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Narcissistic Abuse Victim After Breakup/It Gets Worse Before it Gets Better/Lisa A Romano

Ending the narcissistic relationship is mindbending. You will doubt your reality and struggle with your memories. If you are a codependent who has fallen in love with a narcissist, you need to know how a narcissist can exploit your empathy for their own gain.

If you have been abused by a narcissistic mother or father and you struggle with self love, you need to be aware of the idea that your lack of personal boundaries can make you a target for narcissistic abuse. If you are an empath and you are in the throws of the empath narcissist breakup, it is critical you prepare yourself for the fact that it will get worse before it gets better.

Leaving a narcissist and ending the narcissistic relationship is HELL!

Narcissists lie, deceive, cheat, manipulate, gaslight, twist reality, smear your name, and do all they can to inhibit your ability to stay tethered to a strong sense of self. Healing from narcissistic abuse will take you time to recover from and I hope this video on narcissistic abuse recovery will help you feel less alone and more able to hold onto yourself as you heal from the narcissistic breakup.

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Lisa A. Romano is a Life Coach and bestselling author who specializes in helping people reclaim their lives through ascending old thought patterns and healing faulty subconscious programs. She is an expert in the fields of codependency, narcissistic abuse, and elevating consciousness. She is also one of the most popular meditation teachers on Insight Timer and is the creator of the 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program. To her credit, Lisa creates online programs that help others organize their minds and create peace in their lives.

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Thank you for watching Narcissistic Abuse Victim After Breakup It Gets Worse Before it Gets Better with Lisa A Romano

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  • Bob Hunley

    Hi Lisa thanks for pouring clear cleansing water over my battered soul. I'm hoping you are ok. I love your talks on the Metaphysical. I'm studying The Gita and finished major Inventory. Most books are states of Conciousness.Bob.

  • Erin Laemmle

    YEP!!!!☺️,👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻 Don’t tell your story to your enemies because they are COLD piece’s of you know what!!!!!!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💚🌹🍀

  • jenna bean

    Lisa, do you have an advice or maybe recommend one of your video so I can use as guidance on talking with siblings on how to deal with narcissistic parents or people in generally ? My brothers are both 10 and 13. Thank you

  • SHI- SHI


    I stopped letting my narc mother control me. I started calling her out on her behavior and wouldn't let her manipulate or gaslight me anymore. I had cut her down to like minimal contact. BUT THAT WASNT ENOUGH.
    She found a way to screw me financially so now ive been evicted from my home. I cut out, full No contact! Then she slithered in when i was packing, from being evicted because of her, knowing me and my children are gonna be homeless because OF HER and she picked and picked and picked a fight, she gaslighted me until I couldnt take it and fought back. She physically assaulted me. So i go back to NO contact… IM FUCKIN DONE. She tries calling, txting, she tries offering to pay things and do things, i won't answer. My sister has already gone No contact. My stepfather kicks her out she's become so out of control. She finds out I gave my stepfather a ride. She flips out trying to break in pounding screaming at my door (I recorded it). She calls the cops to say I have something of hers she wants (She really just wants some kind any kind of reaction from me and to fight and have drama. I dont give any kind of reaction. So I dont give her power.)
    That night she calls from a different number and leaves a voicemail. She sounds insane. She says we have 12hours and then shes going to destroy all of our lives. She said she was going to call my sisters job and have her fired, she was going to call my sisters housing and report her for this or for that, she said she was going to call the police and dcyf on me and (because shes angry at my step father and me and especially furious because I gave him a ride one day) she was going to make accusations that hes a pedophile (She lived with him up until 2days before this) and she said I bring my children around a pedophile and all these other horrible things about me being a horrible mother and I cant take care of my kids becauze I'm too sick . The next morning she did exactly that. She called dcyf on me and lied.

