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Love Bombing / Bombardeo de Amor – Dr Ramani (With Spanish Subtitles)


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  • Whatever

    It should be noted someone without money can’t lovebomb you with gifts or fancy nights out so they’ll likely use love bombing language. “I’ve never met anyone like you” and “jokingly” introducing you to people as their future wife. Looking back, it looks creepy as hell; in the moment-especially after years of being mistreated in other relationships-it feels like you finally found someone who values you. So pay close attention to language. Is that person starting to cast you in a role they can’t possibly know you’d be good for? That’s love bombing. At work, you’ll be constantly compared to the person you replaced, with your boss will say you’re so much better than that other person and you’re perfect for the position…at first. Then you’ll suddenly be making nothing but mistakes.

  • Don Myers

    I learned the hard way. We have a wonderful 9 1/2 year old son together. I’ve been blessed with him and was love bombed by the mom. As soon as we learned we were expecting, she turned ugly, violent and started dating old lovers. Needless to say, thousands of dollars lost in litigious waste, months in separation from my son, and while it has subsided, it’s only because I know my boundaries.

    Keep up the splendid work Dr.



  • bitterprofessional

    My experience was one in which the love bombing was very subtle but powerful and lasted for almost 2 years. In retrospect, the subtle diabolical nature of it was especially insidious. Anyway, I couldn't agree more with you that paying attention to blind spots is critical. As a result of this experience, I now view all compliments and praise with a skeptical eye before accepting at face value. There are just too many manipulators out there. Suffering a relationship with a toxic individual is like having laser vision for spotting them. Thanks for the video and your channel.

  • Heather Lynn

    Thanks to beautiful people like YOU!!!! 😂 “We” have a FRIEND to HELP US SEE OUR Blindspots!!! 😍 I THANK GOD FOR YOU! ❤️ My JOY is Coming back ! 😂 I can FEEL the Holy Spirit down deep in my heart LAUGHING at the VICTORIES of NO CONTACT! It Felt like being torn limb from limb with each break-up! I am a survivor of 51 years of Narc Abuse. Scapegoated by the Whole Lot! TRUTH IS, GOD DELIVERED ME FROM EVIL!!! 😂 HE SAW IT ALL! I am SAFE on THIS SIDE of the Narc Walls and MY OWN ESTABLISHED BOUNDARIES NOW! Thanks for helping me WALK the Narrow Path OUT of Narc World! 🌎

  • Laura Petrakova

    Please, help! I wonder how long can last love bombing in hoovering phase? I already got so confused that do not recognize what's real and if he was a narcisist at all. It's a month now, that he haven't used a manipulation and used devaluation only 3 times. He wants to move in, get married. Before he was not giving me any gifts, but now he does. How to recognize between real love and care and love bombing? I cannot get sick on purpose… Money wise he was always helping me since we started dating 3 years ago.

  • Dee Dee Bico

    Love bombing is not always that over the top, it's more subtle. This last narc. Was a real piece of work. He bought me things to cook for him, 🇲🇪on our 3rd date it was clear he wanted to move into my home🇲🇪 he is a truck driver. I let him sleep on the couch, I was woken up at 3 a.m. he was doing his laundry in my washing machine 🇲🇪. He took it upon himself to trim a tree, is was screaming at him to stop, it was clear that he wasn't listening 🇲🇪. On and on… They are nothing we want or need in our lives.
    I told him I'm not ready for all this, he would come back with when we have sex…. 🇲🇪 He started telling people I was his girl friend 🇲🇪 that was with in 6 days… I ran fast and hard away…

  • DaisyPumpkin23

    It should go without saying that 'love bombing' doesn't just apply to romantic relationships. In fact, the first time I heard this phrase was decades ago with regard to the techniques used by religious cults to make a new recruit feel 'special' and thus hook them in. This is perhaps a very appropriate comparison, as I recently heard narcissists described as being like a 'one person religious cult'.
    My unfortunate entanglement with a narcissist (who used extreme love bombing) was actually with my partner's brother. When my partner died suddenly & unexpectedly three years ago, I was understandably devastated and in extreme shock. Three days after her death, my partner's brother phoned me up and was extremely insistent that I should come down & stay with him for the week prior to the funeral.. He didn't seem to be grieving his sister at all, and in fact I hardly knew him at all, so if I'd been more level-headed I should have refused, or at least been suspicious of the motive for this invitation. In fact, I even said that I was considering going and being with my own family, but he was SO insistent, and said that him & his wife "wanted to look after me" in this difficult time. Another warning bell that I should have heeded (& my first clue that he was a narcissist) was that in the middle of discussing the circumstances of his sister's death he suddenly interrupted me to tell a 'funny story' of something that had happened to him that day, and then started laughing loudly. Over the next few months, and even at the funeral, I was witness to more shockingly inappropriate statements in the face of so many people grieving his sister's death.
    When I went down and stayed with him, it really WAS like joining a religious cult. I was totally love bombed by him and he wanted to set himself up as some kind of 'guru' figure to me. He presents himself as some kind of 'spiritual' person. In between the love bombing, he would lecture me with bogus 'wisdom' (little more than hollow platitudes) and even felt entitled to TELL what I 'should' or 'shouldn't' be feeling as regards my partner's death, and that certain emotions I was feeling were 'wrong'.
    If I hadn't been in such a state of deep bereavement and shock I would have instantly spotted that all this was unhealthy and that the love bombing was insincere, and was only in order to obtain gratitude & appreciation from me (which I expressed a lot while I was there).
    A few months later, I went and stayed with him again for another week, but this time I was more clear headed , and could see through what was going on. I started to assert myself, and very politely pointed out that my bereavement emotions were NOT there for him to 'approve' or 'disapprove' of or tell me that they were 'wrong'. This started a horrible and very cruel round of actions on his part, that culminated in him sabotaging (behind my back) the good relationships I had with all my partner's family members, resulting in me NOT being invited to the scattering of the ashes and not even being informed they'd done so.
    This is the single nastiest thing anybody has ever done to me, and remarkable in the face of all the alleged 'love' he'd been expressing to me just months earlier.

  • Vampire Slayer

    Great presentation Doctor Ramani. Very professional. Very reassuring.
    You nailed it. I am finally healed to the point where I can see my relationship for what it was. I no longer fear running into her. My curiosity about her is completely gone. I'm to the point where I know my boundaries and draw the lines if required.

  • Elle Kay

    Thank you for another great video, Dr. R! I would love to see a video on agoraphobia and any tips you may have.

    Can’t wait until my “Don’t You Know Who I Am” preorder arrives 👏😊

  • Tina 030

    I would have paid everything possible to have watched this video before I experienced love bombing. He fooled me big time and I ended up marrying him. It seemed I stopped thinking rationally after I 'decided' he was the love of my life, and I ignored all the bad things. There are no words to describe what happened after his mask came off. It was like a tornado went over my life, taking everything with it. Even my own family didn't believe me and chose his side. I can't really blame them for making the same mistake I did, but it's so surreal. I've been free for more than 2 years, but I still struggle with my self image. It's hard to get all the lies out of your system, when you've been told you're crazy for so long… I think EVERYBODY should be informed about this disorder, because it's ruining só many lives. Thanks dr. Ramani, for spreading the news. You're saving lives!

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