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“Mother enmeshed married boy” Narcissistic mother abuse

Mother enmeshed married boy..



  • Eleni

    Hello there to you all, Mother enmeshment in my opinion is a very quiet suttle form of narcissistic abuse especially where the child grows up conditioned to be there mothers stand in"husband". Terrible abuse as that person has lost there own life to be mothers double, they worship mom (crazy but true in some cases) thanx for watching my video. Please leave a comment I would love to hear your stories. Much love…xxx

  • Ave Odom

    I noticed this with my boyfriend and his mother but she has 5 kids and she does this with all her kids…is this common? They live in a tiny two bedroom apartment with 5 kids!! at one point the eldest daughter who was nearly 30 moved in with her boyfriend but her mom tried to make her stay even though she was sleeping on a bunk bed and sharing a room with her two brothers. The 19 year old brother still sleeps in the bed with his mom and the dad sleeps on the floor. My boyfriend didn't move out until he was 24 and I basically had to force him because I was pregnant at the time, he did not want to move away from his mom but we found a place about 6 minutes away from his parents house which is probably the only reason why he left. He was excited about our place and of course right away he ran to his mom to tell her and she tried to guilt him trying to instill fear in him by saying its too expensive and he should stay so he can save money even though he was and is well off financially, she told him he should wait until the baby was born to move but I was already 8 months pregnant living in my friends living room, he even tried telling me I should move in there!!!! I said heck no, we can't have a baby in that tiny apartment are you crazy…..I never knew about this type of abuse back then but I found it very odd that his mom was acting like that. I have had to teach him many things because I absolutely refuse to play mommy role for him, I have taught him how to make himself food, do laundry, make appointments for himself, clean and just the other day I found out it was his first time packing for a trip without his mom doing it. He still has to get permission from his mom about everything he even had to involve her in our birth plans which she tried to control because she thought I was absolutely insane for wanting a home birth and since I don't speak Spanish and she doesn't speak English I have no idea what she is telling but come to find out she told him that if anything goes wrong with the birth at home that the hospital won't accept us and she was trying to go with us to the hospital right then and there to schedule my birth but I stood firmly in my beliefs. I wasn't going to let her control how I birthday baby. Thats non of her business. Thats when I realized just how manipulative that woman is and he will never speak up to her even when I was trying to tell him to tell her why we chose a home birth he just could not do it. Every day she calls to make sure he ate dinner and he eats lunch or dinner at her house pretty much every day. I now understand how she did everything with 5 kids when I can barely handle it with 1 child its because thats what keeps her in control. It's baffling to me because I grew up in the complete opposite manner. I feel bad for him because he truly believes thats what love is. Even though its all emotional abuse, I can tell she never cuddled her kids enough or gave them that motherly love, support, healthy boundaries that children need. She always wants to watch our daughter and I refuse I will never leave my daughter alone with her, even with my boyfriend there because he won't stand up to her so neither of them can be trusted together. She even goes against my will when I ask her to please not feed my daughter certain foods. Sorry I just wrote a novel that nobody will probably read but regardless I love your videos, thank you for doing what you do, you are one of a kind here on youtube <3

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