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Narcissist TREATS Everyone BETTER than ME

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  • Angel Angela

    “1st flying monkeys”=immediate family “2nd Flying monkeys”=friends co workers strangers….Narcissist need Approval of false self. THEY WILL STEAL FROM THERE FRIENDS AND HELP THEM LOOK FOR IT🤡.
    Stay Narc Free. Peace and Love.💕

  • Felicia Carrington

    I remember my car would not start,mind u I'm not from where I am,He said what do you want me to do,I was scared because my son has to be picked up by 4.00 he was so mad, because I keep calling,Luckily a guy helped me,that was a blessing,When you have notjingt to offer them,and they use you up,they don't wanna give you attention, concern,help,sex, favors, money because they hate you,

  • Annelys Verkeyn

    Thank you so much for getting the request and making this video. You have such good insights!:-)

    They are great actors.
    My nex could not even take care of me when I needed to go to the emergency room. But when a girl he bearly knows suffers from the same disease, he could not help her enough!

    I guess it's also to hide his behavior towards me, so the other people/flying monkeys would not believe that he treated me that way!
    Even his new gf still believes him after been cheated on and lied to multiple times. She even got proof black on white….and she still believes his words.

    Like you say, those people must be really vurnable, and where does this end?
    Nobody can keep up with been treated like they don t matter at all by the person who should love them the most.

    Thanks for spreading te word and help people to protect themselves from these monsters.

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