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Narcissistic Abuse – Are Healthy Relationships Boring?



  • Free Spirit

    Exactly Prozac is 80% flouride people are not depressed cos they have a fluoride deficiency. Snarks in my life have been 50/50 male/female. Just think its socially not accepted for men to accept they have been abused especially by a woman. Couple of other points. Saw an interview Meredith Miller from Inner Integration did fairly recently. The lady she interviewed made the point that oxytocin spikes in the brain at a higher level with the promise or hope of love than ACTUAL love. That is why i think the r/ships with the snarks seem so much more exciting. This is ok short term but as we know not a good prospect long term. I think of the analogy that if i stayed in a motel for one night and some of the walls were fluro green and orange I could handle it and even think it was cool. However if I am painting my lounge room and will be looking at it for a long time i'd want something I can live with and probably go for beige. I too don't drink (both parents and brother alcoholics and dead now) and the thought of going to the pub and listening to drunks does nothing for me. When i'm ready for a r/ship I am hoping to meet someone through a gardening group or something like that. Not quite at that point yet though. its a bit of a catch 22 I figure ill be ready for a r/ship when I no longer feel the need for one. Still got some of that subconscious programming to overcome. Thanks for this one Tony always nice to sit with a cuppa and watch your vids. Love it when the cats make a cameo appearance too. They are adorable ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh has your view opinion of your situation changed since you came back from Amsterdam. Did you get to see the bigger picture of things. Sometimes think we don't see the forest for the trees. Oh I planted some fruit trees (part of my gardening therapy and goal for a food forest) but I won't go into all that I jibber jabbered enough lol.

  • Brian Medium

    Hey Tony liked the video need more clarification from you. Yes narcs and codependents are alike recovering codependents. However, many narcs are predatory towards other humans much of the time? Have you changed your stance on this? Its this predatory nature depending how far they are along the scale is the deal breaker in as far as time spent with them? Id be interested to hear your views on this? I think this video may confuse new subscribers just tuning in for their first time?!

  • ASureThing

    Hi Tony, good to see you!!

    I've got a question.
    Is this the ''Pax 2'' you're using?
    And do you smoke regular tobacco with it?
    (Instinct tells me I won't like eliquids plus it needs to feel this "full sucking throat hit'' LOL! )

    With all other addictions It has always been the Cold Turkey one, Period! But with this one…

    Hope to hear from you and again,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences
    We're down to earth and easy going!
    (BUT don't f**k with us!)

  • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

    Hello ASure Thing, ๐Ÿ™‚ yes it is indeed a Pax 2, Having stopped smoking weed for a few years and cigarettes and after reading the benefits i purchased the Pax 1 with the movable mouthpiece , which failed after around 2 years. Vaping is something that takes some time to get used to, but when you make the transition it is very satisfying. I then bought the Pax 2 , from Pax so that the 10 year guarantee is valid, this has no moving parts as such and is smaller as well as having longer battery life. I did in the past have quite a problem with weed when i was smoking joints, but now with vaping , the high is much cleaner without the tobacco and i dont feel cravings if ive not vaped for a while. Yes its just ground down herb, no tobacco , the Pax 3 is designed so you can use oils etc . All the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Tony

  • ASureThing

    Watched the vid once again! Lots to observe and think about!

    From 22 40…… Ever heard of ''jouissance'' ( plus the ''envy of'') by Jacques Lacan? It can be a drainer if you delve into it too much, simply because it is a fascinating ''hidden'' subject in plain sight!!

    Bye Tony

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