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Is Your Narcissist Happier With Someone Else?

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It is normal to wonder if your ex narc is happier with someone else. Maybe they discarded you and now they seem like they found a better person than you. Let’s hope so!
My channel is about narcissistic emotional abuse and my experiences in a ten year relationship with a covert narcissist girlfriend.
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  • a

    My ex narcissistic last words. Babe pls I love you so much. You are all I ever want. I would not beg and chasing you for years and wait for you if it wasn’t you I wanted. You know I need a woman by my side. He then said. I need that woman to make me feel hole and I want that with you I want that woman to be you. You know how much I love you.. I said NO. A week later he was in a relationship.

  • Brenda Jacobi

    What I believe I am learning is it is not "my" job to "cure" them. I can only share with "him" what I love, appreciate and respect about him because he did do wonderful things for me, my life, my children and our family. And prayerfully, I will do better to speak to the 'hurt" beneath the "shit" that sought my life and literally "asked" me to give him my heart and soul as if this could replace his own… I finally realized his "idea" of "flirting" is to degrade what is "pure" and "true" with a smile on his face as if doing so is "fun"… Or "should" be allowed. My "narc" did have the capacity to be vulnerable… But not take responsibility "culpability" for his "shit". Yes, my "narc" had goals. They just didn't include me unless this was "convenient" for him to put on the facade of "happy" life… Take me out to dinner to impress "guests" (because taking the guests out is when we went)…. On our own, he somehow thought the "place" ought to "impress" me as to being there with "him" (and him with me). I do feel bad in that I really did want a do over (contingent upon accountability first and upfront).

  • William Pipkin

    Only through the sharing of our ordeals will others learn about this Hell that we live in or have been living in. Without these You Tube Channels I would still be stuck in the Hell Hole i was in for 4 years. Even though people around me saw how my NARC was treating me, even though my NARC's own Aunt, ( blood Family ) one that practically raised my NARC told me …" We love you and hate the way she treats you",… the Aunt went on saying,…"I hate to see you hurt so much, it kills me to say this but, If you continue to she Her ( talking about my Narc ) Please don't come around here." ..she also said…" unless you are happy, and you will never be with her, don't come around here"… so once no-contact started, I was welcomed back to her house and treated like one of the family. It took 3 years for this to happen… the help of these videos.
    ***side note888 My x NARC… is Miserable in her 3rd relationship in 5 months.

  • Tough Shit

    All they have to offer is MISERY….they will NEVER be happy because they SUCK…..AND THEY KNOW IT….THEY'RE GREAT ACTORS……😊😍🙂☺😊😍😍 I FUCKING LOVE YOU….AND YOUR HONESTY 😚💖😚💖😚💖😍💖😚💖😚

  • Pssh Bitch

    My ex narc, has a sugar daddy giving her thosands for sex, also has a friend police officer to bail her out of court issues. She thinks she is above everyone while she has nothing to show for besides a bastard son, shitty car, shitty apartment. After a week of no contact once i ended it, she hit me up and i said who is this? She said "Really?, its only been a week?" I said it could be amber or rachael. Thats shit cut her deep.

  • Ismel Rogers

    CNXG CrazyNarcissistXGirlfriend, thank you for all your videos. Clarity is Bliss! I just broke up with the NARC and I must say as soon as he left my house I was immidiately happy. At the begining everything was great! We had lots of fun but then he moved in with me and my daghter. About 8 months in my intuition was screaming that something was wrong (like I felt it in my gut) found out he was cheating on me on-line, never owned up to it said they were all his friendss before me, wanted me to be his cook and maid. Anytime I called him out on his BS, it would be a fight! physical fights. He tried to burn my hair, slapped me,punched me, kicked me, called me all kinds of names and tried to go there with my daughter. I box and kick box and showed my daughter what I know. There were a couple of times I sent him to the EMERGENCY room. Then he started speaking to his babymother, that now I believe was going "no contact" with him because she would not talk to him until recently and he would blatenly sit in my house and jones with her like I wasnt right there!!! They would be laughing about my misery and call me all kinds of crazy, because i was acting crazy… i said, if you are gonna sit here in my face and talk to her then we are all gonna have a conversation… BUT NOW!!! OMG! I am home laughing because she took him back and he is gonna do the same thing to her again!! He slipped up and told me what his intentions are with her… SMH and he is gonna use her… too bad for her… They can keep on laughing together, because I have the last laugh!!! He tried to break me but he couldn't.

  • Jinny Mac

    What happens if they bounce back and forth between two people? Mine left me for someone else, the same woman he left me for a second time and were long distance so he feels like ill never know but i have proof. He looks happy for sure… even though this other woman has to have been devalued by this point as its been months back and forth.

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