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There was a letter and an op-ed piece in the paper recently critical of U.S. Sen. John Kennedy’s colorful quotes. Both claimed to be appalled and offended that he would use such language as “suck,” “whiz,” or “butthead.” These liberals seem to be tone-deaf when the Democrats call our president, his cabinet, and the GOP congress as racists, misogynists, Russian stooges, white supremacists, scum bags, Nazis, Hitler, traitors, on and on. Both Kennedy and our president say it as they see it and don’t beat around the bush. That is why they were both elected by we conservatives.

Some of us are tired of listening to the “eloquence,” by their standard, of the high-and-mighty liberal Congress and mainstream media. They long for the rhetoric and self-aggrandizing of Barack Obama. Now, that seems to be a guy who is narcissistic.

Letter: A message to John Kennedy after Orgeron rant: Stop talking like a ‘juvenile delinquent’

Ted Gasser


Denham Springs

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