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Making Plans With A Narcissist is a Nightmare – Another Big Red Flag

Making Plans With A Narcissist is a Nightmare – Another Big Red Flag

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All work in this video contains 100% original content of and by myself James Smith, other wise known as begood4000, and was uniquely created with NAWMAL software, by myself James Smith. As I’ve purchased commercial rights from NAWMAL to produce my unique and original video with this software. Commentary is uniquely my own thoughts, feelings, and expressions.



  • James Golden

    I have a narc in my life who sits in the work desk next to me. We became "cool" and now it's been impossible to just seperate. I hate being with someone whom I have such negative options about, and over course being with someone who can be so vile and someone whom I know doesn't want to see me succeed but no contact is quite difficult. Pray a blessing prayer for me guys and I am praying for all of you.

  • dangboof

    true story: he said " we should go to florida for vacation" i, like an idiot, said "sure i just have to take time off from work" we start to plan it, where we are going, how long we are staying, things we will do on vacation ect ect. so i cancel a major dentist appointment, take my vacation time [which i could not cancel once taken] we spend a month planning. the day we are suppose to leave: im waiting, waiting, waiting for him to show up. finally he calls me back and says "i never said we were going to florida… i said we Should go to florida" so the last month we spent "planning" was all in vain? o.0 what is worse… i then let him convince me that he was right because he in fact never said we WERE going.. just that we Should [despite all the planning we did Together.] -.- icing on the cake? he went to florida, with another girl and did all the things we had planned to do together. only difference.. she paid for everything.

  • Patty Bonner

    Everytime we ever made plans we never made plans it would always be idk…I'll see…I'm not sure yet…no commitment….blah blah blah…then he said I don't want a realationship with u anymore after 11 years sooooo I did what you said cut off all contacts….and then he used his mom's phone yesterday and called something crazy like 32 times..I blocked also…yay me ….and have not unblocked anything he pushed me so far I almost finally don't care

  • Shar Hughes

    They are dangerous when they go into a rage , I experienced it with the Monster I was with and the Narc Witch I hung out with, I discarded them both! They attempt to regain control over you, watch out when you tell them No Satan will show up, leave those Creatures it will never get better but worse.

  • Addy Dean

    This reminds me of a friend who's now a/b 20 yrs NC w/her NM. The final straw was when they made plans to travel to a quaint little, nearby town.The plan was to spend all day Saturday visiting and enjoying the cute little shops in the town. My friend got her own room at the hotel. Friday night they made plans to meet in the lobby the next day at 10 a.m. My very punctual friend was in the lobby a few mins b/f 10. 10:15 her mom is not down in lobby yet. My friend rings her and NM says "I'll be down in 15 mins." Irritated, my friend waited. 15 more mins pass. Still no mom in lobby. She calls her mom's room again. NM says she'll be down in 10-15 mins. This repeated every 15 mins up until about 12:10 when NM finally shows up in lobby. My normally calm friend loses it and screams at her. Of course, what does it look like to the passerby? They went a/b their day shopping but my friend made a firm decision that this would be the last time she had any contact with her mom. And it was. This was after decades of emotional abuse and crazy making behavior from NM. For the next 5 plus years, NM tried to get every relative possible to contact my friend. My friend stayed with NC and felt very peaceful with that decision.

  • Dj Doolittle

    We love you James and I think you deserve better than that silly old boot 😉☝️💚 you’ve help change so many lives with the love you share. I love you man!
    Thank you for your guidance. For the reality check.
    I’m now back in da room!

  • Melinda Nix

    & what's worse, youre downtown on a weekend, sitting in a restaurant & the flake changes plans on the fly – he walks off, disappears ! poof ! Evil … This was after we were married . I had left my purse in his car bc downtown Memphis is a dangerous place .. A mind-blowing devaluing experience…these personality disordered types will keep you off balance once you have committed . With them, there is no bond of loyalty, honesty or real commitment. You are as disposable as a paper cup to them …

  • E N

    I'm curious if any of you have encountered this: I would usually be the one to initiate contact with my "friend" asking if we could get together. No response. Then a few weeks or even months later, friend would contact me asking to get together, not responding to my request, but starting a whole new conversation via a different mode of communication. I fell for it many times, but finally asked why there been no response when I first asked to get together. Friend then denied getting my initial request and eventually denied that we'd even had the email conversation where we discussed it. When I realized what was really going on, I stopped responding. I got a horrible hateful letter in the mail that proved me right, and dispelled any doubts that this was a small thing. When you see things like this, they truly are red flags, even though they might not seem huge at the time. A pattern indicates who they really are.

  • Mike Gallemore

    My girlfriend cancels plans on me all the time. In fact there is no planning with her. Our whole relationship has been one struggle after another about time together and planning. Today I let her go. 14 months of the same push-pull swearing she loves me. She’s overwhelmed with life, she’s tired, the traffic, migraine headaches. She’s being pulled in all directions. Everyone wants her time!! But I thought we were in a relationship? Please don’t go there. Yep at 60 years old!!

  • Orchid

    Honestly I think it's them playing games, crazy making, waste ing your time or waiting for a better offer else where , once I caught on , if he didn't follow thru on the time agreed to, I cancelled many times, even if it was a min pass the time, looking back it's was just insanity all of it, you have to reach a point with in yourself that u will not tolerate any more B's , and that came for me when I realized he was not who I thought he was , and he knew I knew.

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