MAFS shock: Appalling 'real reason' why Mike was so rude to Heidi

MAFS shock: Appalling ‘real reason’ why Mike was so rude to Heidi

When Mike shut down his bride Heidi during an emotional confessional last night on Married at First Sight, viewers were left stunned.

He blamed wanting to go for a swim, and impatience at Heidi laying such a heavy story on him very early in their honeymoon.

But communications and body language expert Doctor Louise Mahler says there was much more going on than Mike was letting on – and that’s made clear by his own words.

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‘I just lose focus after a while,’ Mike explained of his behavior on the show. ‘It’s just me. I switch off when the person keeps talking about the same thing from every angle.

‘I just stopped listening. I want to listen but I can’t.’ 

Doctor Mahler says this statement alone speaks volumes about where Mike was really coming from.


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‘This is how you get to 44 years old and not have a relationship,’ she says. ‘This was narcissism bottled up and ready for us.

‘Honestly, there are 6 ‘I’s in this outburst – with a dash of blame to another.’

Looking at the couple’s tell-tale body language, Mahler says Heidi is on high alert after Mike’s harsh verbal slap down.


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‘Her body language is reflective with a hunched body and eyes to self.

‘He was playing with her leg and feet and then changed it to be almost picking at them and then slapping her leg.’

While Heidi might be hoping that things could be resolved, Doctor Mahler says that’s out of the question.

‘Seriously, there is no resolution to this,’ she says. ‘Run. Heidi! Run!’

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