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Jordan Peterson – Developing Your Inner Psychopath

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Psychology Professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson explains how developing your inner shadow / monster / psychopath protects you from getting taken advantage of by malevolence. You should develop it voluntarily, not accidentally and with having the good in mind to incorporate it into your psyche in a productive manner.

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  • Xavier Gomez

    I'm a psychopath, not by choice. I happened to become one down the line, i don't know what, why, or how. But I do know one thing. That the path to health is harder than the path to harm. And those who believe in a soul, have one. While those who don't believe in a soul, don't have one. People with a soul, are capable of empathizing with others who have one. While being gullible and susceptible to those who don't. It's hard to empathize with people who don't have a soul. If they can't know their own inner intentions, how can you? Consequently, the psychopathic way of empathy, is to judge people's character by the moods they have. The constancy of anger, sadness, happiness, etc. etc. How often each one occurs, how they occur. How long they occur. It's all studied by the psychopath. To what end? Psychopath's generally want one thing, a shortcut to understanding self. They do this, by manipulating, abusing, feeling superior through domination. And it's sort of like a way to test cause and effect. If they do this, this will happen. They do that, that will happen. Intrinsically, it's really just lack of a free-will, or even understanding the concept therein. But, you can't change anyone who refuses to change themselves. Rather than giving them a chance, or than shunning them. Be wary of them, and understand what they are capable of. As well as, minimize communication with them. And most importantly, remember that actions speak louder than words. And try to show them, how they can attain their own soul. And perhaps grow a heart. It's a long journey, but I think there's hope.

    And for those curious? Yes, I am a psychopath. I'm also a lunatic, or otherwise known as, a psychotic. Call it, psychopathy/bipolar/psychosis if you need to. But indeed, I've tricked my mind a long time ago to destroying self enough, to rebuild myself to become a philosopher/warrior. And this I did, not realizing how much opportunities in life i would waste, and it costed me much happiness for the sake of knowledge. In short, I might seem normal from an outside perspective. But in truth, I have a split side, rarely seen hidden away, that is a destroyer. Anyways, im done rambling. Peace!

  • Amy Kline

    If you think this is dramatic, saying that we have to know our inner psychopath, then you haven’t been close enough to real malevolence for the need to manifest.

    It is nothing short of devastating and chilling to the heart when you realize you’ve been preyed upon by someone you love. When you make yourself empathize with them, it’s haunting.

    It takes work for a normal person to put themselves in the mindset that hurting others makes you feel content. That’s what a conscienceless person feels. They revel in your sorrow, gain glee and power from your downfall, and have no qualms about setting you up to fail. It’s fulfilling to them.

    You’re lucky if you’ve never faced that.

  • Somebody

    I'm a little scared because I've known about the malevolence inside me for along time. I just hope I don't go 0 to 100 too fast one day. I mean the good part is that the worst that would happen with me is that I'd get in a fight cause I get over stuff rather quickly (an hour or two tops). But, man, I think some wicked thoughts in the mean time. If it wasn't for my inability to hold a grudge I think things would be much uglier for me.

  • Greg Vasquez

    There is a bile passage that says to "be as children in the face of evil,"(paraphrased) referring to the opposite of becoming a little evil to overcome. This is what the christians did int he face of the lions and Romans and against their own people. Children have the ability to take abuse and keep on shining, to be as one that doesn't realize what is going on, almost, to forgive blindly. It may sound like a bag ignorant thing, but it is more hyperbole than to try to be fully as a real child. Interesting to think about.

  • Craig Ross

    Without the capability of mayhem you become the victim of mayhem. Or as Machiavelli said, if you won't use the methods of bad men you give the world over to bad men.
    The horror is that you have to see that people you once considered friends are malevolent. If you aren't malevolent try to stop the "why?" question! It's nearly impossible. To fully accept the answer, the answer they won't actually articulate – "Because I wish harm on you; I've chosen evil" – is nearly impossible. Socrates and Plato thought that all wrongdoing was based on ignorance. It's impossible to know the good and not follow it. I find that easier to believe, and it also allows you to deal with malevolence as long as you don't think you can get someone to understand the superiority of the good. So long as objectify the other person – you're a psychopath or a narcissist – then you can deal with them as you would an animal. You don't have to hold a fox morally responsible in order to justify shooting it.

  • buckeyeshine

    this is bad advice to tell anyone with PTSD to develop the inner psychopath…which means to have no empathy. I have to disagree with him here . The way out is to understand the enemies, pimps of the world but you NEVER want to become them. I can withstand tragedy and pain without losing my empathy. I learned to recognise preditors and fight them back while retaining empathy for humankind.

