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Is He Really A Narcissist? Why You’re Confused

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Is he really a narcissist? Why you’re confused is because narcissism is on a spectrum and there is ‘co-morbidity’. Find out what that means and clear more of the confusion you may have about this personality disorder.

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  • Sue Davi

    My ex whom I'm still in denial that he might have a disorder of this type supposedly suffers from anxiety and depression so I always mistook his bad treatment of me and lack of empathy etc. as him being depressed and I was constantly trying to change myself or keep stuff to myself so I would not upset him. The last straw was his constant flirting online. I could not understand how someone who no longer complimented me who I longer was affectionate with me could be so sweet and flirty with people on Facebook people who he had never met or had not seen in years when I confronted him he flip his lid and verbally attacked me without taking any responsibility. I was the stalker for looking at things that were public for everyone to see and he was doing nothing wrong and he dumped me after 10 years of being together. I knew it was not normal for someone to dump a 10 year relationship like yesterday's news

  • jdbceb

    It's so hard to diagnose because to diagnose it is a narcissistic behavior. To admit that another person is broken, is to admit that you are broken, because you can't tell the difference between a broken person and an unbroken one. no one want to admit they themselves are actively participating in their own destruction.

  • Pamela M

    My estranged husband doesn’t have all npd traits. He does overlap with addiction and depression too. He never controlled who could be my friends, where I travelled or money I spent. He had no empathy, ignored me and wouldn’t allow me to express myself. He gaslighted me and blameshifted.

  • Maturity is earned

    Someone said narcissists do more" impression management" than the average person. That probably doesn't mean that anyone with a straight lawn has NPD- but, I've seen one take 45 minutes to put the right lip liner on while we waited for them to go grocery shopping. Making people wait is an immediate symptom that might ring a bell.

  • Pamela Clarkson

    Was he a narc ‘he pursued me he pursuaded me to move in help him pay his rent decorate and furnish his home then threw me out the day of my birthday the day before my dads funeral ‘with some excuse of me being clingy ‘then I find out twelve days later he’s back in a relationship with his ex wife ‘they’ve been split ten years yet he’s splashed this all over Facebook had pics of them both in front of the wallpaper I’d paid for kissing her ;he’s blocked me made no attempt to pay me back and walks past my home smugly as if I didn’t exist ( we live near each other ) so can’t be avoided yet it’s like I never exsisted at all all this after promising me a future love bombing me and telling me I was the one and that he and his ex only remained civil for the children she even told me the same all lies now obviously

  • Forest Groomer

    MGTOW was what really started my healing process above anything else after being with two cluster B's for well over 20 years. Now I'm not afraid to be alone. My freedom and sanity is worth way more than selling myself out to someone who has no compassion. The search is over for me. I don't get my dreams smashed anymore…I know it's not worth looking anymore and life is peaceful and drama free! YouTube MGTOW and start changing your life for real guys!! It'll help you truely understand that you don't need a female for validation. With the court biases toward men and all the false allegations these days..these risks are too high. And when you are truely convinced of will know validation from the opposite sex becomes unnecessary….aka freedom!!

  • everyinchaqueen

    i wish you would stop using "personality disorder" as a generalized term. theres many different kinds and they arent all terrible like narcs. For example theres avpd which is almost like social anxiety, theres bpd which so many people lump in with toxic peopel like narcs but bpd is actually a result of dealing with a narc! i have bpd from being raised my whole life and inundated with my narcissistic father, and when people say bpd people are just the same and horrible it hurts me. i have empathy, im not abusive, i have ptsd actually, so stop saying that all personality disorders are bad

  • Tijana Dobić

    I was in that relationship 10years ago and then was in hospital, was very sick and then finished that. In that time I start to grow and rise in spiritual way. I am HSP so it was very dificult every day. I forgive everyone from the past but him I cant.I try all I know but nothing, I hate to remember him. And I know that is bad for me so do you have some advice how to clean from that feeling? Thank you a lot for helping people. 🙂 Love <3

  • blandine max

    Thank you for your video Joanna. I do hope you reply messages…
    I just heard about covert narcissist for the first time a few days ago. And that's because a friend of mine pointed that the reason why I was pulling my hair out with my soon-to-be husband was because he might be a narc!
    So I started researching , and oh boy….EVERYTHING fits. It's almost twilight zone!
    But I'm confused, because he mentioned to me he had ADHD…as to justify his weird ways. You say in your video that people often mistake various personality disorders, so that's exactly my question : covert narcissism or ADHD?
    The answer would be very helpful 🙂
    I'm on the road to recovery but it's hard, as he wreaked havoc with my life…..

  • OriginalSongs ByAdam

    "Let's not get caught up with labels. Abuse is abuse. A healthy relationship does not drag you down, but inspires you to be a better person." That was the most helpful line in the video for me. I do know now that I have been abused, and the abusive behavior was narcissistic, and in many ways so were the people; but I go back and forth when trying to figure out if the people were narcissists, or just somewhat narcissistic. If the abuse was just a healthy person who slipped up for a second and behaved narcissistically, I'd imagine not having any lasting trauma. Sure, I'd remember the incident, especially seeing as it was out of character, but since it was just an isolated incident or two, it would be very easy to also remember just how out of character, and thus forgivable, it was. The people who were abusive and/or invalidating to me had(and still have) repetitive behavior patterns. Both that I am thinking of, are covert. I am looking forward to placing some massive geographic distance between us in the not-so-distant future. As soon as my CFS finishes healing, and a project I'm working on gives me the means, I'll be polite on the way out, but I will be gone first chance I get. The blessing of all of this is how I am now able to spot these people, as well as many red flags, often even non-verbally or intuitively, and how it prompted me to create a project that will see to it that I am able to gain true independence, and regain my sense of self. I'm looking forward to that log cabin home on 20 acres, somewhere cold, and maybe even rainy, someplace that is not shiny and cookie cutter, and thus somewhere I will not be followed. Then I rebuild from there – with strong boundaries, but also living from a place of joy.

  • Sandy BlueOcean

    My husband had a heart attack and after 7 years I have finally realized that he has problems. Everything is my fault, or he will start with “you do come or that’s what you always do”. I can’t take much more of it quite frankly.

  • Emoquent

    I love this video but ''They are completely unaware of their destructive and abusive behaviour? '' Really? They can be aware of it and just don't care, right? No remorse and no empathy doens't automatically imply they are unaware of it. What are they thinking of when they show that malevolent sadistic smirk? If they are unaware? Some of their covert evil manipulation strategies seem to be too well thought-out, refined and hidden to be unaware of it.

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