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Making of a Narcissist, Psychopathic Societies, Curing Narcissism (Grannon-Vaknin 3rd Conversation)

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My early childhood as a genius, our hive mind, and the future of the species. Redefining narcissism as a post-traumatic condition, a developmental disorder, and an attachment disorder allows me to treat it with Cold Therapy.



  • Ece Ece

    Amazing conversation again. At first year of school I used finish all my homework never sat still on my desk walked around talking to other kids group them to get out of the class to play etc. Tons of stories I don't remember so clear but my family tells me. I was a trouble maker as well. Too bad they did not get my iq tested. I used to sell new born cats knocking door to door I thought I was helping them to find a family and saved from the world😅 I did not harm anything or anyone. I was actually known to be the good kid on the block, helping caring protective to my peers.

  • randal bond

    Russians are narcissists? They're a long-suffering nation, who are typical empaths – loving, generous and unselfish. I lived in different countries of the world, but I don't know people who make better friends and closer companions. Sam must mean Russian top politicians?

    By the way, Sam, you have such beautiful eyes. I guess it's a national characteristic. The same goes about brain. I remember when Jews mass-emigrated from the USSR in Gorbachov's time, we called it "the outflow of the brains" or "utechka mozgov".


    This interview made me reevaluate myself in some way. I wonder how many don't know why they can't feel human, like Sam they feel like a brain without a body. I use to joke and make fun of myself for being a nerd, not feeling female or male, just a nerd. LMHO!!
    Loved this discussion.

  • Sean vizii

    I’m left without words
    There is no one else to help me now I’m sure of that now ….fk it carry on as I was like a carry on film! I’m not wasting anymore time researching my issues and others around me especially since I keep getting misdiagnosed by medical professionals! This guy said it correctly at the END and I bet no one is wanting to admit he is right but thank you for giving a solution to my issue Big Brain strong you are!!!!

  • Isaac Israel

    Hello, Sam. You made a crucial observation when you emphasized that globalization severely harmed the majority of the Americans 'as a form of abuse', in such a way that this led to the election of a populist narcissistic president. A feedback mechanism where both the upper and lower classes develop narcissism.

  • Debbie Boynton

    I was enlightened in many ways from this video. The nine year old development, I even see in my own life where I developed emotional coping methods that would hurt me around then. I have also thought about your book being written around 20 years ago. The ACE studies also have taken that long to get attention so maybe it is a statistic? Love that you are developing a program and I believe you will be a huge factor in helping people. Arrested development and Trauma…… LOVE….. I have a memory of love that I am trying to fan to fill me up. Not there but I feel some compassion for myself I did not have before. My therapy for myself. Awaiting your COLD program. I am a thinker and I'm thinking about doing some comics for people who are not to spread awareness. Perhaps it wouldn't take 20 years to get it out there.

  • Bunny Foo Foo

    islam creates a nation of psychopaths, communism also creates nations of psychopaths. Well, the jews god is literally satan like hello, they are as bad as the muslims. they should look at themselves and ask why no one likes them.

    I consciously chose to raise my narcissism because it was not enough there to protect me and I often didn't know how I felt, I have also chosen to become an omnipath. In my mind, that is someone whose default is empathetic but at the same time it is not given to the undeserving and I maintain the ability to be a psychopath when survival is necessary. I fully recognize we are all interconnected I also accept the fact that some people choose to be cancerous to society and I recognize that there is no reasoning with a cancerous parasite, they must be removed from society in order for society to heal and be healthy, religion is one of these cancers. We cannot afford empathy for those who chose to be our enemy, we must let them experience the consequences of their choices and reject them lest we become them again.

