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Narcissistic Baby Boomers Realize The Jig Is Up


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  • Private Private

    I’ll bring up the recession again. No matter what, the NM acted like it was nothing. I stayed at my desk day and night, applying for thousands of jobs, ready to commit suicide. So, at one point, the smug which says, “Just how many jobs have you applied for?” I’ll tell you how many, you b. More than the amount your generation in this family, the one before that and the one before that! I barely wipe my butt because I’m deathly afraid that I might miss some new “opportunity “ that fizzles into nothing. I wound up working at a store that was paying so little, I started planning my own suicide and she laughed at it. She actually said that my father would’ve been able to find work, while in my car one time. I almost slammed on the brakes. Millions of people searching for work, losing homes and HE would’ve found a job. And she would not deviate.

    Yep, when I look back and I see the absolute insult alone, I guess it must’ve simply been worry about my financial future that made me not tell her to go and kill herself.

  • Josie Smith

    This is a bit much calling a whole generation, narcissist. Then again, I worked w 18-20's 10-5 years ago, they were horribly mean, deceptive and lazy. And you can't find a teen willing to do odd jobs like when "we" were kids, they're happy to have the whole family live at Grandma's house and suck off the government teet, and cry about how poor they are. You are right that many did a bad job, because I've never heard of another generation that had so many grandparents raising their grandkids. That would be the baby boomer generation doing that and some younger. Also roosting thier failed adult children. I hope they get the grandkids right and use a bit more discipline and teach responsibility.

  • Travis Thacker

    The best part is when they accuse you for making schemes against them………………were evil and do all this stuff against them nothing is true. LOL everything is a lie to my mother lol it's actually gotten me to the point that I just laugh about it. She sits and looks out windows and says the whole world is against her and every other person living next to her is spying on her.
    It's all just laughable now. I just want to work, eat, live, be happy, try to help others when I can. All I hear from her is hate, pain, bitching, problems, money problems, people problems. LOL never happy

  • Bundle of Myrrh

    Try being raped at 14 by Boomer pedophile, then get pregnant and at the mercy (not) of Boomer narc mother. Shame blame "how could you do this to me?" Says mom and intro the no choice adoption solution, sell that baby to "good and proper" peer boomers that can't have babies…. Oh the never ending boomer narc cycle….Dear God help us all the children of the monster boomers.

  • smurfitude1

    I was born in 1960 and I hear you loud and clear. I been thru some shit too and it's the other way around. I'm not gonna trash my son. But I am grieved because he's having some issues with his life. I was and still am disappointed. You have helped me a whole lot. I was shocked to find out this stuff! It's a lot of ppl like this walking the earth. They're like roaches and rodents!

  • The Awakened

    Listen. Understand this is all spiritual. Blaming a generation that is blind (although some know), is unfruitful. Anyone that knows that it's all about a balance, will know that you can't leave out spiritual matters. Anyone have a Holy Bible? More specifically, one printed as a KJV? read St. Matthew Chapter 23 – profound! Here is a reminder to them that have forgotten: for it is written: "For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord". We are talking about a wicked generation that keeps promoting evil because they refuse the very God that created them. The very Word they claim vehemently that they believe through their acts of religiously behaviors. Hypocrites! Its all about money for them. "Show me the moneeeey". Yea, right. The money is not going to get you out of this one. No way.

  • Fedeleness

    OMG, this was great! Glad to say I kept my grandkids away going NC. Not many people understand that and it took me a long time to realize it was a blessing from Above. Not that it saved them from their own parents and they were worse than mine. Every generation has its narcs and most are parents, so this division according to generation I will have to think about.

  • CJM

    "They were just so mean to me." My mother to my sister after she throws a raging fit at my house because, wait for it: Teens throw their towels on the floor. My mom screams at my kids, " I just want to mow you all down with a gun."

    BTW, my mom is a liberal who is a strong gun control advocate.

  • Panthes Rutler

    Exactly my father. He came to visit recently. We went to the beach and he got pummeled by a wave, my misses said he looked like a beach ball being barreled over, I realised then that his violence and intimidation tactics would never work again, secondary was the thought of 'what kind of a man bails on his kids and when he gets them treats them that way' – only a coward.

