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Narcissistic Contagion, Professional Victims

How is the interaction between the narcissist and his victims. Some of this victims can turn into professional victims, becoming so self centered just like narcissists are.

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  • Narcissist Free -almost

    Sam is right. For a short period of time, without even realizing it, I did the same thing – thinking I could somehow control my outrage. The only thing that happened was me acting out and ultimately hurting myself. Trying to turn the tables on a narcissist is fruitless (in my case anyway) because they are so skilled at splitting and twisting things, anything and everything I did, was turned back on me, and quite successfully, I might add.

  • tom ordahl

    Yeah, blame the abused because s/he is no better than the abuser.. Fortunately that is not the fact. Most victims of narcicissts or sociopaths do not get infected by the abuser, and treating the abuser bad is the right thing to do, it comes natural, just as natural as treating non-abusive people friendly and compassionate.

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