  • Dane Rose

    This is a great insight into why suing my abuser – something I've been very reluctant to do – is part of the healing path. It seems like it brings me towards health because on the other side is helplessness and collapse in a culture that does not protect it's most vulnerable people.

  • Roughman

    What bothers me is how to protect children? Breaking their image of the world by bullying them yourself won't work for sure to say the least. To wait until someone hurts them sounds like a bad solution too

  • Zeek M

    Again Peterson, You're playing at a low level and that's not a solution.
    We aren't facing just psychopaths at the civilian level, we have them in every sector of society.
    You yourself in fact qualify as just another psychopath doing the usual MK Ultra no solution bullshit.
    All your talk will not stop the conflict, conflict can only be resolved one way, full surrender to the father in heaven. ( when are you going to stop being just another swamp creature? )

  • elsa helgason

    I’m not suffering for anything; instead, I feeling more comfortable last few days. I feel like the sone drop down on my shoulders. I did missed your advices every day’s. Thank you for you to contact me again. The universe and cosmic will blessings me and the worlds to moves to the futures. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • ki daniels

    There is no sin in vulnerability
    With vulnerability
    Exquisite healing
    That being said
    The Tao counsels US in balance of dark and light

    In my experience
    Of being attacked by predators
    It is NOT about becoming a predator that shall stop the attacks
    Keep in mind psychopathy exists in corporate America as well as San Quentin
    I suspect it is,much more prevalent than what the stats say
    As a child I was set on fire by my father….i was 4….and the research bears that once someone is traumatized often is the case they are retraumatized…
    W3 see this in battered woman's syndrome
    And my case is no different…
    Is the solution that I take on the responsibility of my childhood and or adult predators….my answer…no
    Is the solution that I become the vengeful psychopath that castrated the man who sexually abused me…no
    IS my solution to become a,martyr and grasp like a needy child to rightwing religious dogma that often revictimizes me with the thought bullet of sympathy or the victim stance…no
    How about this…let me imagine myself into a delusional state of sorts like robin hood or a transformer…no

    I choose to be of service not to silence the crying of the lambs….but simply because at the end of the day, this is my nature
    I do not forgive what is unforgivable
    Have I met malevolence yes
    And stayed my hand triumphantly
    4 the malevolence wants you to react kill and or be killed…
    I stay my hand
    Do I defend others…yes
    For the code of Hamurabi states the,strong protect the weak and that is a code I choose to live by
    My graduate training in psychology did not prepare me for malevolence…you see, nothing can…when it reigns …..
    Do I have the capacity to press the button…i have come to realize that with enough torture just about anyone would.

    I believe the RABBITT hole could be the foolish notion that we need to understand malevolence
    As if that is going to give us some magic to control it which is not the case
    Why does someone become malevolent while others never quite follow the complete path…does it really matter.
    Is it nature or nurture
    Genetics or a fluke

    I think seeking to understand in an f-fort to protect oneself is ah good thing
    Yet when it came right down to it after dozens of interviews and self reflection I am still unable to see the world through malevolent eyes
    I can not say why I was raped as a child and at 55 years old it simply doesn't matter anymore.

    I serve because I choose to
    And when all is said and done my thoughts are not about revenge
    I don't need to burn my father
    Or set fires
    Or be a sexual predator
    Or repeat the violence
    What good is that
    Am I some co dependant bleeding heart…no
    I have limits and boundaries
    I selectively choose when and how I serve
    I am no saint, superheroes, or zealot.

    In short, I am no martyr
    Yet what as a writer I have written…
    Let it end with me
    Let the violence end with me

    I am not inherently bad nor 100% good
    I have made poor choices
    But I shall not be manipulated by my anger, pain, greed, or desire
    Those days are gone.
    And I am NOT responsible for predators#
    And I have no interest in becoming one#
    I know anger can be triggered
    I know I can create and or destroy
    My choice
    It seems that mankind has a tendency to destroy
    Look at the wars
    The earth
    This part in my view is unbalanced
    I choose to serve and create and support those in service as I can or choose
    Malevolence exists
    And so does non malevolence
    I Am here
    Soft and powerful
    Singing these thoughts
    This may b true
    Yet let me remind you
    Ah few good things remain

    Ah few good things remain

  • elsa helgason

    I’m not suffering for anything; instead, I feeling more comfortable last few days. I feel like the sone drop down on my shoulders. I did missed your advices every day’s. Thank you for you to contact me again. The universe and cosmic will blessings me and the worlds to moves to the futures. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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