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Narcissist Parents Expect Their Children to Parent Them : Response to Escape from Narcissism

Narcissist Parents Expect Their Children to Parent Them : Response

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    I can relate when I was 7 years old I walked a very  unsafe distance to school, and a friend's mother offered to give me a ride to their home which was 2 blocks from  my house. I wonder why my parents would do that?

  • thiery572

    I don't have problem with parents, my childhood was very safe. Too safe, that my mother didn't teach me how to survive in the wild jungle. So I become manipulation victims all the times, because I trusted people so easily, thinking they are like my mother (dumb me).               But what you are saying is very true for companies. I got fired all the time, and one of the reason they are JEALOUS to see me happy (I didn't even do anything. They just picked me out of nothing). They see me (naturally) happy, and they are annoyed with that. In their mind, I have to be unhappy, because they are unhappy. To see someone else's more unhappy than them, is their only source for joy.                  I don't have the solution for that yet. Thanks for your videos. I find them very helpful. This is exactly what I

  • survived and thriving

    Oh Goddess! This one hit home for me.

    I remember how much joy my mother used to take when my – ahem – "friends" treated me badly or the guys I dated took advantage of me. I think she even enjoyed it when I made the mistake of telling her that one had really taken advantage of me (read assaulted me). That is until that became the last straw and I started going for therapy and learning to value myself and move away from her… poetic justice.

    One of the problems is that no one from healthy/healthy enough families is able to believe this type of treatment by a parent. For so many of us in this type of family it is inconceivable to think that our own mothers hated us enough to take joy in our pain; for those in healthier situations it is even less believable. So, I have stopped trying to explain to people what is it that my mother had done to me to cause me to go no contact. Now I just say 'I grew-up in an abusive home' and leave it at that. If the other person asks for more except in the rarest of circumstances, I respond 'I prefer not to discuss it, it is too painful' and leave it at that.

  • oriel

    My father is a narcissist and it IS more prevalent in men. Why is it almost always people complaining about their mothers being narcissists. My mother was a victim too and I find it upsetting to have my experience reversed when I know it is more often the father being toxic to the family. My mother died worn down, and I'm going the same way.

  • Matthias Oscar

    my mom at one time, when my brother got into trouble stealing something from a neighbor, said to me "you were suppose to be a girl". killed my cat, and lied about it. said after I was born, it suppose to be a girl. then I went through a blood transfusion. My dad said, always you don't want this you do not want that. When asked what do you want, I did not have the energy or could over come the anger within to tell them. They never set boundaries, and always let my brother be in charge. Your right they never loved me. My dad never really never loved mom except when she laid dying of cancer in the hospital. when they both died, his mom and my mom. He said you are suppose to take care of grandpa now. organizations, spiritualists, sexual partners, and financial institutions. I loved, I was told by my brother you hate everything. My subconcious, said you should be live them. Honor thy father and thy mother. It is all a telepathic rues. I asked for help and recieved these video. oh yes, teachers are the same way as well. employers etc.
    We live in a narc society, the blame game, lies, murder and cover up. Even the Native Americans whom i respected, are too falling by the way side. I have experienced the teenage girls being a pro at this with violent behavior pattern. covert narcs, they are very real. In all societies, and in all races and in all sexualities.

  • Shaun M

    Yes, I was told about how she and a friend were almost raped by a strange man. He picked them up while they were hitchhiking or how that same friend told her she should have aborted me? Lol This lady tried her best to mentally destroy me, but it didn't work.

  • Roxanne Thomas

    this video made me emotional :'( my parent should be the one teaching me these important things . Then to hear everything which the video talks about is exactly who my mother is & what she has done to me. thank you for this video

  • creator

    My ex would promise to meet me at the bus stop after work at 12:15 a.m. because, I was a little scared at that time of the night.
    But, several times, he would not show up, as he promised. When I told him about this, he said I was too needy. For people that promise things and don't keep them, for fuck sakes, just say no then but, it's all designed to drive you crazy. Or, make you feel unwanted. They manage down your expectations.

    If I was to tell anyone about this tiny incident, because, there are millions with the narcissist, they would say I was needy or whining, but, no, normal people aren't that much on an asshole. It's the slow drip, isn't it!

  • Johnny Cahill

    This post I came across just now in another group has been sent from heaven or the universe..I have had a really tough few days because my no contact with my sister has stirred a hornets nest with other siblings and my mother…I have been racking my brains as to go full no contact with the whole lot but that would leave a vacuum and lots of scope for them to bitch and moan and keep me as the scape goat…another alternative was to send a full history of the bad stuff they have been throwing around and treating me really badly..but that would have left me vulnerable and end up playing their game…..So I have just sent a copy of this post with a wee footnote…I'm chuffed and believe that this is the perfect solution to my dilemma…Thank you universe…<3……………………………….."No more contact from anyone please unless emergency. I'll let ye know when I'm strong enough..Love to all..Look fer love and move away from the bad stuff Keep positive..:)"

  • maria kerrid

    my little 4yr old granddaughter is going through this. At the last mimute the mom had the baby screaming on the ph she doesnt want to go to florida. The older 9yr old kid who has a diff dad and the mom have been manipulating her for days because she wanted to see her dad, it caused her to be giving trouble in prek, by the time I was to pick ber up they called me with her screaming not to go. the mom said she doesnt care if the dad is hurt. I ended up going 2 see my son alone with the plane seat beside me empty, sad and depressed for the baby. I cant believe someone can be so evil. And she be on fb posting pics of happy kid, but I know its a lie. I felt like I had a broken heart…They incited the baby then say she wont send her if she doesnt want to go. I am going 2 call the other child dad's mom and tell her what she has her doing to the little one.. I too had just broken up with a guy who played the narcissist role. Even the way th baby'a mom look at me when she said the baby troubles at sch was not learned at home, when she looked at me it reminds me of the same way my ex would at me. I know the symptoms

  • Phoenix D

    My mother even sed I have to hurt as she did , I was 6 years old she never protected me only put guilt … But I was trusted to be more mature and responsible and used every day …. Got to change this now !!!! Never to late !!!!! Thank you for all the videos !!!! 💜

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