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Jordan Peterson | The Difference Between Men and Women

Jordan Peterson explains the difference between men and women.

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  • madhighpriestess

    I grew up with two people always trying to fight for dominance over each other, lots of aggression and fighting, always a competition. I'm naturally agreeable and conscientious, but growing up that way seemed to have gave me the ability to play the dominance game and play it better, even though I hate the fucking game and only play when I must. But its survival, so one learns. But that can stain the soul

    Love these lectures, he's fucking brilliant.

  • Bosko Nikolic

    I was a very agreeable person from birth. Super nice kid from age 1-6. When I got into school, they absolutely tore me apart. Every time I'd trust someone enough to tell them something important to me, they'd proclaim it to the entire class and had me humiliated a million times. They bullied me constantly for my weight, while I tried to be friends with everyone, even after all of that. In the long run it made me a harder person. A worse person. I've been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, or sociopathy (as a result of childhood trauma). I actively try every day not to harm people in any way, but it's super hard. I love being apathetic, cause it gives me freedom to do anything I want to reach my goals, but I also hate it, since I can't want to connect with anyone (even if I want to want). Don't make the mistake I made and be too agreeable, but don't go into apathy, cause you'll just end up miserable in the end.

  • PuenteAJ

    This is so true…..
    Like he is talking about my 42 year working life and the horrible men that left women carrying the place on their backs.
    I think another valid point to be taken from this is that until we have women in governments all over the world conflict will continue as men just try to outdo men and actually enjoy it

  • Lo Fo

    As agréable and conscientious people, I think we are aware of people’s intention and we know when we get exploited. But we like to please others because it makes us happy and it also brings peace to our life. Thus it also makes it harder on us. However, lately I decided to let people know that I am aware of their intention and manipulation. IAnd I make sure to let them know that if I do what they ask is because I want to (since I like to please people) and it is not because I am stupid or because of their manipulations.

  • Mr Mc Fluffed

    Im a male and im so agreeable that i dont know what i want most of the time and yes i do avoid conflict and im super good at it too like to the point i can calm aggressive drunk people(or know when to walk away) but im gonna try and say what i dont like and hope it works and kills depression but also not take it too far where drugs or alcohol get in the way.

    Thank you for opening my mind btw

  • Lucas Oliveira

    Peterson’s worldview, so far as I can tell, cannot be made as an argument. It is a collection of name-drops, conflations, literary references, and metaphors, mixed up with some real psychological facts, and packaged in a peculiar, meandering manner of speaking. This leaves the listener with the feeling of depth and profundity.

  • Lin Peng

    It's not that Jordan Peterson's theory must be right. But it's alot more logical and able to explain or predict around us. Whereas people who say he's Hitler just throw the it's complicated factor at you and you are never allow to have conversations. Because whatever factor you suggest as a reason is immoral. So similar to religioj people who saying God is the reason anf tell you to stop asking why ,these extremist just tell you complexity is the reason. Political leftist extremeitsc people are the reason why society stop thinking and become moronic. They don't want to think about complicated issues themselves so they make it immoral for you to try.

  • mike4ty4

    The one thing I can say is that the difference between men and women, whatever it is or isn't, does not and cannot entitle one to dominance and a position of social power over the other. Such societial orders are for barbarians and worshippers of violence.

    (BTW, I'm neither stating agreement, nor disagreement, nor anything else about anything said or implied in this video. I am simply making a statement, to see what you think.)

  • Atitan Youtube

    His agruments are flawed:

    "you're disagreeable" if you say "No, I'm not" or "Yes, I am", you're proving him right either way, it's a trap. Instead you should challenge him "Why am I disagreeable? Can you explain more?" He actually doesn't have any proof for what he's saying.

  • Greg Harris

    People are promoted in their work until they reach their level of incompetence. Once your boss(es) realize you cant do the job, then you're done being promoted any further and will likely be demoted/moved to another less demanding position. It doesnt matter if you're an agreeable person or a disagreeable person.

  • Bernie Macias

    I had always thought that I was to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, because that's how I was raised. That allowed tyrants and narcissists (some in my own family)to take advantage of my naivety. In elementary school, I tried to stand up for myself I but was berated, belittled and threatened by teachers (who were following the feminist doctrine). I remember them saying that as a boy I had to respect others (girls) but they never said that I had the same right tobe respected. As an adult, whenever I felt I was being taken advantage of and tried to get help and I would find it difficult to say exactly how this was happening (no one wants to listen to other people's problems). I had trouble identifying the situations and putting them into words. I was afraid to stand up for myself and call out the people responsible for causing the "problem". One time I was call to see a supervisor and was called a whiner for bringing up an issue about being asked to work after hours for no pay. Even my catholic schooled mother would say "Do good no matter to whom". Lately I have started to become aware of the issues that I have had so much trouble identify and that made me so angry and depressed. Listening to Dr. Peterson's lectures and interviews have helped me. Thanks Dr.

  • Grady Whitman

    Nice talk but terms like a lot of subjective terms being thrown around.
    * Boys and girls are very different behaviorally and physically even before puberty: boys are stronger, more aggressive and more likely to have ADHD;
    * Statistically the world is not a more dangerous place for women than men – men are far more likely to be murdered, killed in combat, or on the job;
    * Saying that women have more depression and anxiety is subjective, too. Men are more likely to abuse or overdose alcohol or narcotics as self medication for anxiety and depression, and more likely to take their own lives from depression;
    * Agreeability is a highly favorable trait for succeeding in business.

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