    I went no contact about a month ago. Now my children and I will be homeless in a few days, my landlord is taking me to court, dcyf came to my house this morning and will be interviewing my children in a couple days, and they'll be investigating me, I have to go to court in a week because I took out a restraining order on her……

    Im sitting here in shock. I don't know what to do. I don't know what i did to deserve this, omg my poor babies don't deserve this! I don't know how much worse it can get. I dont think she'll stop until I'm dead. Please help please tell me what to do. Im so broken our life is in shambles everything has crashed down around us and I'm not strong enough to dig us out of it :'( please help

  • Nirvana Girl

    I made the mistake of asking my narcissistic father who is a millionaire if he could help me pay for some new windows. I told him I know I was never the daughter he wanted and this has been a really bad year for me and I said some other things and he thought I was incredibly disrespectful and blah blah blah. What can I say to get back into his good graces because I do not want to lose my inheritance. I spoke my truth and now I am doomed.

  • Michaela Farrell

    Oh my goodness help me! It’s getting worse for sure! We had a morning meeting with the work group a couple days ago and during that meeting my boss I could tell was trying to get a response out of me ( reaction) by talking about an area I work in . First I was so happy I could see it, feel it, and know it. So then he waves his hand out to be and said Michaela how are you feeling about the changes. I started to talk and he said okay we’ll talk about it the office we are taking up to much time in this meeting and the last time he did this to me as well…. I giggled and said oh sure when I’m talking.
    We get into the office and he was anger and said how I was so disrespectful of him and his hands slapped down on the desk. So within that second I know be still , don’t react,breath and mostly I just became tuned out, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t believe this was happening I started to feel bad I started to feel nothing but scared… and all the while I kept saying to myself be still. So then there was the pause and he was waiting for me to say something, so I said I’m sorry you feel disrespected,it was never my intention I was just making a funny … and all of a sudden this strange world salad began … thank you for saying your sorry and something , something… and then I new he was trying to make me feel bad about myself. I asked him at the next pause he had if he was trying to make me feel bad about myself. He said that’s weird you would say that because I just said this and you said that hands going wild , so I said I guess I’m weird then … and then another word salad and I said okay and he said okay and I got up and left the office
    The rest of the day I was so hurt thinking of everything and anything I could have said done to warrant his attack on me and could hardly focus and move the rest of the day
    The very next mornin everyone was saying good morning and he was talking to someone I was talking to someone that person said something funny to me I gave a very small giggle and he stopped his conversation and looked at me as though I was being again disrespectful… I quietly went off to work
    Omg what is happening, did I do this right thing ,did I handle myself okay … HELP anyone!

  • cryptocoinscafe

    Was raised the youngest of 6, yet basically took care of an held the group together based on how I was raised. Now while I'm at my lowest point in life from a fresh divorce, loss of job, can't get out of bed due to diagnosed depression and on anti-dressants, do you think the siblings put out their hand. No, they've actually tried to psychologically destroy me. If it wasn't for my young adults, I would have ended up giving them my soul for acceptance after I stood up for myself due to their spouses feeding on me………… It's as though God is saying, now you know who these people are and start anew. My son had the wisdom to say, well pops God really can't reward you when enabling wrong doers. Talk about a God send……. Don't give up, and if you feel these people around you before discovery of the Narc were your support group but now seem dark, trust your gut, your instincts…….. and don't react to these creatures…… stay calm. Time is now on your side……they're exposed.

  • Dr.magurian Doctor

    Hi Lisa ….I m an empath from massachusetts……I asked my partner if she would go to new York for a session with you…..she said yes….yahoo………is this possible? …….please advise and let me know how to contact you as a couples coach……..a sat …..sun thing…….i do not want to jump yet……I TRUST YOU……Thank goodness ….no love bombs allowed ….been there………anxious to hear back…….

  • Jennifer M. Davidson

    I am most concerned about the narcissist in my neighborhood starting a smear campaign. When they know private and confidential medical stuff about me but threaten me with slander on Facebook when they want something. They furthermore spread false hearsay throwing around labels like racist” without grounds to extort via sharing with contractors or to humiliate me socially and privately with my other neighbors. because she takes pleasure in hurting me and because I’m an easy target, I am sooo not myself triggered. My boyfriend wastriangulated and the narcissists both got what they want. Slander cases are hard to do and I don’t have the resources. I already am off Facebook forever but this kind of slander and possible libelousnessness could possibly cause permanent damage to a career. What do I do about the threats and should I care? This happened to me before so this racist thing happened to me before in another environment and so it’s a very painful thing to have to go through again. I do not feel the need to have to defend myself against this claim. However, I need to create better boundaries. Where should I start?I put up a no trespassing and got another threat

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