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Team Piñata (Previously known as Jeremy: An Alternate Perspective:)

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  • thelozchannel1428

    I watched the stream live, but I wanted to thank Chloe for choosing to keep the live stream up and to use it as an educational moment about triggers. It’s a vulnerable moment but it’s also important and honest and real, and I know it not only helped my understanding of triggers and what that can look like, but also how the Dissociadid system work to help each other. Nan was also a lovely example of a truly supportive and understanding partner and I feel like we could all learn something from the way you both communicate and interact so positively, not only in this live stream but every time we see you guys together.
    Also may we not forget Chloe looking stunning in this stream 🌟🌟 And cute tiny Nan 😭

  • Emilie Smith

    Other people doing chores easily with chronic fatigue is the world's biggest mood. The capability of other people to do things (and myself when I dissociate myself from my pain[I don't have did, but I dissociate myself from my pain pretty heavily in order to function]) is frankly amazing.

  • Mackenzie Mapes

    If you read this I wanna say this, not many people know about my DID. But I heard one of my protectors when I was around my family. And for a second I thought it was one of my family members. I just wanna say that I recently just found out so it’s kinda freaky. But anyways back on track, asked one my family members if they said anything. And they looked at me like I’m crazy and I finally recognized who it was. And it scared me so much and I’m hurt that I feel like I can’t share about my DID. (It was one of my male alters) But I wish getting used to having DID was easier and less scary. Could you help me or give me advice on how to handle all the feelings associated with this disorder? Thank you and love both all of you guys. (Piñata System and Dissociated System) Low-Key getting dissociated.

  • kaylee mulligan

    If you guys were to get married would it just be Chloe and Nan making the commitment or would Nadia and Leslie and Kyle and Jeramy and whoever else in the dissociaDID and Piñata system are partners get married at the same time?

  • Nicole Becker

    I have a disconnect with my age as well but I don't have DID. I am going to be 26 in October but for a long time I felt stuck at 17…now I feel between 19 and 22. I don't know why, but I DON'T feel 26 for sure…that seems way too old. It's very strange.

  • Milfuelle100

    Little Nan is so adorable! I didn’t know an alter could be a younger version of yourself.

    Edit: I find it very interesting that Nan isn’t the age of their body. I also didn’t know that was possible.

    Second Edit: wait Nan is asexual? Me too but I could never ever imagine kissing anyone. Nan are you still asexual?

  • aesthetaeguk

    i dont have DID but your channel honestly helps my mental health so much. i’ve recently been diagnosed with PTSD/CPTSD in addition to quite a few other disorders, and have several anxiety attacks a day due to constant triggers, which also leads to chronic fatigue, self-harming behaviors, and suicidal ideation. i’m trying to educate myself more on mental health, and every video you publish inspires me to keep going and continue fighting.

  • aesthetaeguk

    TW: triggers, self-harm
    i hate how i get triggered by almost everything around me. if anyone touches me, my body immediately goes straight to panic mode and i either completely shut down or push them off me and escape as fast as possible whilst trying to rip my skin off. a several gestures, scents, and sounds are also triggers for me, many of which naturally occur in everyday life. i’ve always hated how sensitive i am because it’s humiliating for me to have attacks, especially in front of strangers, which is why i’m unable to leave my home. this has led me to believe i will never find anyone, romantically or platonically, to love me for who i am. but, after seeing you guys support each other so lovingly while disassociating and coping with triggers, i feel slightly hopeful that maybe one day i can find someone to accept me, and for that i’m extremely grateful, so thank you.

  • MxV13

    I would enjoy hearing about BPD from someone who is treated. I just left a relationship with someone with BPD who was not treated and not willing to take any responsibility for the horrible way he treated me. The abuse was very severe and I developed PTSD as a result. I don’t want to stigmatize all people with BPB based on my one horrible experience.

  • Keiri Feder

    I ofteb get triggered too and get panic attacks. It's one of the worst feelings I know. And I respect your system so much for how you are dealing with all this. And it's amazing to have someone besides you that knows you enough to help you with it instead of panicking too!
    Lots of love and the best wishes for you. You're doing amazing!

  • Marisa Zengin

    It breaks my heart that there is so much hurt and struggle effecting your lives. I hate that bad things happend to you and I hate you still have to fight the aftermath. You two should be so proud for how far you've come. So amazing! Sending you so much love <3

  • Yggdrasil System

    Can we just say, thank you-all both for having the courage to show the truest ups and downs of dissociative living?

    The edited videos provide clean educational materials, but have left us feeling “less than” for not having the fortitude to create such beautiful, wonderful content in the face of our dissociative life.

    Being able to SEE the challenges inherent in navigating a single hour of social interactions has lifted a weight from us, as our days exist THERE, not in the insta-ready intro/outro frames we've inadvertently projected onto your-all’s experiences.

  • Demon Zoe

    The end put me in tears. I wish no one else had to go through this and I have a lot of respect for you guys in decision to keep this video posted. Stay strong! I’m really glad you and the Piñata system are together as I can see you both support each other unconditionally, you two are amazing together.
    Much love! 💖
    – Zoe.

  • Joy

    The way you both are helping each other with grounding techniques had me crying it's so pure❤️ A few years ago when I didn't know any good grounding techniques and was dissociating really bad I started drinking really spicy sauce (I cannot handle spicy food at all, not even mildly spicy)
    I almost drank half the bottle and only felt a warm sensation in my throat.

  • Paige Henry-Robertson

    I definitely don’t have full blown DID, but I definitely have headmates that talk to me and sometimes take over me like a wave that I can’t control, kinda like being coconcious strongly and strong bleeding rather than full switches – possibly OSDD but I don’t want to diagnose myself. But anyway, I’m pretty sure I have an introject of Kyle in my head now ☺️ he’s a protector, and I think it happened when I went through a really stressful time and remember watching a video of yours and thinking ‘what a great guy’😂 I wasn’t expecting it at all, and then all of a sudden I got stressed making a decision and I heard ‘guys, come on, it’s not that hard, I’ll pick the flavour’ (we were having arguments over food) and I was like ‘ummmmm that sounds like Kyle from dissociadid’ and I got a ‘yes mate it is’ so yeah😂 thought I’d let you know😂

  • Stevie Gesch

    I hear so much of Evan and Jeremy in Nan's voice, even if they're just comfortable and chilling. It's almost like they're all co-con, but then again, I don't know anything about being co-con since i am, in fact, a single person in a single body. It's really interesting, though!

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