my life anymore . These narc controllers are bad for your health .

  • Willa Barnes

    Charles Rothenberg who set his son on fire was a psychopath but his ex-wife did not know what she was dealing with !!! He stole from her and she did not know of his past criminal history. He was childish , selfish , never paid child support. One day he lied and kidnapped his son gave him a pill and set him on fire. It was all about winning. He wanted to hurt his ex-wife. He saw his son only as a possession. You have to get away from these people. Let them feel like they left you because you no longer give them money , time or whatever. I am grateful I only took a small financial loss but I can recover. Sometimes you think a person is just a bum , user but he may be more than that. He may actually be psycho and see you only as a possession. So many signs were there. Such a CONTROL FREAK but he never does anything good for you. He only takes. Another woman tried to throw out her bum boyfriend . He came back and murdered her and their child then burned down the house. They love no one NOT even their kids. They are EVIL! Punishing you is very pleasurable to these predators. Yes if you stand up to their bad treatment, you could get hurt.

  • Le

    Ongoing lifetime healing needed…eventually you can’t forgive and need to distance yourself. I’ve been given the “eye” when I’m trying to enjoy family and friends at a party, this drives them nuts that you can actually enjoy socializing and being positive…it’s truly sick and sad… heartbreaking at times…every day is a battle to remain strong and look to the positive…

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