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It Doesn't Matter If The Narcissist Loved You


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  • Daring Greatly84

    Someone who loves you won’t make you a side piece! And even if he did leave his family for you it won’t be long before he plays you the same way with another side piece. If they do it with you they will do it to you!

  • Pippi Bernstein

    You should definitely be doubting your judgment & sanity right now as you had so much to lose and he nothing. Temptation is not love, it’s lust, an illusion. If he really loved you he would have said ‘I can’t compromise you—I will leave my loveless marriage first and set my house in order before stringing you along and putting your job in jeopardy!’ (Words no one says). A man who really loves you will treat you like a glass slipper he doesn’t want to break.

  • Felicia Carrington

    I have accepted it,at first it was hard but now I don't care if he loved or not, takes a sad person to go around playing games I hope he gets what's coming nothing good, when you hurt and think you are getting away, it an illusion to think you will

  • Barbra Loveless

    When you've experienced the treachery of an actual narcissist, hearing that every other person who acts like an asshole or lies must be a narcissist too, gets unnerving. People, don't lose sight of the difference between your average, selfish douchebag and a narcissist.

  • Tewdy Quew

    I could never understand those who allowed themselves to be attracted to a married man. It looks like they are desperately asking for torture and trouble. Whatever your needs may be, stay away from married men. His marriage is his problem, not anybody else's.

  • IamHeandHeisI Norsemen

    That's crazy, I was married for almost 7 years, my wife mentioned to me, that I was her "#1GUY"?? . Talking about a Freudian Slip, I thought how many men does she have?? I never said anything and just let it go. Before this, she's admitted to talking to other men, and actually going on a date before. This is why that though crossed my mind. There was alot more that she's done that would make one suspect. I just didn't want to raise an issue, we were having a good day that day.

  • Victory in Him

    Yes you went with somebody's husband and that is 100 percent wrong. Yes you played your part in this by engaging him. However you came from an abusive background and are still very young.

    This guy initiated the contact. He is ten years older than you with a wife and kid at home. Your probably an empathic individual which means that you have a very easily activated attachment system. Predators know exactly how to get you to open up and get the dopamine flowing. Once they do this they turn you into a crackhead with them as the supplier. Yes you made the decision but NOT entirely on your own there were players who positioned you to make it.

  • Victory in Him

    Who broke your self esteem so much that in your 20s you are willing to take on a 30 something year old man with kids? Forgive youself heal and move on. I'm in my 30 s and if I could wind the clock back I would spend a good solid few years in counseling and self growth before dating. Also use this time to get to know yourself and build your confidence.

  • rebeka talebi

    The commenters here are very judgmental and I don’t think it helps the woman who’s commenting. We don’t live in a perfect world. People stay in loveless marriages till they fucking die. Women abort their unborn children.

    Ollie its really simple. A married man in a loveless, sexless marriage meets a woman with low self esteem from a broken, abusive home and a track record of bad relationships and they meet each other’s needs. They aren’t bad people. It is so easy to just put everyone into a box and label everyone bad and immoral. If neither of them weren’t getting anything she wouldn’t come back. And how is a counselor going to meet needs for intimacy and companionship? Honestly Ollie you can’t really tell people that they need to abstain from dating because you have always been in a relationship. From what you shared, you went from your ex wife to Charlene. Its easy to paint a broad brush when you don’t really know what its like. I know people will disagree and probably even call me a narcissist because of judaeo- Christian values. There are narcissists who stay in their marriage and they hate their husband but being married looks good on the outside.

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