LETTER: Which political party is the mob? | Letters

LETTER: Which political party is the mob? | Letters

I nearly choked recently when the state Republican Party chairman said the GOP must take back the mantle of the party of working people. Does he really want to return to the tenure of Abraham Lincoln? That’s when the GOP last identified with ordinary Americans.

A frequent editorial writer and loyal Trumpmeister called the Democrats a mob. Let’s examine the real GOP role in America.

Republicans attacked Roosevelt, calling him a socialist for lifting the American people out of poverty during the depression. Republicans fought against Social Security, the right to join a union, and Medicare. Republicans led the “commie” witch hunt against trade unionists in the 50s  (McCarthyism). It was a Republican forced to resign to avoid impeachment. A Republican that fired 44,000 air traffic controllers and banned their union while committing criminal acts in the Iran-Contra scandal.

Republicans that authored the NAFTA treaty, destroying 5 million American jobs. Republicans that lied about weapons of mass destruction as a pretext to a war that has claimed thousands of American lives and drained our economy for decades. Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, carried out eight years of obstructionism against a president overwhelming voted in by the American majority.

Republicans refused to represent the American electorate. Republicans refused a sitting president the right to a hearing on a candidate for the Supreme Court. Republicans made numerous attempts to strip healthcare away from 30 million Americans. Republicans have committed blatant voter suppression, denying Americans the right to vote. Supported stripping immigrant babies from the arms of their mothers.

Rodney Davis supports gutting Social Security and Medicare. Rodney Davis supports stripping food stamps from needy families. Rodney Davis Republicans unashamedly support the narcissist sociopath who has brought shame and criminality to America’s highest office.

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