Irish authorities allow dissidents to march in the heart of the Dublin days after McKee murder

Irish authorities allow dissidents to march in the heart of the Dublin days after McKee murder

On Sunday afternoon, less than 48 hours after they murdered 29-year-old Lyra McKee, the same depraved brand of militant Irish republicans tramped and stamped defiantly through Dublin city centre, and down O’Connell Street to the GPO.

Many wore masks, and all were dressed in paramilitary attire, just like their terrorist friends in Hamas and Hezbollah.

Most people in Northern Ireland will not bat an eyelid at the fact that the Eire authorities allowed these psychos to “march” unhindered, especially given the role that many former Dublin governments have played in the funding, re-forming, and re-arming of the Provisional IRA — together with the safe haven and sanctuary which they provided to wanted terrorists on the run, over many years — and continues to this day.

However, authorities in London, and probably even in Brussels and Washington, may well view things with greater consternation and concern, given the fact that the Eire prime minister, Leo Varadkar, and his deputy, Simon Coveney, have been so vocal in their criticism of fairly trivial events in Northern Ireland, that all right-thinking people across Europe, and in the US would have expected the Eire government to take firm action against these spawn of Satan, especially as Lyra McKee has yet to be buried.

The latest brand of the IRA have apologised for Lyra McKee’s murder, though their quasi-political mouthpiece ‘Saoradh’, and so the same multiple personality disorder-like traits which Sinn Fein and the IRA have played out so well over five decades begin all over again, with ‘Saoradh’ suggesting that if the “new IRA” were in any way responsible for Lyra’s death, they should apologise to her loved ones.

The world now waits for Varadkar and Coveney to act against this blood-stained dirt – or (to give them the benefit of the doubt) will they just bury their heads in the sand, as has become the norm, where militant Irish republicanism has been concerned?
Brian Maxwell, West Tyrone

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