  • suzanneschannel1

    Sam, your greatest accomplishment, IMO, is a stellar one: you have brought the knowledge of malignant narcissism to the world! You are a true pioneer, just like other great intellects, such as Freud and Einstein. When I started watching YouTube in 2008, you were the only one who had videos on the topic. Now, there are tons of people posting videos on Narcissism. When I first learned about NPD is in 2002. I had a BF who displayed puzzling symptoms that I didn't understand. A textbook at the university library practically fell into my lap on NPD. I went on Amazon looking for books on the topic but only found one: Alexander Lowen's book from the 1970s. Even in 2002 no one in society knew about or spoke about NPD
    Now, everyone everywhere knows about NPD. There has been a great awakening in society on this very serious topic. I believe that it is due to your YouTube videos work, begun in the early days of YouTube and your pivotal book that began this awakening. You have brought a great gift to the world.

  • Isaac Israel

    Hello, Sam. Within the context of narcissism, please write some articles or prepare some videos about the new ambitions to use genetic manipulation to increase the IQ of children. Although the CRISPR gene editing technology is not yet sufficiently reliable to produce high IQ children, instead, embryo selection technique is being actively researched to increase the average IQ of children. Especially in Asia, this is taken seriously and it can be the new arms race with strategic implications.

  • A Divine Space

    Excellent interview. Thank you very much. Working as hypnotherapist (integral hypnosis) and energy practitioner, I can confirm what is said. Inner fragmentations due to childhood traumata have a massive influence on our behaviour as adult. Every unhealed trauma and oppressed emotion has a consequence. The painful events are stored in our body system and entangle us further and further in dysfunctions. But through inner process (conscious re-membering), our healing and life transformation is possible.

  • Little Lulu

    There's a small town in Alberta Canada that is mostly inhabited by a particular group of ppl from Russia. It has the most millionaires per capita. No one else is welcomed. Outsiders are bullied by adults and children alike. My niece was bullied to the point of having to leave this town. She is very smart, athletic (she won a scholarship) and has an amazing singing voice. Scouts came to see her play soccer but the coach would bench her so that her own child had a chance. When she sang in contests, the piano player would mess her song up (piano player's daughter was also in the competition).It's too unreal to be believed. Unless you are the "outsider".

  • jennodine

    I started noticing and talking about the two distinct personalities I encountered in my ex at least 5 years before I realized what kind of pathology I was dealing with.

    I also remember saying as a child that I never knew which Mom would be coming home from work.

    I definitely believe Sam's hypothesis that Narcissism is DID with 2 personalities holds water.

  • Monica Hetle

    We use 90% of our left part of our brain. Words, numbers and logick. The outside. I had to have a surgery in the left part of my brain. I saw my right part. That was me. The real me. My own brain. My inside. One sentence was constantly repeated in my brain; Oh! What an false play. My mom mistreated me when I had my brain druged. She tried to kill me at the hospital. I had the worst case in my city. I had never had a tought that she was an psycopat. But now I thought that all our society was very psykopatic. I was shocked over how little we where allowed to use our own brain. How brainwashed we got of our outside word. All the limits. How much we got pushed down by the outside. How brainwashed we got. How little we where allowed to use our own brain to build up our real selfconfidence. Our real Self. Our real Self would not be acsepted in our community. If we should build up our real Self we had to use our own brain. We where not allowed to do that. It is enough to look at the scools. How much do we learn to use our own brains? To develop our real Self. We are getting designed to be comercials of the perfect community. That is our big duty. Otherwise? We are nothing. So YES our community is psykopatic. And we are getting brainwashed to belive that we are very intelligent. Very smart if we follow all the outside demands. What happens when a phsykopatic parent picks out the Goldenchild? The same as when the community picks out the Goldenchilds in the community. And we are getting brainwashed to belive that we are intelligent when we are Goldenchilds. We get to sceared to be hated by the community if we use our own brains and are real human beeings. Then we are not acsepted. Then we are Scapegoats. When we are not are robots which the community can designe to use to us. To demand that our big duty in our life is to satisfy all the outside demands of us. To satisfy all that we have to forget our real Self. The real human beeing livs with and of the nature. The real human beeing is natural. We have to learn. It has to be accepted that we develop our whole brain. That our brain is in balance.

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