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Jehovah is a Narcissist: 301.81 Narcissistic Personality Disorder, DSM-IV-TR

Originally aired on YouTube 7 December 2014 on The Holy Spirit Blasphemer channel.

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  • A World Without Sin

    I am willing to engage in intelligent debate minus cursing and insults if you theists are.  I am also quite willing to engage in cursing and insults if you are.  You guys will get out of me what you put in. (unless its your penis which I will have nothing of)

  • Jennette Miller

    But who really cares that someone thinks God is narcissistic? Believers don't care, those who are atheists well that's a fictional character to them, other religions? nope they don't care either. Those who would read or listen well, they must already believe it.

  • Qidi Rotch

    Dear Holy Spirit Blasphemer. I would like all the written files (noticed on you video you typed them up) sent to me, please. I am in Poland my English is not sophisticated enough to grasp the biblical linguistics. My educational background is n biology and religion f..up my career in North America. I must have a biblical tools that you (as a hard working person) provided neatly organized in your video. Is it possible to have a written transcripts of your video. Please, sent me your notes for my personal use if is not to much to ask.

  • A World Without Sin

    Fresh troll bait. Today, hot off the press: 11/29/16

    Corbin Lindsey10:06 AM

    if there is no God than why worry about anything, your life is meaningless. but if there is a God who loves you and you deny him, what a waste of your life. Best option is to seek God and have him show you he is real.

    A World Without Sin +Corbin Lindsey It is not appropriate for you to arbitrarily devalue my life. I can make that assessment since I am qualified. But that is not my opinion of the purpose of my life.

    That is a logical fallacy. If your god first intended to burn me if I don't cooperate, then he DEFINITELY does not "love" me. Unless your definition of love includes torturing someone in molten rock for eternity. My definition of love includes loyalty, consent, and acceptance so your god and I do not get along.

    Oh! I did seek him. I have a video entitled "Triple Dog Dare" where I seek the Christian gods.

    Corbin Lindsey10:41 AM if you sought Jesus you would find him. Many who seek find when they truly seek him. God does not send you to Hell, but your sins do. God is a fair judge who judges the wicked and the redeemed in Christ. Are you without sin? Have you ever lied, stolen, commited adultry? God is love, sent his son to take your place and for this you mock him and reject him?
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    A World Without Sin10:49 AM Is it "fair" to be created without consent?

  • A World Without Sin

    More Troll on Troll warfare!!! 11/29/16

    aChristian4RonPaul12:49 AM You're wasting your time writing that book. You know God exists.

    A World Without Sin8:43 AM +aChristian4RonPaul You know there is no god. You're projecting your dread of not knowing if there is an afterlife on me. I have faced death and the unknown. I accept my fate.

  • A World Without Sin

    Somebody posted this a while back and I believe the comment was deleted. Enjoy.

    Erik Retallick

    Subject: A World Without Sin

    Can you imagine a world without sin? Have you done anything recently, because of sin? Have you complained, worried or grumbled? Did you hoard something, when you should have shared it with someone? Did you turn away from someone in the grocery store [that you knew], but you didn't want to be bothered. Have you felt ashamed, guilty or bitter. (Yes, those are sin too) Your addiction or mistrust, can be traced back to sin. Bigotry, robbery and adultery; all because of sin. But in heaven, all of this will truly not be tolerated. Now think again….and imagine a world without sin……if so, you can imagine heaven.Pastor/Overseer Diann L. White

    Since I cannot find a return link anywhere, this is my response:

    What is most interesting about this Xtian comment is the mention of complaining, worrying, grumbling. All of these are stemming from understandable human emotions. Then later this mentally handicapped individual states "But in heaven, all of this truly will not be tolerated." So this person is admitting that human emotions WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in his heaven.

    "If Christians enjoy hurting people they love, they will be like god. If Christians feel nothing, they will be like god. If Christians forget about their loved ones in hell, they will be like god. If Christians somehow understand why burning people is good, they will be like god. If Christians are sad for eternity over those they love in hell, heaven is the real hell." -Jeffrey Lee Wolfgang, A World Without Sin: Christianity Is Mind Control. 2016.

  • A World Without Sin

    This was copy/pasted from "Paul Washer" Jesus comes as a thief video.Josh Raunio15 hours ago

    Your time is almost up. You will eat the flames.

    Josh Raunio
    Josh Raunio15 hours ago
    You are a stumbling block, troll would be an overstatement. I've wasted enough time on you already. God have mercy on your empty vessel. Remember when the fire comes the name of Jesus Christ it is Him for who you were created and HIM alone that can save you from what's to come. I think you know that, The Fire is coming and your time is up!

