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Rather than forcing the narcissist to be different, setting boundaries means you will act upon your good sense regardless of the other person’s difficulties. Psychotherapist Dr. Les Carter identifies how narcissists commonly blur boundaries and offers 6 keys for you to establish your own distinct identity.

Dr. Les Carter is a best selling author and therapist with 38 years experience. Hi has conducted many workshops and over 60,000 counseling sessions. He lives and practices in the Dallas, Tx. area.

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  • gratia octaviani

    What if a narc is your ex husband and have a 10 years old daughter? I don't want my 10y/o daughter being poisoned by him.. just like i had when we were in a relationship. I want my daughter being raised with a healthy mental not like me, i wasn't understand what is right and wrong and i was living in lie, i thougt everything that he has done is RIGHT and all the bad things i had with him is what i DESERVED, i had nothing left, not even myself… until i found someone who enlightened me and showed me what is a healthy relationship, so i want my daughter to feel how i feel right now and to understand her value as a female/woman and most importantly as a human being. The worst thing, he always uses religion as his defense. idk How to tell her that he is a toxic person even verbally he could be dangerous.. besides he's a pedophile.,
    i just cant trust my daughter to be around him.. but i cant deny that he still her father and ever since he gave my daughter a smartphone (which i think a 10y/o kid dont need that kind of phone yet) he mad her FB, instagram and many accounts and he give her no privacy bc her account connected to his device and all the pics and video are published to his own FB account, some of her friends were harassed her sexually and he seemed fine and even proud about it.. and act like he's the one who is taking care of her. yet, he never even responsible for anything.

  • 3rrlia

    Narcissists hate assertiveness and honesty. They never respect your boundaries but their boundaries are like a wall .In my experience with narcissists I always felt like they are always up to something behind that wall like something is going to happen.Well maybe not just because they are sneaky but also because I developed anxiety .I really work hard on learning how to put boundaries.

  • Jason Powell

    Thank you — my wife was rather upset with me when I picked up a copy of Townsend & Cloud’s, “Boundaries in Marriage.” This presentation helps me understand a little of the difficulty involved with setting and keeping them without myself being either controlling or reactionary overboard.

  • Zenith Astrology

    No wonder I as an Aquarius (the sign that rules the most uniqueness) was born to a Narcissist. No wonder Aquarians get born to so many narcissists. Aquarius is one of the only signs strong enough to push this to them, till they self destruct. That's exactly what happened, she died all alone in a nursing home because nobody liked or cared if she died. That's why Aquarius are famous for and come with that emotional detachment. 1:47

  • Lauren Ayala

    Dr. Carter, your videos are amazing and I've just about watched all of them, many multiple times and I'm also about half way through reading "The Anger Trap". I am looking forward to consuming more of your content! I thought that perhaps you could shed some of your insight on the "grey rock" technique in a future video. Kind Regards.


    Thanks for this. It inspired me to start setting boundaries with my work place narc. I still naively hoped, maybe he would surprise me and react like an adult. Instead he quickly started whining that I was being unfair to him and lying that he had no idea I had been for months going beyond what my company requires in terms of the amount of help I give to him in his job. I took your advice and have not reacted to his insults or let him goad me into defending myself for leaving him high and dry. Still working on emotionally detaching. Being an empath, that part is the hardest for me.

  • Mantralightofangels

    Thank you very much. Your videos have helped so much. Could you consider doing some on the covert and having children? Also, dealing with the covert in court? The fear associated with this person and going to court with them keeps you held. I fear him. I fear losing it all due to his games. Again, thank you for everything

  • Adine Hulst

    Amazing video!!!!! Every single thing you said is 100% true. Never imagined I was in the horrible situation like the one you are explaining. I have been studying this topic for the last 3 years because I got sooo destroyed and confused by my ex husband and didn’t know what happened to our marriage and he tried to totally change me and make me who he wanted me to be. Now it is all making sense and I knew I wasn’t crazy like he kept trying to make me believe I was. Thank you for this whole series. I am really taking a lot from your talks. Be blessed.

  • Paul Menten

    What I like about this video is that Dr. Carter places full responsibility on the listener to be true to who you are. Ultimately, it’s not about them, it’s about how do you behave when you find yourself in a relationship with them.

    But I’d like to make a suggestion – we all have a responsibility to others; to know who you are, and communicate who you are to the people who matter. Doing less is emotionally lazy. Be brave and try to get it right.

  • Dorcas Eatch

    Social media what a nightmare! I’ve now had 2 narcissists affect my life. I have tried to stop them and of course they are blocked but they are contacting any charity or organisations they know I have links with, and they are very plausible with their lies and I have been kicked out of quite a few now (they have also created a lot of fake accounts to reinforce their lies). It’s very hard as these groups just will not communicate with me as I suspect they have been told not too. I suspect I have to cut my losses

  • Lee Butterworth

    Excellent videos.
    Very helpful in understanding my own situation.
    Very difficult being an empath & has taken alot to stay strong.
    These videos have given great understanding but have reached the conclusion for my own situation that I must walk away.
    Not easy when you still love the person but can't see a way of breaking them free from the wicked which.
    The person is a flying monkey.
    Maybe one day they will see.
    Keep up the work with these videos.
    Great work thank you.

  • TJ Empathic tools

    Hello Dr. Les….. Do you already happen to have a video or two around the dynamics of being children of narcissists? While it can be a question as to when and how to explore this issue I can see the benefit of addressing this distinction in surviving/ enduring of the child/ parent relationship and how the dependencies/ responsibilities get so twisted around and in some cases where the children actually use the behviors of their parents in order to survive (dynamics of surviving malignant or covert narcissism) ….. especially as at some point the children of find they are sensitives or are challenged to develop and integrate empathic capacities.

  • lynnesuszek

    Thank u although my narc doesn’t like to admit it he fits so much that you describe and so I just keep it to myself and change how I react. It all makes sense now about them not wanting uniqueness (which is demonic) My narc doesn’t thinks his likes and dislikes are the only ones and I’ve asked him so many times is it ok that I like something that he doesn’t! Food tastes for instance are preferences that he can’t stand if I like foods he doesn’t like

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