Narc Season: Why Narcissist Keep Their New Supply Hidden

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Light bulb went off , your videos has helped me a great deal with transitioning from the Narc . info priceless .thanks bro

Man this just brought a lot of things to even more light. He definitely did that to me…. he was working on the back up because I wasn’t cooperating and kept calling him out then he left the state and move that girl all the way across with him and of course kept it all a secret until I still found out she moved over there me and her had words I’m still not sure if she even knows what he is but if she glimpses at my Facebook she’ll see the stuff I post about narcissism and maybe get a inclination that I’m talking about him and what he did to me and what he’s gonna do to her or actually already did because now he left her over there and moved back over here. He already knows that I called him a covert narcissist But he does not accept that that is what he is.

I am so opposite of these people that even after years of abuse I get tricked ( not for long) still because their thinking is do alien that I couldn't even imagine the competition, envy and serious paranoia it's insanity

While they are hiding the supply the supply is doing everything to let you know,. The insanity is unreal they think you are envious of them and it's bat shit crazy. I'm not an envious person so that shit never occurs to me. Once you get it you are totally free, I have not felt free in 30yrs nor have I loved my self more than I do now nor have been so grateful for what I have and so grateful that I am me or been more grateful for the things I do have

My ex after 28 years got back with his high school sweetheart recently. She is a nurse that probably makes about 100,000 a year. Pretty sure he’s going to do whatever it takes to keep her. It hurts, but I’m just gonna watch to see how it plays out. Please do a video on when they do find a better girl

My ex had wasted my life from 2015-2017. I just can't believe his flying monkey so called girl bestfriend she is a so evil and a joke just like my ex bf. He took off with her last year and ripped my heart out. He is so evil. Waste of human life for them to do what they did to me after everything I did for him. I don't like how he had reached out to me since he'sleft. I go no contact. She made him cheat on me and travel out of the country she made him cheat on me. They are demonic. He even moved with her to my hometown. Wow!! This chick is using him. She never wanted him. When he was at his lowest she didn't want him he was happy with me. She is a thief. I can't believe that people are so cruel. Jesus I hope that you deal with them. Amen. Thank you for your videos!! God bless you.

New source won't listen to or believe you even if you two got a chance to talk friendly. Until too late then they be like I wish what I knew then what I know now. We are wiktwidn. Wish I knew then what I do now … Witk'widn tey be that too late just like us. The trial and error all kids learn.

Mane when I tell you Quinn be on his shit😂😂 He got the narcissist Bible for yo ass

my ex narcs new supply is getting a far far worse version of him than I ever saw. I feel sorry for her and I hope she gets out soon!

My ex narc went and got a mini generic me. 😂😂😂😂 From skin color to my hair. (I have long locs. Hers are short.) She’s just shorter and I’m sure he’s going to beat her when she doesn’t fit my shoes. He beat all of his ex’s but me from what I hear…….He still has my pictures on his social media but won’t put the new supply up. I heard she’s a mud duck. 😂😂😂😂 He needs to take my damn pictures down!!! Dumb fool. 😒

“They boo shopping “ haha 😂 thank you for that! Love it

The thanking weakens your message. Could you maybe save the thanks till the end of your show. Otherwise, it’s very distracting.


Thank you Sir ! I am getting educated from December 2018 , I saw and figured him out I witnessed the discarded one and I was the new supply no clue that time and now I got discarded I witnessed the new supply me complaining made him nervous, plus the multiple ones which don't complain ,it's a harem . I am Blessed to be discarded! The sad thing is because they are unstoppable!!! Looking to the new era they are multiplying fast !!!

They hate to play by the book….

They play messy and dirty &
Care not who they destroy.

Omg this is so true my soon to be ex husband left me when our was 2months (he’s now 15months) i found out that he left me for some ugly chick that lives with her mom and a bartender. Nothing to offer

Real talk!!! Soon to be ex husband has downgraded!!! I'm working on my master's degree and the female that he is messing with does not even have a GED and has 5 kids, different baby fathers. SMH . Now he is delaying the divorce and pissed off at me that I don't want to talk to him. It has been 6 months and no contact!! I know my worth !!

