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Narcissism Losing a Sibling to Triangulation

Narcissism – So many of us lose a loved sibling to Narcissistic Triangulation whereas the Narcissist splits us apart with their lies. Sometimes, we may have to come to the acceptance that we’ve lost this sibling, at least for now, and turn the focus onto ourselves for better mental health.
Many times the sibling becomes a Narcissist themselves.




    Narcissism Survivor Your a great man. Thank you for your work. It's amazing. I've learned a ton. This video screams true to me more than any other video I have seen on the subject. This is exactly me and my sister. I feel obligated to tell her at least warn her. Then I will go no contact. I've been cut off already so I may as well warn her. She is my sister and I love her and I believe she loved me but apparently not.

  • John Lesser

    They begin their campaign really early on in your life so that you cannot remember a time when it wasn't happening. They make you believe that you are fundamentally flawed. Projection at its best.This is to convince siblings that the one at fault, the one who is unloveable, is you.

  • Ginger Pya

    I'm trying to understand how it is possible to grow up with narcissistic sisters if your parents are not, my dad is no longer here and mom is a woman that didn't grow up with his parents, she's shy, avoids conflicts, doesn't interfere with my sisters evilness, she does everything my sisters tell her to do, cos she doesn't work and my sisters pay her bills. She does not want to talk or deal with it, ever. the ''family'' has been divided for a decade now. Is nasty, my sisters are evil. They have forbiden me to enter my mother's house, otherwise they are not gonna pay her bills anymore, they are just horrible persons, specially the oldest one, who brainwhash almost everyone, she is the most manipulative person I have ever seen. I haven't talk to the two of them for like 8 years or more now; but they keep doing evil nasty things to me like brainwash or manipulating my mom, my brother, other family members and friends etc.

  • Acon Sona

    Trying to educate the siblings particularly the GC siblings can be very dangerous. Most of the time they will not get it and make excuses for the Narcs. At the same time They will gaslight and act like they are on Your side while trying to suck You back in the S***hole.
    It is what it is. Unfortunately.
    Focusing on Your own health and well-being is most important.

  • Chance Gamble

    caroline i can relate to you me being the scaoegoat im glad god let me see the writing on the wall horribile parents to point they will side with strangers and treat them better than their own kid sick people they are. no contact is best thing that works misery loves company not getting mine no matter how many chances you give them they will never change better off without them and life you will be happier away from these kind people. its been nearly 15 yrs and i wont go back to them ever again.

  • Jen Gable

    I feel as though my brother who was 4 years older than I was pinned against me at a very young age ! He was jealous, spiteful, and wanted me to fail ! Then when I was in my late 20's, I spoke to him and then he realized what had been done…he cried…but the damage and terrorizing was done.. Our relationship was highly bizarre and he was brutal behind closed doors !

  • Nostrabina Cat

    My narcissistic mother set uo my brother against me. My mother and I had a blazing row when I was pregnant, back in 2013. My mother is an angel in my brother's eyes. She only had to cry right in front of him and tell him what I said to her… He rushed to my house, screaming at me that I should apologise to our mother. He and our sister are the golden children. Needless to say, I am the scapegoat. She hates my guts! And everyone thinks I'm the crazy one and she's a loving mother.
    I shut her out of our lives.
    Funny thing is, that I am not welcome on her birthday (when we still had contact), I wasn't allowed to mingle with the other guests. Makes me wonder haha! pathetic.

  • Kaki

    I discovered the concept of narcissism about 2 years ago. But ironically it never really dawned on me why my elder brother hates me so much, and with such passion. I guess we learn every day. Very sad. He's my only brother in the whole world. It's such a shame. But I can't deal. It's hard for me to even pray for him. Narcissism is so damaging and to so many people. We really need to talk about it and fight it. Hashtag sad.

  • Kendu

    Your past experience was horrible. I feel for you Brother. This single video… (although I’ve gotten a lot from all your work) has done more for me than any other resource. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! It takes an exceptional human to experience this incredible garbage from an evil person and not only endure it, not only survive it, but to incredibly use it, to help thousands of other victims. You inspire me my friend. Thank you.

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