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Knowledge is power . the narcissist sociopath psychopath screw's up when the prey knows



  • mwhps

    My cousin who used to be my brother until he started dating a narcissist girlfriend. Well, it came to a point where something happened and I showed her that I know all about her tricks and who she is. From that time forward, she never came to the house anymore, it has been two years and a half now since I saw her and she tries to keep my cousin away from me and my parents, but he comes around when he needs to pick something up once in a blue moon and I can feel tension from him like he's not himself anymore because she brainwashed him to believe what she wanted him to believe. He is also overworked by her because she's all about the money, attention, popularity, etc., you name it. I lost someone that I called a brother since he started dating her and now he left me behind and does not want to help me when I need help. My entire family is a loss cause too, I'm basically on my own. I'm 25-years old by the way and my cousin and the girlfriend is 38-years old, they have been together since they where 26-years old. I think I told you this before but this has some more details to the story. And, my mother said she is a c*nt because as a female they understand each other so my mother understands what my cousin's girlfriend's deal is and how she has been manipulating and brainwashing my cousin.

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