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We can obtain immunity to a risky virus with an injection, for case in point a flu vaccination. To get immunity to other forms of risks, nonetheless, we commonly have to find out matters.

Joe Navarro, a retired FBI Special Agent, who for 25 many years worked in counterintelligence and behavioral evaluation, analyzed and profiled con gentlemen, cult leaders and other individuals with predatory personalities. He wrote about the “pathological narcissism” of these types of persons in his reserve Harmful Personalities (2014) and in an earlier post in Psychology Nowadays (2012), the place he recognized 50 traits which, if we see a honest range of them in 1 individual, must alert us that this human being is very likely to lie to us and test to manipulate us, and is able of harming people with out hesitation or compunction.

Navarro generally speaks especially about cult leaders, but it is obvious that most of the 50 features he identifies are attribute of narcissistic con-adult males in normal, who often seek positions and places of work that will give them ability. Navarro’s purpose is to immunize us in opposition to getting taken in by this kind of individuals, even while they are nearly often, as he suggests, “superficially charming” or appealing in sure ways.

Place is limited in this article, so I am going to point out just 15 of these qualities, but they will give you an strategy of the form of human being Navarro wants us to realize as each wrong and risky (every trait is offered listed here particularly as Navarro states it):

• He has a grandiose concept of who he is and what he can realize.

• Is preoccupied with fantasies of endless achievement, electrical power or brilliance.

• Demands blind, unquestioned obedience.

• Requires too much admiration from followers and outsiders.

• Is arrogant and haughty in his actions or attitude.

• Has an exaggerated feeling of electricity (entitlement) that permits him to bend regulations and split guidelines.

• Is hypersensitive to how he is viewed or perceived by many others.

• Publicly devalues other people as becoming inferior, incapable, or not deserving.

• Is routinely boastful of accomplishments.

• Haughtiness, grandiosity, and the need to be controlling is portion of his character.

• Anyone who criticizes or inquiries him is identified as an “enemy.”

• Has “magical” responses or options to challenges.

• Is regularly assessing individuals to determine all those who are a menace or these who revere him.

• Doesn’t feel to experience responsible for nearly anything he has accomplished completely wrong nor does he apologize for his steps.

• Believes he possesses the responses and alternatives to globe problems.

Navarro would want us to mirror on irrespective of whether there is anybody we know, or know of, who fits this profile, and if there is, he would severely warning us towards following or supporting them.

Greg Weis


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