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My Life With Narcissistic Parents #7




  • Zandra Poe

    I have a suggestion…why not write a book. That is what I'm doing…telling what my end of it was like. Sort of like…if you get lemons make lemonade! Why not profit from your pain. There are so many of us out here who would benefit by sharing. How to survive, cope, get out, and transend all we have gone through. That which does not kill us makes us strong…it also makes us creative from studies I have read. Most highly intellectual and creative people come from mentally challenged genetics.

  • Rosslyn Miss

    Ollie, least you kept your sense of humour, your stories of a kid not only remind me of my parents but also make me laugh at them too, crazy is a good word to describe it, christmas too was our fight time between my parents, my parents would argue like two kids, my mum would say some to infuriate my dad who would then come after her, she would of ran laughing to there bedroom where she would barracade the door withFurniture and the bed, my dad would come banging on the door and kicking it, mum would be laughing behind the door and saying more to infuriate dad calling him an idiot, teasing he was not strong enough to get in, he would pick up chairs and start throwing them at the door, to make it worse she would often involve me and my little brother from the 5 of us she had, saying we hated dad too and loved mum, saying evenYour kids hate you, your worthless, a stupid fool, my dad would be so mad he would kick and punch stuff, he would be so angry and she loved every minute of it, cackling her loud evil laugh at him, he would have to sleep on sofa as she locked him out overnight and we would have to piss in a bucket, she felt powerful seperating me his only daughter from him as punishment, its just so much and so many stories like you

  • Chaz Huzvar

    My mother would have sold me off to the highest bidder if she could have gotten away with it.Then she wold have told me it was my own fault.She also liked to tell lies about me so other people could abuse me as well,still does.

  • Crystal Njoku

    The way that you speak of your experiences with such clarity, composure, and detail is amazing. I don't think I would be able to do the same. There are portions of my childhood that I don't completely remember, probably due to gaslighting and memory repression. I am glad that I stumbled across your videos. I feel less alone.

  • JezebelNeverDied

    I admit I was laughing hysterically at the attic story. It DOES seem like Narcs have the rage of the hulk when they're angry.I recall my mother running THROUGH a door one time to get at my Stepdad during one of their booze-induced brawls when I was little. The worst part: it wasn't even in our own house!

  • Alpha Victor

    Please keep sharing… it is fascinating how F-d Up parents can be. It makes my own narcissistic parents appear like responsible, whole-people. .. which they are NOT! It's nevertheless inspiring because one gets a good perspective from a third party viewpoint.

  • Row Deo

    I started watching men who are abused on you tube because of the hurt I feel regarding my one and only sibling. I have gotten drawn into following your videos because there are parts I relate to moe on the cultural immigrant middleeast and european vs being american and I was torn. My parent was unreasonable but I never felt I was wrong. I think it was do to the extent of friends and other family aunts etc. Years later I understood his brain injuries did not help. He never hurt me physically nor cursed and was very hard working but controlling controlling and I just could not tolerate the ignorance. My sibling however did not fair to well being very sensitive or overly so, nervous, frightened and when a spouse was picked, it was with a controller.

  • Anne Boleyn

    My step dad was kind of a flying monkey to my mum and he witnesses her do terrible things to us and he never intervened. But on the very rare occasions she turned on him, he was scared and as meek and silent as a lamb. He was a pussy. She once kicked him out of his own house and made him stay away fro a month. She came close to divorcing him – which she should have done anyway. They were both unfaithful and the whole thing was a dysfunctional mess, but he begged to come back.

  • PiaDonna

    Jesus. I laughed, but at the same time, I recognize that this is gallows humor, the stuff that combat survivors and child abuse survivors share. Your parent's behavior is so outlandish that they're hilarious, but only from a safe distance. I have similar stories of my childhood, but I can remember listening to my mother, aunt and uncle's stories in horror because they were laughing about stuff that was so terrifying and sad.

    Just curious, everyone who had Combat Parenting, were holidays the greatest source of war stories in your family too? I can't remember and Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving or birthday party that didn't start or end with a big brawl.

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