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Leaving a Narcissist or Sociopath With As Little Drama as Possible

Is it possible to leave a narcissist or sociopath without drama? Evening gives advice on the best possible way. A frank discussion about the traumatic experience of divorcing a person who lacks empathy and cannot love. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist or a sociopath you need to watch this video and all others Evening has made so that others can benefit from her experience. she knows what happens when this advice isn’t followed, and she is committed to doing whatever she can to spare anyone from going through the endless nightmare that she did. She says, “I’m giving all the advice that I didn’t follow, but wish with all my heart that I had.”

1. Stop relying on them (for approval, companionship, sex, comfort, money, etc.)
2. Write everything down.
3. Have some money saved that he doesn’t know about and cannot access.
4. Tie up loose ends: if you will be losing medical insurance then wrap up any critical procedures, get car in good working order, line up a job, and a place to live, get copies of any critical records you may need, file all vital documents (passports, birth certificates, etc.).
5. Have at least one or two allies you know you can trust and let them help you.
5. Don’t tell them what your doing until you’re already doing it. You need to figure this all out and have the plan in place well before they know anything about it or you’ll be the one surprised at what they are capable of doing to you without an ounce of guilt or shame.
6. EMBRACE REALITY AT ALL COSTS! See things exactly as they are, not better and not worse. Prove your beliefs.
7. STAY CALM! Maintain an outer calmness no matter what.
8. Take care of your body, mind, and spirit: eat right, get enough sleep, pray, meditate, talk to someone you trust, laugh
9. Don’t lose yourself. Maintain your own high standards for your own conduct and don’t be reduced to their underhanded tactics. You are not trying to beat him at his own game. You are just taking care of yourself and your children the way he should. Fair and equitable is the goal, but get some help deciding what that means.
10. Don’t undervalue your contributions even if you did not generate income. If you are a full time caretaker of children or elderly parents for instance, that has value.

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