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    A World Without Sin
    A World Without Sin1 month ago
    Come on now everybody!


    Well, you know what they say about the last days. There will be "scoffers" and such! Take care.
    -The Blasphemer

  • A World Without Sin

    Another thread I started elsewhere:

    I have a demon. Can you cast it out? If you cannot then you are the one who isn't saved.

    B NYCeDec 16, 2016
    I think you like me lack guidance by shepherds and need more time with Jesus the lead Shepard. But idk much so …..

    A World Without SinDec 16, 2016
    +B NYCe That was a good avoidance of the spotlight. I applaud your evasion. But what do you think Jesus would do if I spent more time with him?

    B NYCeDec 17, 2016
    idk once again I'm a backsliding Christian whos struggling but am trying to seek out the lord. I guess its like any relationship get to know more of each other understanding discernment..

    B NYCeDec 17, 2016
    embrace his grace and love, fall at his feet. then maybe you can make disciples out of others..idk I'm struggling but like helping people but the blind cant lead the blind.

    A World Without SinYesterday 2:14 AM
    +B NYCe The fact that you are backsliding is proof the holy spirit isn't real. You are implying that your god doesn't keep his word. He said NOT ONE who is in his hand will be plucked. But here you are. Unless you were never saved. And if you were never saved whose fault is that? Salvation is an act of god. do you agree? So it would be GOD'S fault if you were never saved or if you are backsliding. This entire line of argument you are giving is fallacious. The only logical conclusion is that your god is not real based on what both of us have presented thus far.
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    B NYCeYesterday 8:12 PM
    I wont be plucked but I am being tempted by the devil and not enduring. I'm weak but Jesus already paid for my sin and so I will meet him in heaven.

    A World Without SinYesterday 9:18 PM
    +B NYCe That is god's fault. The holy spirit is supposed to transform you. General Sun Tzu said "If troops collapse, are insubordinate, or are routed in battle IT IS THE FAULT OF THE GENERAL."

    Cult members cannot hold the authority figure accountable and is why you are blaming yourself. Damn it feels good to be an atheist.

  • A World Without Sin

    Another thread I started:

    A World Without SinDec 4, 2016
    +aChristian4RonPaul I believe you believe god exists. I don't doubt your sincerity. I'm not calling that part of your testimony a lie.
    During this kangaroo court known as "The Great Judgment" if my thoughts and actions are displayed in the open it will be your god who will be nervous.
    This idea of future sins being forgiven is neither logical nor scriptural. It serves as a good incentive to do anything you want. There are Christians who have used that mindset to perform atrocious acts.

    aChristian4RonPaulDec 4, 2016+1
    +A World Without Sin
    God doesn't get nervous and there wouldn't be any reason for Him to be nervous.
    Future sins being forgiven is both logical and Scriptural.
    "For by one offering He has perfected for all time those who are sanctified." Hebrews 10:14

    A World Without SinDec 5, 2016
    +aChristian4RonPaul Since he has a double standard I agree. He would not be nervous.
    So you are a Calvinist? You believe there is nothing you can do which will cause you to go to hell from here on out? Just need clarification.

    aChristian4RonPaulDec 17, 2016
    I don't like using the term "Calvinist" because Calvin didn't die on the cross for me. I'm a Christian because Christ did 🙂
    Yes, I believe there is nothing I can do which will cause me to go to hell from here on out. Romans 8:31-39 is my justification.
    There are also other passages, but I hope this gives enough clarification for the time being.

    A World Without SinYesterday 12:35 AM
    +aChristian4RonPaul Well you and I are brothers then! We are both going to hell! You have to receive absolution from a Catholic priest. Its called "The office of the keys." You can't be forgiven for any sins without it and unfortunately for you, you will join me in hell because you have not repented.

    aChristian4RonPaulYesterday 2:59 PM
    There is no Scriptural support for that 🙂
    On the other hand, I have Romans 8:31-39 and many other passages that say otherwise. Jesus is the one who saved me and there is nothing that can separate me from Him. I will one day stand in His presence – holy and blameless – because of what He did on the cross.
    Romans 10:13, "For the Scripture says, 'Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed.' "

    A World Without SinYesterday 9:21 PM +aChristian4RonPaul Here is your scriptural proof professor:
    Matthew 16:19 "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven." NASB
    Don't worry! I will keep a seat warm for you in hell! We will be surrounded by more friends than a Xtian will have in heaven while praising their god who is torturing those they love in hell!

