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Is the Narcissist Possessed?

In this video, I explore the phenomenon behind narcissistic rage that can take the appearance of the narc being possessed by a supernatural force.

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Healing from narcissistic abuse takes time and internal work. Remember, you are not alone. I’m sending you much love and support on your healing journey.

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  • mtnpfi

    It is hard, when you ex is a narcissist and you have a child together. When you see him acting his weirdness out on your child. He loves his son above everything.
    I talk to my son about it, when something like this happens (he is a teenager now), but it is very hard to anticipate sometimes.

  • Armando Robles

    If it is the animalistic side of the brain that is attacking in order to survive, then where do all the treacherous actions they perform when not under "attack" come from? Also they are using both sides of the brain unlike the animal who only uses his instincts. The devil is real, make no mistake. Humans have a gift of freewill and our brains are proof of that, as opposed to animals. The Narcissist is an example of the choice we can make. There have been people that have been abused and they aren't narcissists. Furthermore I believe we are Divine. Our nature is to love above all. Like a mother and father loves their children but Satan, the rebel does not see love but only what he wants to suit his selfish needs. Sounds familiar right? Today people want science to answer all the questions but there are things that science won't be able to touch. This is one. Look for yourself. There is no cure for this condition through the science. The only way is through Christ, in my opinion. We are dealing with a side of life that we can't see or understand. Look at all the behaviors committed by all Narcissists. There is even a vocabulary attributed to their actions. Their actions can even be predicted,they are so predictable. How is it possible that all these people perform on the same frequency? They all come from different backgrounds yet function alike. This is the work of demons. Plus they don't believe in God or don't like God. Bring Jesus into the forefront where he belongs. He is here to protect,help and love us. You can bet I want him on my side not man's science. Good luck.

  • Kevin Jang

    Based on my prior experience with a narcissist, the moment I witnessed narcissistic rage, it was really menacing. It was as if someone was more than just flying off the handle, and would possibly do more physical things than merely threaten to bash me up. Note, that occasion of narcissistic rage which I witnessed was right inside a cafe while we were negotiating stuff. The lack of empathy, an outright desire to be mean and hurtful, alongside the absolute rage in expressions, gestures, and tone of voice all convinced me that I was dealing with a narcissist. When everything ended in the negotiations, I didn't talk to that aggressor, but he was still hoovering in my life, and I figured out that I needed to protect not only myself but my loved ones and family from him. I deleted everything in the way of numbers, common acquaintances, and so on because I did not want any complications. These narcissists are devil's spawn. I believe sincerely they opened up their own inner selves and bodies to be "possessed" by this demonic rage, as if the whole world was against them, even if untrue.

  • Raquel L

    Exactly , that was my dad. Those are the things I had to grow up with. MY whole childhood was wiped out because of him. One day my knower finally switched on. My survival switch kicked in. I turned the tables on him. Because he was my dad I felt bad like I was being rebellious , but I had to stop walking on egg shells and live my life. He had NO control any more. I turned cold towards him. I learned to ignore. Even with the demonic stare , I learned to protect myself against it all. I trusted my gut and walked away.

  • 1st was the Word

    great videos

    I believe that this is what the knowledge of Good & Evil is …

    we now have seeds of Cain & seeds of Seth …

    wheat & tares etc.

    I believe the female eggs are neutral & the male "seed" decides, not just the sex of the child (or kid e.g. goat) but whether the child would be a seed of Cain or a seed of a Seth …

    This is why the Messiah could be born of a woman …

  • Matias Milito (Art & Illustration)

    I'm honestly not sure if they are possessed, (or to what degree) but I can tell you this for sure: the fact that the narc use flattering to seduce its victims, this is the exact same strategie that the serpent used on Eve in the bible. I always asked myself why we had to be punished if she was actually deceived. I mean, if someone is deceived, it is not guilty, because she was not conscious of waht she was doing… I'm not asking anyone to believe anything, just to see the logic behind all this, together with the result, which in the bible ended in death. My intuition tells me is not just a coincidence… that is no doubt evil

  • Sardaukar Sentinel

    Awesome video! Awesome value! I've studied my narc brother for the past 3 years and the cycle of narccisstic abuse. I already knew this since we were small children, this non stop bullying and harassement till he gets off on my suffering. Just a sick individual. Once my exit strategy is complete, I never want to speak to see him again for as long as I live. Forever No Contact.And you're absolutely right that they are doing these things to us with a conscious mind. Today has been a rough day (as I'm posting this), because of a nuclear explosion of narccisstic rage over something very small that wasn't even my fault to begin with, just neglecting to 'report' it to him. This insanity making has just crushed my soul and I have got to get the f☆ck out of my current living position with my narc brother. I will simply never forgive the things he said to me or the gaslighting / manipulation tactics he pulled on me. I never will.

    Once again, awesome video and thank you for sharing your mind on this particular topic!

  • Royalz Reign

    People need to stop making excuses for these demons, yes they're Devils in the flesh/ demons, period…this exact patience and compassion that God gave you is what they used against you in the first place to keep you captive for soooo long. Turn to Jesus and let Him restore what the devil stole from you.

