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MBTI Letter Dichotomies Debunked

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  • Stacy Egan

    Thank you for this! I wished I had seen it 32 years ago when my work gave me the MBTI test and I came out INTJ (I was right out of college at that time with a physics degree, starting a job as a government scientist). I've always been fascinated with personality type since that test. In the intervening years I have tested again INTJ, INFJ, INFP, then recently ISFJ. Only now, after careful study of the cognitive functions and a more objective look at my past, have I come to realize that I'm actually an ISFP. So…3 letters wrong! (Your analyses of ISFP is informative, BTW). I can in hindsight see how that has happened and a lot of that is about what I valued and was developing in myself at the time I was taking the test. It seems the test is about transient interest/preference and not a determination of a cognitive function stack that lasts an entire lifetime. That P/J dichotomy seems particularly bad, pretending it's on an continuum when in actuality the functions are completely swapped with a toggle from one to another. I am now retired and spend my free time making and teaching art (IG: @stacyegan), enjoying the outdoors, and traveling. What is your favorite art subject? Maybe I'll offer you art for your wall if you would like :).

  • J Dixon

    I lately have been a huge fan and ardent scholar of MBTI/ Jungian psychology until I recently read that Jung came up with his theories on type after consulting a "spirit guide" named Philemon he encountered in a dream in 1913. From my understanding that's why he isn't recognized in modern psychology. You're the subject matter expert here so can you please point me in any direction to find objective, empirical evidence of Jungian personality types and their existence. Like I said this stuff fascinates me but I'm not interested in committing to studying it any further unless I can find out for certain its even true.

  • Nekroknight12 Zombievoid

    I eagerly await your fictional character typing Q & A! You typed Goku as ESFJ??
    Well I guess I can see that through his good hearted nature and his lack of Ti. His ISFP unconscious is channelled through anger In the guise of super sayian. What about Vageta?? Piccolo(my favourite character)?

  • Ray Hoodoo

    Hi, CS. I’ve been trying to figure out what Patrick Batemans’s mbti personality type is. Most of online forums I’ve visited state he’s an INTJ. But he has some things that relate to ISTJ’s and also ENTJ’s. Where would you put him?

  • SavageStudio

    13:34 you just describe Ni tool with 6slot Ne that is create with Ni-Se. After you said something more Ti but seems more like you think you are doing it or may be consistent with good use of Tx. Thats why you have problems typing between NTP and NTJ for what I saw of you. But whatever great vid, remember that it doesnt matter what type you are except for you.

  • Jessica P

    Chase, are you saying that the MBTI is…just a test? lol. Thanks for this; I know so many people who are SUPER initiating and go around talking about how they're introverts b/c an online test or tests told them so. Sigh…

  • Nique

    So Chase you keep saying people will be able to type people within 30seconds. I'd love this but don't see how that is possible? And don't you spend at least 30mins on your typing sessions to do it yourself?

  • General Patton

    CS Joseph, when, or are you, going to come up with your own Jungian personality type test model so I can refer, and retest, many people to your test that addresses the issues of MBTI. I have been waiting for this for awhile and is my most requested thing. Also, you should come up with your own lettering system. Thanks -INTJ

  • Lanenie

    20:38 I relate so much to the J and P part. A few months ago I took the MBTI test, it told me I was an ISFJ. I read the ISFJ descriptions feeling like: "this is stupid, I never do my chores, my homework, those things are boring, I'd rather practice the piano or build legos instead". Then I decided to do more research and somehow stumbled upon your videos, got introduced to the cognitive functions, interaction styles and finally typed myself as an ISFP.

    Edit: I came back to take the MBTI test again and still got ISFJ lol.

  • Kevin Chen

    I'm afraid you failed to address something, that Judging" and "Perceiving" under the MBTI means planned/orderly vs. flexible/spontaneous. And in my experience, J and P types really do seem to follow these descriptions even if they are introverted. The Judging vs. Perceiving scale is "how do you orient to the outer world?" It is not just the auxiliary function for introverts for no reason; it is literally the only addition made to the theory by MBTI, and is incorporated in the type names. When you prove I as an INTP am more organized than my INTJ friend, then I will be disproven. However, maybe you just referred to who is more judging vs. perceiving and in that case yes the names are wrong.

  • Loisitah sistah

    I first tested as ENTP and when I read it I was not impressed nor could I relate that much but to only some of it. Tested again and got INTP and it seemed right on almost everything (except for being robotic). Although I state I’m INTP with confidence I still have my doubts and as this whole type thing has been my latest obsession (cos I’m weird like that) I’m starting to learn more about the interaction styles and temperaments.

    It still seems to point to INTP but I’m still struggling to be sure about that as I just can’t identify if I’m pragmatic or affiliative. So I asked my boss what I’m like in these situations who better to ask? Lol
    I still can’t decide… just means more reading I guess

  • Titus Kolars

    Aren't we technically using dichotomy though? Checking for concrete and abstract is just S/N? Also checking for initiating and responding is just E/I. How we do is just more specific.

    Forgive me for calling you out on this, but I've heard you say in your lectures that J types need to plan stuff out. Tons of MBTI knockoffs ask questions like, "Are you a planner, or do you like to go with the flow?" There's nothing in the temperaments or communication styles that check for J/P, but by saying that J types are planners, I'm afraid that you may be agreeing that using J/P dichotomy to type people is, on some level, legitimate.

    What are your thoughts?

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