‘I just wanted to attack somebody or a squirrel but no squirrel came’

‘I just wanted to attack somebody or a squirrel but no squirrel came’

On December 23rd, 2017, the parents of a 15-year-old boy convicted of the attempted murder of Stephanie Ng thought he had turned a corner.

After months of supervising the child around the clock, even sleeping in the same room as him, their son had appeared to calm down. The voices in his head had abated and he seemed like a new person.

They decided to let him go out on his own in Dún Laoghaire for the first time in months.

“We thought he was better but he was so well he was actually sick,” they later said.

The parents did not know the boy was planning on meeting 25-year-old year Ms Ng who he had been chatting to on the Whisper social media app.

He brought Ms Ng, who thought he was 19, to the sea baths where he attacked her; strangling her into unconsciousness and slashing her throat using a kitchen knife he had recently purchased from Lidl.

“I will do anything for you. I will be your friend,” she pleaded with him before losing consciousness. He told her to be quiet.

Child psychiatrist

His plan was to kill her and he was surprised when he learned later on the news she had survived, the boy later told court appointed forensic child psychiatrist Dr Richard Church.

He first got the idea for the attack when he was out shopping with his father and realised “anyone could buy a knife”, the Central Criminal Court heard. But he had been having violent thoughts long before that point.

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