The devil came in when I had been going through major changes in my life. A relationship wasn't even on my mind at that point.


You're my New Boo #Quinn..Just hearing The Real Truth from a Real Mans Prospective..Ive started focusing on #Me!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You..Guess What-You Rock!!!!

They keep us hitting as well as the new Supply my opinion because they want their cake and eat it too and also each one go for male or female serve them a purpose so why would they not keep them hidden they don't want us to find out about what they're doing because they know all supplies will be cut short for some if a person speaking in general have some kind of loyalty for themselves they will cut them off completely

Bussing heads to the white meat…geetem Quinn

They was fukin us up for a long time…

This is good!! I already know who it is! He's grooming her! Sad thing he will never find me again. She emotionally crazy and mentally inadequate. She just as crazy as he is, perfect match. Lord thank you for delivarance! 17 years of bullshit!

Thank you for all of your videos brother🙏🏻 you helped me to realize that I was in a abuse relationship . You’re the man. God be with you.

I just got on to your videos and I have to say that you are slaying these Narcs and you're funny too!!!
I love the information, it's helping get stronger and stronger. Keep doing what you're doing.

Boo shopping.. you're killing me😂😂🤣

Take off their masks Quinn ❤️

You got this so on point. He got an emergency source 😂😂😂. He love women from 3rd world countries.

Yesss they are low key admirers and haters all in one. Fake , phony, and a fraud. Watch out. Peace

I was led here because I was asking questions and not receiving any answers ….it is blatant disrespect….it is dangerous…there’s a thin line between love & hate. If it costs your Peace it costs TOO Much. Empaths are WHOLE ….we know how to mend , heal , regenerate generational curses. Act accordingly it is very scary because this is someone you are intimate with, or someone who is in control of finances or your home or businesses. It is not fair & overall just a very dangerous game. I don’t like being blindsided, & when situations do arise I need to know if you with me or against me. I have so many goals dreams and aspirations I’m sick of the distractions coming through various forms. It’s sickening mentally. When you remove the blinds and open your eyes fully you’ll see it’s been YOU All along. It’s No one But You & Lord Jesus Christ Thank You God for removing that spiritual leech 💯

I believe this my case
Right now. I called mine
Out. I ended the relationship
After he ghosted me
I don’t think he was
Prepared for me
To leave so soon
He Hoover’s me at a club
I could tell that he was not
Stable. He had his exlover
Best friend flying monkey
With him

Hello from Puerto Rco.oh my God you look so clean and handsome!! I enjoy your intelligence.Keep up the good work.

I was the best thing he ever met, and I told him so as I discarded him.

Listen to Quinn, you guys he speaks the truth and everything he says is true

Amen Brother, you know you are top notch appreciated 😎😎! You have( I guarantee) had a life saving impact on so many people. Right on!! 😄

Wow you are beyond knowledgeable on these crazies! 🤯 This is so true! My ex narc called me one day drunk and crying confessing he will never find anyone as good as I was to him! Yup!🙌

This is heavy again!!! On point and he went into emergency 🚨 back up and that back up. Those women are undercover yet they attempt to follow what I do/did, follow hashtags, alt suspect numbers coming etc. after being blocked. Little do they know some hashtags for the flying🐒:followers are really a map to Narc awareness and self healing if they want it, I’m out.💥 🙏🏽💯

Ohhhh yes. I had no info during my divorce in 2009. Nothing. I just left because of cheating. Was SO shocked! 🤯

This is divine !! All this happened to ms to the TEE omg

Yeah he married me 40 years ago, ghosted me a few months later, been divorced 37 years then he hoovered his way back in for 13 months totally at my cost. I realized what he was really doing to me and sent him back to Michigan. Covert Narcs are the worse.

They don’t always have anything lined up. Yeah this info wasn’t out there thanks you YouTubers keep slamming them narcissists 😁😁

I've been with my narc for 3 years and he has never looked me straight in my eyes. Or am I the only one??

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