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How to Speak with the Narcissist Using Improv (Comedy Technique) || Can We Talk #48

How to speak with the Narcissist. How to talk to the Narcissist without causing a trigger. Improv with Narcissism? Yes! It’s no laughing matter. (hahaha, pun most definitely intended.) How to speak with the narcissist. It’s another technique to when leaving isn’t an option- or when leaving is an option. Either way, Improv is a form of “Flashlighting” (dealing with the Narcissist in a healthy way).that you can use any time. This will help you Stop Defending Yourself to the Narcissist.

We have previously talked about not getting all worked up over the Narcissist’s version of reality. It’s hard to stay calm and detached. It’s difficult to remain level-headed and rational when there’s crazy-making going on around us. Improv from the world of comedy uses techniques that help people think on their feet, keep their wits about them and go with whatever is handed to them in the moment- all things we need to know when dealing with a Narcissist. The “yes, and” technique and the “Just Go With It” technique, both from the world of Improve, will help us. And it’s kind of fun.

Not only do we teach ourselves to remain emotionally and mentally flexible, we have something to do instead (replacement behavior). So, are you going to try it? What do you think? Does using improv work in your relationship? Let’s talk!

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Shout out to “Yes And” Improv,_and…

And to Just Go With It Improv technique

Narcissistic Abuse- While I advocate for a different look at Narcissism, I do not condone abuse. If you are being abused by a Narcissist – or anyone, for that matter, get out when it is safe and seek the help of a qualified professional!

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