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Narcissistic Abuse and Toxic Love – Survive and Heal From Abuse and Learn to Love Again #narcissists

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Survivors of narcissists and psychopaths or an abusive partner have gone through hell. It is so hard to understand because first you are love bombed, which hits you like a drug. They are the most charming, beautiful and amazing person you have ever met. They are attentive and the most perfect relationship ever.

The abuse starts slow, small things. Sometimes it begins with a slight twinge of jealousy that shows. The issue is that as society we are programmed to think this is love and passion. Trust your instincts and your gut. There usually are red flags but due to the love bombing many times they are ignored. Narcissistic abuse is just the whole sum of any type of abuse: emotional abuse, financial, physical, mental and or even neglect.

There are no boundaries with domestic violence or abuse. It can happen anywhere and to anyone. I wanted to share my story to touch lives and show that there is hope. There is help. The cycle will not stop and people need to recognize it. Which is hard due to the trauma bond that is linked with the abused and abuser. Furthermore gaslightening can make you believe things that aren’t true as a victim. The other thing is there is a shame and guilt attached to abuse and the victim. The narrative or language has to change. Not why did they stay, why did he/she abuse? There is hope and there is help. You are not alone!

I have been taught resilience, empathy, love, care and how to be a beautiful human. I am manifesting my future and want to show others how overcome any adversity they may go through. Life does not need to be so hard; our souls are on a beautiful journey.

I have been in the corporate world for over 20 years (Yes I am 40) as Human Resources and I finally took the risk to start my own business. I am a life coach, a holistic performance coach, speaker and executive trainer. I went from a gang and jail to a business owner and have learned my soul and science are the key to moving into a field of endless possibilities. I have never been more excited.

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