  • Llorona

    My boomer mother had me to trap my good for nothing father. After that didn't work, she started sleeping around, leaving me and my older brother at our grandmothers house overnight. She eventually married. That's when the virginity checks came in. My mother took my virginity when I was 8. I cried and she told me I was being a spoiled brat. She eventually had my pediatrician, whom was male, do the checks for her. When we moved to a different state, she tried to have a female pediatrician do the check, but refused. My mom was pissed. The slut-shamming started, along with the other boomer mantras. I need to add that my stepdad is still a huge pedo slime ball. Im in my 30s now and I'm just now realized that what I went through wasn't normal. I was brainwashed for so long into thinking I was the one who was the problem. I'm so sorry that there are so many of us, but at the same time, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  • Southern Star

    7:24 "I have news for you" lmao my original narc was my stepfather pastor. he was one of many abusive patriarchs at a horrible spiritually abusive church. One of his cohort pastors used to get on the mic and fuss at all the congregants from time to time. He would adjust his belt, stick his chest out and always, ALWAYS include "I got news for ya" in his spiels. Example: "and if ya think ya gonna get away with disobeying God, well I got news for ya".. And then some vague threat. His kids were a fucking mess just like I was, wonder if they've discovered who raised us yet 😂

    I would always mentally check out as soon as I heard those words. How do boomers think condescension improves their effectiveness!? How do they all know these fuckwad tactics??

    Hilarious. Thanks for the flashback, I needed that.

  • Southern Star

    See, this pisses me right the fuck off, so now we were in a cult and planned this. If y'all are anything like me, you ran from a nightmare right into poverty, homelessness, and zero support into the dark world and then suffered through PTSD and humiliation of having no family for YEARS! years. Just stuffing it down until a few voices appeared in the dark. Ollie. Smakintosh. Narcissism Survivor.

    And we gradually healed. Now we are the perps. See this is why I never went back, I KNOW they would play this elderly-victims-bewildered-by-betrayal shit. It's ok, once they start this part of the game, you know you've won. Thanks for this, it does help. ❤️

  • LoneSentryMusicHall

    I feel strongly about and can relate to many of the comments, but please luke, don't give in to hate because you'll only punish yourself. And you know who will be waiting to smear you the bad guy or gal when you lose your temper. Let's be honest, reasoning with them is useless because in the end they have nothing you want because it just isn't there. They couldn't give it to you if they wanted because they don't have it. that's why their called narcissist, people with a serious mental disability kin to the socio- and psychopath spectrum of disorder. And i seriously doubt expecting anything or asking them for anything they don't even have is a good idea to begin with. Shure, easier wrote down then lived with…

  • Teresa Helman

    Thank you so much for this one , ran across this same sight a few days ago I was fkn livid. 56 years old , I'm left homeless with heart conditions trying to appease these monsters. I have no help but never gave my strong spirit up. I'm now no contact while siblings still beleive her supposed perfection and rally around her victimization. What a total joke. Might be a long hard battle ahead of me but at least I'm free from the toxic shit they constantly dump on me. Please people no contact is the only way to truely escape these soul sucking power freaks. Thank you , you are helping so many hurting people. My hat off to you and your enlightening site.

  • Lauren M Bradley

    Last night I came to the realization that almost all baby boomers and the surrounding generations are narcissists. Both of my parents are baby boomer narcissists themselves. My roommate and her bf both have narcissist parents as well. Its hitting me that we are all FUCKED because of our crazy parents! WTF happened to our parents??? WHY ARE THEY ALL NARCISSISTS????? What is the answer to this problem? I love my parents, and let me say that they aren't the worst kind of narcissists, they have only some of the more subtle characteristics, so that's the reason it took me until age 34 to figure this out. I cannot cut them out completely, I just keep them at a distance. It breaks my heart, and I wish there was a way to fix it, but unfortunately for my own situation with my parents, I don't think I'll ever be good enough to fix it. LOL. Is there even a baby boomer alive that isn't narcissistic?

  • Zone 9

    Well of course they don't want to lose their supply! I am so thankful for YouTube and channels like this for helping me understand and spot narcissists. And yes, no contact is the only solution and best solution because they'll just keep abusing and manipulating you until they die. Why would anyone want to put up with that in their life?

  • Brian Mino

    Like you said the boomers turned on their parents they by and large put their children through HELL and now their children and grandchildren curse them and they are not a priority to them either I bet back in the 60's and early 70's i bet they never imagined that 50 years down the road that their children grandchildren and now even great grandchildren would hold them in contempt and that they would go down in history as the most SELFCENTERED SELFISH KNIVING NARCISTIC SOCIOPATHIC PERVERTED FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE generation that EVER WAS THAT DESTROYED THE USA SINGLEHANEDLY!

  • Kyrie Cummings

    Unbelievable!, I am laughing at this though:) A support group for people who's children need support because they were raised / abused by them, Oh the irony. Scapegoating to the death bed…… It is interesting, Tom Brokaw wrote a book titled "The Greatest Generation" referring to the Baby Boomers. This is literally how they refer to themselves. Hmm….. I somehow always understood there was a generational component to my parents behavior, but this takes it to a whole other crux.

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