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  • Christine Live

    Ollie, it’s ok to let go. I’ve heard of stuff like this happening. When the narcissist dies, (I believe in heaven and God). Blessings are sent back to the child that they hurt. A kind of celestial penance. It happened to my 3 cousins and best friend. All of a sudden, a relief of some sort was granted to the child. I believe this is what you are experiencing. Follow what it is telling you. You have a brilliant mind and your videos are enough to last a lifetime. Transition because your mother is setting you free. No more anger. No more sadness. It’s over for you. You fought the good fight, Ollie. You did what you set out to do. You have saved so many of us from destruction. It’s time now to get your daughter back. I know FOR A FACT that she is coming back. I pray every day for that for you and her. She needs you. She will find you. If you never believe anything; believe that. You’re one of the good guys. All will be well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “ I love you my friend”. You saved my family and it’s time for you to get yours back. I’ll never forget what you did for me and for so many others. I know you wouldn’t be gone forever. But, my instincts say that you are going to be a warrior on a much higher level. Political office? With you, I wouldn’t doubt it. God speed Ollie and Charlene. You deserve peace. We love you always

  • EyesToSee

    Congrats on Charlene's promotion. I wonder if you could do a part time business in special investigations. You are so good at it. I still think you should write a book. Best to you and Charlene!!

  • Aya

    In my home country mother's day is arround march.
    the difference between good moms vs evil moms is that good moms dont care about a credit 4 being a good mom, they wish their children will have whatever they need to grow & be happy.
    evil moms just want a credit to feed their sick ego, credit they dont deserve, with evil moms its all hypocrisy.
    good moms = deeds
    evil moms = talking (lies)

  • calanthiarose

    The abuse that borderlines and narcissists inflict is real. Mental Illness is a serious issue and those who have it should be treated with compassion. But let me clarify what I mean by treatment: Treatment as in the health care providers who treat them. Not as in how they are treated when they unleash their hell upon anyone and everyone they can. Nuh-Huh! You have a right to defend and protect yourself from these people and they have to learn how to check themselves or else be shunned. That's all there is to it. Oftentimes, these folks who are begging for compassion and understanding have no concept that everyone deserves that.

  • thejack8181

    "If the b*tch wasn't good enough to call yesterday, the b*itch aint good enough to call today!" I swear Ollie if you put that on a shirt or a mug I'd buy it in a heart beat!!! It's like a no contact reminder and confirmation that we're doing what's best for us!

  • Fire Horse

    Ollie, it was one week ago that you were upset about the photo of Erin that surfaced. If you're feeling a bit down today, please go back and reread all the supportive comments from this community. We're here for you, too.

  • Shannon Shippee

    Ollies first mothers day without drunky. My first mothers day where I can no longer recieve emails. 🙂 Scarey about the censorship, but everyone is talking now. It is draining to think about negative stuff 24/7. I would like to move on as well from the anger and unfairness, and stop thinking about narcs.

  • John Nault

    My best Mother's Day story. My adult nephew gives my sister, his mom, a card. A month later she goes nuts on him because he wrote more in the Father's Day card to his dad. Yes, my sister is a narc.

  • Angela Falsetta

    OLLIE! YOU look so great! And WELL! I hope your throat and all is okay. Sound a little …Just slightly hoarse! Hope you both enjoy this day! Happy Mothers Day to Charlene who mothers kits, and you and us and many other people!! ALL The Love! The channel does have an effect on you Ollie for all those reasons you mentioned. Also, gets you narcked out sometimes and that's all too normal! But, you strive on for us and to keep a healthy enough living! YOU work so hard for us! I am saved because of YOU! TYSM! It will get LIGHTER! Darkness. Be GONE! Please try and enjoy LIFE too!!

  • sydney alexander

    It is overwhelming. This is my mother's day. Come home to find out that we're getting evicted over $80. It's just my mom whose got dementia and myself. Literally going to be on the streets over 80 bucks. Oh well, nothing I can do. That's the reality of my life, so I understand that doom and gloom stress, now I just exhale because it's just done. There's not much I can do, no family to ask for help. So you kind of just accept it. Ya know.

  • Mike S

    Frank Valbiro of the Quite Frankly Podcast said the same thing: that he's worried about buying a house because he may be targeted for what he says. He's fearful that his finances will fall through the floor over censorship. This is the new reality.


    I didn't care either I pretended to pop a mother's day balloon with a finger needle. Some body(customer buying a m.d. card asked why won't I get my mom anything. Only because I said my mom won't be getting one. I said she is a breeder not a mmother's My mom is already dead to me and if she finally died I said I would only be sad that her and I could have been closer. All I could think is wow I can't believe i said. The truth is brutal but that's not my problem. I forgave all of my abusers so I can move on with my life. God will get my enemies for me not me.

  • Kadriian 112

    For anyone having a hard time with being guilted into contact, consider this; Mother's Day is a celebration of the maternal bond- the very relationship she denied you. Getting pregnant and giving birth does not make a mother, providing basic needs to a child is not a favor to be repaid and Mother's Day doesn't exist so that she can misbehave with impunity. She should not be rewarded for something she didn't do, you shouldn't feel you have an obligation to thank her for decades of cruelty and she should not be honored for the love she never gave you. Think of every occasion when you have given a gift, a card, a phone call, a visit, a meal and she still bitched and cried that she got nothing… or raged and had a tantrum because she couldn't get her way. It started as wanting her to love us back and became something we did out of fear. She's not alone on Mother's Day because we have punitive intentions, because we've decided she doesn't deserve it for not being our idealized version of her or because we want her to be miserable- it's because there was no other choice. It's never enough, don't break your no contact.

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