‘Monster in the dark’: Sexual predator terrorised sleeping women

‘Monster in the dark’: Sexual predator terrorised sleeping women

A HEINOUS sexual predator, a “monster in the dark”, crept into the rooms of five women and molested them as they slept.

They never saw Graham Mark Kennedy’s face as he scurried away in the night – they were just left feeling sick and violated by this vile behaviour.

“I wonder what I would have been today if I wasn’t raped,” one young woman wrote in her victim impact statement.

She sat in the Cairns District Court gallery determined to put a face to “my monster in the dark”, while Kennedy sobbed as his appalling crimes were laid bare.


She is one of the four women he terrorised during a sexual rampage at Kewarra Beach.

At just 18, while on a gap year and discovering adulthood, she woke to Kennedy digitally and orally raping her as she slept in her own bed.

“To this day I’m still terrified of the dark,” she wrote.

Sleepless nights and self destructive behaviour, she said she was left broken plagued by years of nightmares and insomnia.

“My life imploded,” she said.

Her confronting victim impact statement detailed the “soul destroying” impact Kennedy caused to the young woman.

Graham Mark Kennedy pleaded guilty to 49 charges which included sexually terrorising five women in the Far North.

“She wanted to rip her skin off to be free of the sick, vile feeling,” Crown Prosecutor Gelma Meoli told the court.

The fifth victim had been sleeping next to her husband in their hotel room on Dunk Island when Kennedy sexually assaulted her.

“Ten years on I still don’t feel safe in my own bed,” she wrote in her victim impact statement.

On all occasions Kennedy had forced his way into their homes at night and sexually assaulted the women in what Ms Meoli said “can only be described as brazen, predatory behaviour”.

“These are particularly serious premeditated attacks on vulnerable women asleep in their bed,” Ms Meoli said.

“There would not be a more terrifying experience for a female.”

DNA, a footprint and car description linked him to the crimes.

But his deviant behaviour, which occurred over seven years between 2008 and his arrest in 2015, didn’t stop there.

Police also found 28 videos and 46 photos of women in their homes. Some were naked, half naked, in the shower, engaged in personal grooming and even having sex.

Kennedy had watched them without their knowledge or permission likely through a window.

Now 43-years-old, he pleaded guilty to 49 charges including multiple counts of digital rape, sexual assault, burglary by break at night and observations and recordings in breach of privacy. He has been in jail since August 2015.
This afternoon he was jailed for nine years and no parole eligibility date was set. However he will be able to apply for freedom at the halfway mark, which is February next year.


Graham Mark Kennedy pleaded guilty to 49 charges which included sexually terrorising five women in the Far North.

Graham Mark Kennedy pleaded guilty to 49 charges which included sexually terrorising five women in the Far North.


Ms Meoli had pushed for 10 years jail, meaning Kennedy would be declared a serious violent offender and have to serve 80 per cent of the sentence.

Kennedy was given an opportunity to address the court.

“I’m so sorry,” he repeated tearfully from the dock.

“I just want to really say from my heart that I am sorry.”

During his time in custody at Lotus Glen Kennedy said he had turned to Buddhism and self help books in an effort to reflect on his actions.

He said it has helped him make new pathways and “adjust my thinking”.

The court heard that Kennedy, now a sexual predator, had once been the child victim of predatory behaviour by three people causing him to lash out at school and resulting in a poor education.

He managed to gain a trade and start a business, which he had now lost.

The court heard that his case had changed legal hands a number of time and had also been listed for separate trials before finally resolving as a sentence.

Kennedy has been diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder and chronic voyeurism disorder.

Judge Dean Morzone QC labelled the offending as “horrific crimes against women” and urged him to read the victims impact statements.

“You have impacted the lives of so many,” Judge Morzone said.

“Stripped of their self respect… their lives are clothed in darkness, depression and anger… that you have taken so much from them.”

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