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Love, Self, and Relationships. – Understanding and Healing Co-dependency – UnificationNow

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  • redrogae

    Im just going as of right now trough something exactly like what you just described i hope i can find the way. I really feel like there is no way out, i get all kinds of shit like anxiety, anger, oppressive thoughts. i would love to see a second part to this video, and thank you very much for this.

  • Sicj

    Looks inside self…

    Drops coin

    (coin disappears into abyss)
    (1 hour later…)

    Listening for coin to hit bottom.

    Phew Thx goodness I'm with my codependent girlfriend… gonna marry this woman!

  • Clarissad25

    you are incredibly real about this…and I enjoyed the video very much. I live everything you've talked about on a daily basis…and I just won't let myself see things for how they really are. I hope one day I can. Maybe this video is the start 🙂

  • Silly SweetPea

    @leftatmars ur welcome…thanks for the kind feedback…know it is okay if change goes slow…it can actually take a better hold when it is gradual…just keep moving forward and understand that any pain you encounter is teaching you what you missed out on and what you need to give yourself. It's really cool and loving that your daughter motivates you in that way…it is a real gift to her

  • Silly SweetPea

    @existentialsoul You are welcome. I can relate…you're not a lone…most people have some experience of co-dependancy within themselves and in relationships…family and life kinda sets us up for that with experiences…a person is lucky if they avoid that kind of imprinting experience growing up…you are still young so just heal what hurts and keep on loving yourself 🙂

  • deZengo

    Well said! Great message! I certainly had an adventure with this and it took me to hell and back. All good little southern brides are trained that our "husbands / mate" is our world. WE do .. we serve.. we give and we love unconditionally and accept what little crumbs we are given and are even excited for that! IT's truly a sick / disturbing system- and I feel like BEing alone is always BETTER than being with the wrong person. It's a waste of time and time is all we truly have to spend!

  • Darien Weise

    Search Dealing with Difficult People Versus Them Dealing with You!

    This video by Bill Crawford i highly recommend to follow up on your last words of empowerment. This video was very interesting and I had recently been going through a bit of trouble with a coworker who would not participate. I ended up leaving my job but i should have dealt with it another way. Its sad to realize this from a video, people learn in different ways. There are alot of fun execises too!


  • Monikblessed

    Thank you so much. I did not find out that I was codependent until I was almost 30 years old and I don't know with the exception of a few meetings and counseling that I have really dealt with my codependency and now at the age of 45 some abandonment stuff has recently been popping up for me. Thank you so much for your work. I am learning so much from you and finding the courage to heal.

  • MSID009

    When you said "Souls coming together to become conscious of this thing that has hurt them… they are coming together to act this thing out and have this opportunity to heal it….

    A light went on. How come I never figured this out before? I've been doing meditation to try and figure things out for a year now… and that is the pattern that I keep finding myself in. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU… I have a new direction to take my meditations.

  • Silly SweetPea

    @MSID009 very cool to hear…thank you for sharing with me and I am really glad it helped…I know for myself what you referred to above has helped me a lot as well when I began thinking in that way…lots of love and luck to you in your healing and meditations!

  • theariesnme

    Great video. I believe I am codependent and its playing out in every aspect of my life. It's funny, I am always trying to "fix" someone and not looking inwardly. I am dating someone who is in recovery (6yrs clean) and he is a good guy. He treats me better than the guys who were not addicted. I'm always telling him what his next step should be because I see something in him. But because of my codependent traits, my focus is on him and not me. I've decided to seek out CoDA.

  • mochabeautyio

    Excellent video… thanks Amanda. I light went on when you said (paraphrased) "you're not going to want to be around anyone new until you deal with yourself". I have been avoiding people that were happy and "put together", because I didn't feel adequate… I wasn't in a happy relationship so I didn't feel complete (I'm a "love addict") but it wasn't about them, it was ME and my feelings about me… man… this is awesome!

  • Annette Curtain

    Hi i think i am co dependent i am scared to leave this person who treats me very badly i feel like im trying to break out of a box but its continous i know in my head its over but why am i finding it so hard to break free?

  • Evade X

    A bit long but very interesting. She certainly knows the process of codependency . Write a book your good. Limbed it. I have the book you spoke about but never read it and will now. Thank you.

  • Tom Ato

    What girls should be aware of their own
    subtle duplicity in the multiplicity of life,
    regardless of the accusation of parents'
    choices for the child. What boys should
    be aware of is their multiplicity in sexual
    relationships. Simplicity is non-addictive.

  • Tom Ato

    Here we see duplicity in triplicate,
    multiplicity's child to be seen and
    heard from others rather than, "to
    thine own self be true; "Know thy
    Self. Co-dependence is addiction.
    Wholeness is the Lover Beloved.


  • G Gigi

    The only way to fill the existential void of your wounded child is to become your own loving parent to your inner child.  You need to every day find yourself, forgive yourself, and nurture yourself.  The water to quench the thirst will not come from the outside.  That thirst is insatiable.  

  • Anthony Hurtado

    you are Awesome! i can relate to what you are saying, i came from a family who does not know what love is. you mentioned kids are like dogs and that we were. the attention we got was an ass whipping through dad's anger. i know anger well and use it to control my loved ones. They too are knowing me as an angry father. Co-dependent is who i am. i have been through so many relationships, many one night stands, many because i thought i knew what love was and never found it. i was the guy looking for answers(not knowing my issues)through women. sex was a fix for me, maybe it was because i never got the love i needed from my mother and used women to fill the emptiness.
    today i am working so hard on my issues, especially my jealousies and anger. i met a woman( very independent) who is herself most of the time, who i want to be like. i dont know how this woman came into my life, but i seem to care for her more than i cared for any one I've known. Listening to your video is a reminder i need to keep working with my inner child and stop using people for my needs. Keep on sending messages to us, i am most defiantly sure many more are looking for answers. Finding helpful ways and powerful words to keep on working with the self is hard, staying consistent and being honest with self is not easy. 🙁

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