  • A World Without Sin

    Greetings! My fellow Blasphemers!
    Hot and fresh off the skillet I have more troll comments! Enjoy.

    A World Without Sin
    11 hours ago
    The god of the bible is incompetent and should be fired. If that fairy has a problem with what I'm saying he can get off his lazy ass on his throne and say it to my face here and now. Fortunately for me he doesn't have the balls.

    Lannie Moore
    10 hours ago
    A World Without Sin Really ! Why do you have such hatred toward God? What has He done to you? The reason there is so much wrong in the world is because of SIN. Man is not a sinner because he sins, he sins because he is a sinner . We all have a desease in our nature its called sin. We enherited it from adam and eve. It was a risk God took when He created man with a free will . Because He didn’t want robot humans . He could have made robot humans ,but He wanted humans to love God in response willingly. Jesus said its what comes out of a man that defiles him. Out of the heart comes evil thoughts ,hatred ,jealousy ,thievery , murder ,immorality ,ect. Watch a innocent baby as it comes into the world . It cries out me, me, me , me, i want attention! Why do we have to train our children to be good as they grow up? Do we have to really train them to lie ,cheat, and steal ? You know that they will do that on thier own .
    But man a sinner that he is ,God loves him so much that He provided a way out . His only begotten Son He sacrificed Him on the cross to pay for your sins and mine . So if we will believe that ,admit we are sinners ,then He will save us and take us to heaven when we die. But if we reject this offer of salvation ,then we will be subject to our sinful nature , and we don’t know what we will be led to do ? What ever comes from our sinful heart . Then we are accountable to God for what we do . Its been said you will never see a U-Haul behind a funeral car because we will take nothing with us when we die . Thats not quite true ,if You don’ t let Jesus save you , then younwill take all your sins with you . So my advice to you is “ If we confess our sins ( agree with God that we are sinners) ,He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins ,and to cleanse us from all unrighteosness. 1 John 1:9
    The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    So do you really hate God ?

    A World Without Sin
    3 hours ago
    How your god has wronged me:
    1. He created me without my consent.
    2. He doesn't answer prayers. (If he expects me to worship him, he will answer prayers whether he thinks they are appropriate or not.)
    3. He has a double standard (He has an unforgivable sin but claims to be loving while I have no choice but to forgive my enemies. I am disinterested in his excuses as to why he thinks this is acceptable.)
    4. He tortured and murdered his only son for Christs sake but expects me to feel in any way responsible for his stupid rules or the fact that he did it at all. He actually expects me to feel sorry for his dumbass son! jeezus didn't even feel anything on the cross! He was GOD and had the power to turn off his pain receptors. He was faking it. If I were there physically, I would teach him what real suffering is.

    Your god created sin. I am not responsible for his mistakes.

    Would you murder a complete stranger's baby?

    A World Without Sin
    1 hour ago
    You didn't answer my question, Xian: WOULD YOU MURDER A COMPLETE STRANGER'S BABY??????

    Silly Xian. You haven't read your God Damn bible very carefully. It plainly says what heaven will be like for you:

    Luke 17:7“Suppose one of you has a servant plowing or looking after the sheep. Will he say to the servant when he comes in from the field, ‘Come along now and sit down to eat’? 8Won’t he rather say, ‘Prepare my supper, get yourself ready and wait on me while I eat and drink; after that you may eat and drink’? 9Will he thank the servant because he did what he was told to do? 10So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.’ ” (copy and pasted from biblehubdotcom)

    HEAVEN WILL BE THE REAL HELL! All I have to do is scream for eternity. YOU will get to bow and scrape before your master while he tortures people you love forever!

    "you can blame your parents for bringing you into this world ." That is illogical, then, for you to criticize me for not thanking jeezus for creating me.

    "you would be a spoiled brat ." Good! I'm a spoiled brat AND god gets the opportunity to keep his word! Yay! We all win! And then he would be worthy worship!

    "it was your sins and mine and sins of the whole world that nailed Jesus Christ to the cross ." Establishment of guilt and shame is the trump card of thought reform (otherwise known as BRAINWASHING) Stop trying to brainwash me Xian. Your dirty lies do not work on a Gnostic Atheist. We are impervious to your lies.

    "So the choice is up to you . Heaven or Hell" Are you threatening me Xian? Because coercion is always present in thought reform even if temporarily shunted to the background. Sounds like you are brainwashed to me.