  • Janet Hahn

    Thank you so much for presenting this very insightful series! I'm sitting here in the first hour of Valentine's day, 2018, alone, but no longer feeling like I will never have a good Valentine's day again! I have been in two very long narcissistic relationships that have taken almost 15 years of a chance to have a happy, healthy relationship away from me. The recent latest one of only 3 years wad 10 times worse than the one before, and I was just hours ago asking the air "What the hell is wrong with me?" because I found myself missing the horrible man who made almost every waking second of my life an effin hell! I've gone to see him every few days and am reminded why I left, but then three days or so would find me headed up his driveway…I feel so much better after my friend had me tune in to this series! I'm gonna spend this Valentine's day watching everything you've done! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! :')

  • Catie Gus

    They are 100% Or they absolutely have demon influence surrounding them. I can actually feel when this beast is ready to raise it's ugly head.. If you are dealing with this kind of person.. I can tell you that this is SPIRITUAL WARFARE… Forget the arguing.. Forget raising your voice.. They don't HEAR YOU… There is some kind of Mental Block they have … The only thing I can say that works 100% of the time is Call on Jesus to FIGHT YOUR BATTLE.. When I do he changes almost immediately… and it leaves… Remember friends.. Satan is the ULTIMATE NARCISSIST… And if you are a God Fearing Loving Woman or Man.. YOU ARE A TARGET.. And the enemy will use the weakest link that is closest to you! Mine can go from being repentant and back on track.. Reading God's Word.. Talking with others who are Edifying and Uplifting.. to right back into his Self absorbed self..Even Mocking God.. And because I have a very strong Faith.. He attacks it every chance he gets when he is on a rage… Like he is accusing me of EVERYTHING he is doing.. It's just like the devil looking at you with his lies and deceit… This Battle is won on your knees… God give us strength…

  • Maya Prokopowicz



    I saw the eye change too very dark black and loose their human look, once he decided to show me how you should use a knife on someones neck to kill them, mimicking movements about 4 inches from my neck and his eyes were black then. I showed him no fear and stared into his eyes, then he started laughing. This shows how deep my problems are that I still wanted him and loved him even after. he was causing arguments and dramas there to make me leave him rather than discard me but I stuck in there till he discarded me. I lost all my self respect with him and am so ashamed of myself.

  • Dee Dee

    The main reason I left him alone, he threatened that since I was a miss goody two shoes, he was going to set me up to do time like he did. Now, walk with me plz ladies & gents, I legally carry arms, the narc was planning on making me pop his ass in self-defense, due to one of his rages. This is what I seen spiritually. I am the only parent my son has left. The narc said he loved my son. I had to leave that fool because I have too much too lose, I have a real life. The narc would want someone else to take him out of his misery because he's even too cowardly to accomplish that.

  • dorine888

    The more I uncover the narcissist I do not feel any pity for them anymore. It's not the pain itself, it's what you do with it. You can choose the light, but you can also choose the dark. They choose the dark. The vibratory level of the energy they work with IS dark (fear, manipulation etc) and so it is a match to dark forces. Also souls that choose the light, but who are still in a space of fear etc, can be a match to entities from a similar frequency hooking up in their energy-field. These entities somehow feed off of this. This makes it more difficult to leave these states of mind and raise your frequency because they hold you down. However, people who choose the light end up doing different stuff with things and do not blindly indulge in things like a narcissist would do. Since narcissists keep themselves very unconscious these forces have all the chance to work through their unconscious. So you are actually not just battling a person but an entire force. I think it's really simple: does it feel like you face the devil? It probably is the devil 🙂

  • redman99

    Very important topic and very intelligently presented. I also have experienced what I call PSYCHOTIC RAGE from several different people and have also heard other stories that ring true with my experience…their eyes all turned instantly black and glazed over with a stare that isn't even in the room. It is as if they are looking at something that is not actually in the room but almost in another dimension. They are there but they are also someplace else and seem to see something that you don't. Hard to explain but the old them is gone and is replaced by a look and a tone and a venom that seems like someone else entirely. My mom had to shake and yell my psychotic grandmother out of her trance like rage and back to earth during a beating that my grandmother was administering to my Aunt. If my mom had not intervened , my grandmother would have most likely killed my Aunt. My mom said that my grandmother was literally in a trance and when she finally came out of it she seemed disoriented as to where she was and what was happening. It took my grandmother a few seconds to regain her awareness. She was GONE. We thought "multiple personalities"…or "possession"…or something we could'nt identify. I now think of psychotic rage as not so much multiple personalities or demonic possession…but rather more like they have within them a primary personality (the psychopath that stays mostly hidden) and a fake facade or SURFACE image. When the facade drops and the psycho comes out it may seem like possession but it is actually THE REAL THEM that you are seeing. And the real them is TERRIFYING. The real them is the absolute monster you just witnessed…and it doesn't even seem human…it seems like pure evil and nothing but pure evil.
    I think what provokes a psychotic rage may be the FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE. If you corner them and they can't take flight then they stand and fight. It is the most disturbing fucked up thing I have ever seen but it sure lets you know exactly what you are dealing with. For most targets…experiencing full on psychotic rage is a game changer. You will NEVER look at that individual the same way ever again. It is also very upsetting for the psycho because they know that you now know THE REAL TRUTH about who they really are. They have slipped up and blown their cover and coaxing you back within striking distance again is NOT going to be easy. You have set them back a lot and they know it. They all seemed to be VERY upset with themselves afterwards…shrinking away and shuffling off all head hung and defeated. Not so much by me…but their own weakness.


    Thank you for video . I have being thinking about this I feel Narcissistic energy is low frequent energy vibrations. Demon is a form of manifestation. It could be anything we think what it is THAT terrible feelings. they also know and lived this feelings probably without knowing the existent of unconditional love.healing starts here you are no longer victim. be away if you nee to Boundary is also love 🙂

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