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Is It Better To Be A Narcissist?! | Russell Brand

Narcissists might have “grandiose” delusions about their own importance and an absence of “shame” – but psychologists say they are also likely to be happier than most people.

Dr Papageorgiou’s research with 700 adults suggests even though it might be bad for society, it seems to be beneficial for individual narcissists.

They have lower levels of stress and are less likely to see life as stressful – with their self-confidence and heightened sense of self-importance appearing to be “protective” qualities.

But is this just a sign that out culture rewards individualism over the collective good? What do you think?

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  • Diane Machin

    The survey was carried out by asking narcissist individuals if the experienced depression, stress etc. As one of the main traits of a narcissistic person is to lie frequently did the doctor believe the answers? They will lie about ANYTHING if they feel it makes them look good to others.

  • Charles Mouse

    FWIW: I would suggest one can make a choice in life.
    -Choose to think you are a good person and don't think further. A delusional, self-centered, attitude that invariably makes the world a less-good place.
    -Choose humility, tolerance, and be helpful. An honest attitude where consideration of others leads to a better world and positive affirmation of self.
    Sadly we live in a world where the former is all too common. Worse, this delusion increasingly includes actively pointing out perceived faults in others as an alternate to actually being helpful. So completing this negative reflection of positive behavior while strengthening self-delusion.

  • aga petula

    i think we also have to look at narcissistic damage done at the micro scale, it is all about every day relationships and interaction with other people and HOW the narcissist get away with almost everything, victimising their victims (usually the closest ones) and in some mysterious, manipulative, shameless and destructive way manage to gain social acceptance!
    They need to be named and shamed!
    In adult life it is called understanding and accepting CONSEQUENCES of ones actions!
    Named and Shamed!
    I want to live in a world where i do not have to be on guard constantly! They need to!

  • tim tags

    Are all these topics you speak about centered around your opinions and not facts? What makes you an authority on anything? What are your university degrees oh wise one? What is your educational background? Just stop

  • weirdsider

    Much love to all my fellow humans suffering from damage done by a narcissist, whether an overt or covert one. I hope you are safe. I hope you are finding self worth. I hope you are finding helpful, healing coping mechanisms. I hope you have GOOD people in your life right now. I hope good luck is coming your way. I just REALLY hope you're ok. . .

    If you're not ok, PLEASE keep trying to heal yourself. If you're not safe and at peace already I hope you are getting there….PLEASE just give yourself some time. You deserve your life…you deserve to be safe and at peace…please give it more time. 💛💐

  • RCmies

    It's good to be selfish in modern society in order to survive. I'm talking about every day things. It's a struggle to figure out when you should think about only yourself and when not to. I think this society is definitely made for narcissists.

  • thekrrib

    Pathological narcissists can never be happy. They loathe themselves far too much and drive away the very thing that they desire .. Love and acceptance. They are incapable of love and so can not recognise it. Narcissism in society, however, is talked about but does not normally refer to pathological narcissism. Narcissism is a spectrum and so when people talk about narcissism in society, it is often not referring to pathological narcissism but the tendency for people to display selfishness, ruthlessness, lack of caring or consideration for others and basically stepping on people to get ahead.

  • Quantum The Rose

    The thing is that it is selfish to do good for others because if we don’t it is bad for us because people don’t like us. So narcissists are not selfish, they are blind to consequence and can not get beyond what their desires and feelings are, they cannot sense other people except in relation to their own needs. So what are they talking about by promoting the idea that narcissism is toxic behaviour and what effect does it have statistically on the whole of the population? Also why are they not promoting the attempt to heal narcissism and to open the senses of narcissists to realise it is better for them to treat people according to each persons needs and to have other peoples needs not far below their own on the priority list? I am suspicious about the witch hunt on toxic people but I do agree that abuse has to stop (especially violent abuse.) What the toxic people idea is promoting though is the belief that difficult people are abusive just by being difficult. This along with the constant promotion that stress is bad for us weakens the population a hell of a lot and lowers peoples willpower. Every difficult person is a play fight making us stronger. Yes we don’t want to be around difficult people too much, but to avoid them completely might make us little wildflowers, easily crushed by the boots of the coming surveillance state tyranny. Of cause I do often forget to make the distinction between stress and trauma and I really must make that distinction. Stress has a scale, from a little uncomfortable to great Trauma. Trauma comes from real abuse, either from random accidents of nature or from careless people who lose sight of their conscience and then abuse. Stress is not bad for us but abuse is. Trauma is a type of reliving abuse or not knowing what is safe because the abuse has made us question if we are ever safe. For the idiots in the audience I must say that Trauma is not a good thing and that abuse is not a good thing. So there is my two bits.

  • Gail Gray

    I was with a turkish narrscissist for 15 years. We didnt marry or live together.Ive been no contact for 2 mths, I had to change my phone number. Its interesting because the bible predicts people will become lovers of self. I think your right people need to connect and show acts of kindness. I kind of feel like society is missing the bible and what it teaches. Maybe it did keep society in control. Just a thought.

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