LETTER: Twit(ter) in Chief | Letter-To-The-Editor | Opinion

LETTER: Twit(ter) in Chief | Letter-To-The-Editor | Opinion


The press is not the enemy of the people. The Twit(ter)-in-Chief is. The T-in-C’s repeated attacks on the press, and his shoot-from-the-lip attacks on those who are not his fans and his general boorish behaviour have built up to a critical point for many of us. Still, his name appears too often on too many pages of our papers.

How may the press dampen his ego and still do their job? This might even be most effective during this campaign season: Do not publish his name. Use “the White House,” “the President,” whatever euphemisms that can be invented that can still be printed, but don’t publish his name. Don’t print his picture or quote his twits. Bridge players, come up with a bid that doesn’t say No-Tr. This would hit the narcissist where he lives by taking away anything that might reflect his image back to himself.

Carl Mathis,


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