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I Am What I Hate? (Narcissism) // Q&A

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  • Kelli R. Morris

    I feel Narcissism is brought on by trauma and a need for control. I think that demons are looking for an open door to enter and control people and using trauma affords an opportunity for them, thank God for my friend who referred me to an hacker and i was able to hack my partner's phone, all i did was to share his phone number with (geniustracker) without touching his phone and see all the proofs i needed for a divorce and even terrible things they had planned contact him to help he is a genius. You can text/call +1 (415) 323-6758 or reach him on WhatsApp +1 (724) 330-3252 and also write to Via Gmail (geniustracker701) thank me later…

  • excelife

    Thanks, Aaron for talking about a difficult topic with such grace for. Here's my take on it.
    All confusion stems from not seeing where true cause and effect is. So here's my attempt at demystifying this.

    All the actions that we take in the outer world are the EFFECT of an Inner condition. What is a murderer except for someone who believes he can get something from another which he thinks he lacks. It is his lack of love for himself that causes him to murder. The action does not make him a murderer, but his inner condition of self-loathing caused him to act out in this murderous way. What is a narcissist but someone who also believes he is lacking in approval. The narcissist therefore needs to get that approval from another through self-aggrandizement. His boasting is not the cause but the effect of his belief that he lacks approval. All egos projects. Projection is a defense mechanism. It is the means to try to get rid of something without addressing the inner condition that creates the thing the ego wants to get rid of.

    So the only reason why I would interpret another to be a murderer or a narcissist is because there is an unquestioned unloving belief that I can lack something. I project that lack so that I can make believe that another responsible for my inner condition. When I believe I can lack, it becomes an inner condition of thinking that I can attack my wholeness. This becomes the filter through which I look at the world (projection). So when I stop projecting, I also start to take responsibility for my inner condition. I heal that inner condition through self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and inquiry. I realize that it is crazy to attack my wholeness. I also start to realize everyone else is doing the same thing – crucifying themselves. Awakening is the simple recognition that I can have no lack and therefore nothing to project.

    If you are truly perfect and whole, you can only look on the other as your perfect self. So yes it is true that I am what I hate. But it is also true that I am what I love. But if lack is unreal, then hate is impossible. Love is the only thing that is real. When I hate, I am projecting and dreaming and therefore not my True Self. When I love, I am awake and therefore my True Self. You cannot become something that you already are. All loving action always comes out of this realization because it is your very own Self.

  • jakester hull

    Is this stuff just meant for people like you, born in a good environment, who never really see the hard side of life. It also sounds like a much more sophisticated way to push conservative politics, like everything bad that happens to someone is entirely their fault, so you really don't have to help them in a real way. What good is fake compassion for people born behind the eight ball from people who weren't. Funny how many con jobs are out there, and how many people fall for it. How much you make with this channel?

  • MrGruffy 44

    “Every person you meet is an extension of yourself.”
    (I failed to note who said it (Some Eastern guru?). I may have heard it on a Wayne Dyer video)

    My version: “Every person you meet, friend or foe, even what you consider an asshole, is in some way, an extension of yourself, a mirror reflection of yourself. Admit it.”

  • Sphrenos 8

    I like your videos and this one to but
    I'm confused 😕…???

    Why would we hate the cause of example a murder? If we understand the cause of many murderers we would probably se that they are not that different from our self and have maybe a traumatic childhood or is at wrong place at the wrong time, and so on. Show compassion and love.

    I would rather hate the effect… The murder.

  • ARI

    I ended my relationship with narcissistic girlfriend and I saw through her in the end and I don’t hate her at all anymore. I just feel so bad that she doesn’t see herself how she’s suffering. But I tried so long to make it work and she’s still in the dark. So I had to leave her, because my heart got hurt every time when she was projecting. What do you say about that, was that still something in me that needed to be healed, because she didn’t stop projecting even if I didn’t hate her, I only felt for her that she’s is suffering??? Thank you, hope you have time to answer! 🙏🙂

  • Patty Hawley

    Wow!!! Thank you for the clarity on projection. The whole "if you spot it, you got it" did not make total sense to me. Now that you explain that it is at the level of CAUSE and not at the level of the EFFECT, it makes much more sense. As within, so without is literal so now we can begin to see the gift in everyone and everything that comes into our lives. I see the subconscious mind as a mechanism for our healing because it brings up people, conditions and circumstances in our lives for us to heal our past conditioning = the lost prodigal son on his journey back home to Divine Love. In truth, we are already whole and perfect. It is only our perception (our mind/the filter) with all of its false beliefs that needs to be purged/cleansed and then we can see the truth that was there all along. The period of being asleep to the truth is a necessary one or else consciousness could not be expanded. If we all knew that we were really God from the get go then we could not PLAY the game of life full out because the gig would be up from the start. Therefore we must forget, expand consciousness, remember who we really are and then help others to remember as well. You are hands down my favorite YouTube teacher. THANK YOU!!!

  • Krista Klauke

    She’s a devout Christian and probably (definitively, lol) wouldn’t give any of this thought the time of day. She believes in good and evil as black and white. She lives by a very strong moral compass. She believes in right-doings and wrong-doings no matter the cause. She thinks her own self loathing is her own responsibility to suffer and wouldn’t place it on another. (Respectable). I don’t think she can see that it’s not a conscious doing on his (or anybody’s) part.
    In the worlds view there is an honorable way to express your inner pain vs a non-honorable way. So even if the cause originates from the same place , many can’t feel the compassion in that when one “chooses” to express that cause in an immoral way. (Effect). Many believe that it is strictly a choice. I could almost be made to feel guilty for the sympathy and compassion I’d give to those who “don’t deserve it”. And it’s pained me to feel like I live in a whole different world than many in this regard when I don’t resonate with their repetitive convictions. You know, the socially accepted pov’s. That’s why I listen to people like you, and I feel a little less lost in this world
    Thanks for the video 🙂

  • A Kimm

    I’ve never been so ecstatic to find someone’s channel in my life! I literally have been going over this with my therapist for my last two sessions & I still wasn’t really getting to the bottom of my big issue with judging others. Literally EYE OPENING!!!! So grateful to have found you. TY!

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