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My Narcissistic Mother Exposed with Breakdown #lawsuitwillbefiled

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  • Jeanne Taurus

    I deal with a narcissist sister and X husband.. They tried to put me into a mental ward. They called me names, the police called me names . This all happened before and after repeated robberies to my home. Conspiracy? Hell yes.. proof? Hell yes… This X Marine and his massage therapist girlfriend( inner power witch ) My sisters and the X husband..conspiracy.. I wouldn't let that inner power witch work on anyone…she killed my cats. Those two started by coming over to my home on my property verbally abusing me. Robert Bruce Johnson and family ripped me off . They live in North Portland Oregon.. my sisters live in Milwaukie, Oregon and the two that started the abuse live in St.Helens, Oregon….The police covered up the crime. How do you like me now!!! Assholes. Sean is at fault along with Robert the sisters and Willow.. they're common criminals.

  • Jeanne Taurus

    I feel for you! I know this type of battle is never ending.. The X Marine and his massage therapist girlfriend put on U tube insinuating that I was scamming Social Security and that I was not disabled. This man and woman are losers.. a bottom of the gene pool mentality… They shouldn't had put that on UTube…their getting their ass sued. They had my friend and I gang stalked that has not quit. They threaten my life and say they have a life insurance policy out on my life. They talk about my lifestyle but there isn't anything to say. I've worked out taken care of myself. My big fat sick sister is involved with the harassment robberies abuse..destruction of property & killing my pets. Hurting my friends, their children and calling elderly parents saying they're going to kill them… that is who these sicko are… The X Marine sells insurance policies life insurance.. he's a criminal..and criminals kill people. He killed my cats and him and his buddies do..ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT…..

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