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Narcissist Are Horrible With Money

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Hi family. In this video, I want to Bring awareness to this under looked mental disorder called Narcissist. I was being abused mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally abused by a person I thought to believe was a normal, loving, and mentally stable man, oh was I so far from the truth. In this video and soon to come, I want to share my experience being in an abusive relationship with the devil himself. This video, I hope will open your eyes to these kinds of mentally disturbed people, and the characteristics that you should be very aware of. I plan on making more videos explaining my experience and what I did to escape this demonic disorder. Please join me to learn more and how to escape this kind of person..

If you have any questions or if your confused about your possible narcissistic relationship and your not sure, or just want to find out more… you are welcome to email me: velvetlox1@gmail.

Here is my other channel: Healthy Lifestyle Living

Let’s bring awareness to this mental and emotional disorder that is very dangerous and can also lead to death… Be safe, Be aware, get educated…



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