    "he has already forgiven you." Well God Damn the holy spirit then! I don't have to do shit from now on do I? Yes! I am very proud! Makes it very inconvenient for you trying to convince me to join your cult doesn't it? Must be very frustrating that someone is too proud to intimidate or shame doesn't it? Ha ha!

    WOULD YOU MURDER A COMPLETE STRANGER'S BABY?????? Yes? or NO? Answer the question XIAN.

    Lannie Moore
    1 hour ago
    A World Without Sin Now why would i want to murder some strangers baby ? Whats your point ? Obviously you haven’t read my response . You have too much pride to pay attention to what i wrote. Mouthing off curses isn’t cool ,and proves nothing except that you have a lot of pride . Have you had a bad experience in your life ? And you blaming God for it ? That will get you nowhere. I’ve read my Bible for over 40 years , and i discovered God is love , when adam and eve fell in the garden of even after God created them ,well i can blame them for making me a sinner. God gave them ONE command ,after He said all the fruits of the garden you can eat to your hearts content , But that one tree over there you are not to eat of it ,for if you do then you will die spiritually and eventually physically . And you will know good and evil . 1 command !
    What happened ? The tree was a test on what man that He created would do ? and this man and woman was to represent the whole human race. But the devil came along and tempted eve. The devil said ,now lets debate what God said . See that tree has fruit on it . Why would God not want you to experience the tasty fruit? Eve said ,but God warned us no to eat of it ! The devil said naaaa! He didn’t mean it . And so Eve got convinced and persuaded adam her husband to eat of that fruit . Was it good ? of course it was , BUT God said no! and the devil said yes !

    Now you know why we are sinners today , and why bad things happen to good people . After adam and eve ate the forbidden fruit then thier eyes were opened . God cursed man and the earth . But God could have just destroyed the world , but he loved mankind too much . So to make long long story short here we are faced with a way out of our sinful delima . The Lord Jesus Christ and the finality of the work He did on the cross for you and me.

    A World Without Sin
    "Now why would i want to murder some strangers baby ?"


    Your god NEVER changes:
    Psalm 102:27 (NASB). But You are the same, And Your years will not come to an end.
    Malachi 3:6 (NASB). For I, the LORD, do not change; therefore you, O sons of Jacob, are not consumed.

    Your god has ordered mass murder of BABIES:
    Numbers 31:17 Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man intimately.
    Hosea 13:16 Samaria will be held guilty, For she has rebelled against her God. They will fall by the sword, Their little ones will be dashed in pieces, And their pregnant women will be ripped open.

    The same asshole you claim "loves" me ordered people LIKE YOU to murder babies. I have a son. Are you going to murder him? You're a fucking BABY KILLER. All xians are BABY KILLERS. If you support this god you are a MURDERER.

    Now don't ever lie to me again, Xtian. I am wise to your ways, murderer.

    (I suppose if I read the bible for 40 years I could find some excuse to claim your god is "loving" as well. It would probably take me the whole 40 fucking years though.)

  • Emerald Emissary

    Hosea 13:6-9 "I shall be onto them as a LION, observe them as a LEOPARD, and meet them as a BEAR." Revelation 13:1 "I beheld a beast rise from the sea, with the body of a LEOPARD, the mouth of a LION, and the feet of a BEAR." 13:7 "All shall WORSHIP HIM whose names are not written in the lambs book of life." According to Bible, Atheists are the only ones saved. Rev 13:3 "The whole world wanders after the beast."

    Later in Revelation "The wicked serpent, the dragon, who deceived the whole world." If the whole world is deceived, then what 3 Billion Christians are somehow not? "Those who worship the beast have NO REST NIGHT OR DAY." Later in Revelation "The 4 living creatures who worship God have NO REST DAY OR NIGHT." So the Revelation is secretly telling you that God is the beast and the devil. It can't just say it, obviously.

    Revelation 16 "The Waters became as the blood of a dead man (Christ) and they were given blood to drink (The Eucharist.)" The Angel later tells us the waters are people, multitudes, nations, and tongues. Christianity is the progression of Babylon. King Nebuchadnezzar is the only other person in the Bible besides Jesus to be called the King of Kings, their gematria is both 888, Christ said he is the morning star Lucifer, and Lucifer is the king of Babylon, thus Nebuchadnezzar, and his dream of the statue thats Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome.

    I have a two hour video called Dionsus Christianity that proves with overwhelming evidence Christianity began as a Dionysus sex cult. Jesus Christ turning water to wine and saying "I am the true vine" is a direct ripoff of Dionysus. Christianity is first and foremost, an invention of the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Babylon.

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