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How To Let Go of A Narcissist

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  • EE Edwards

    Awesome video thanks again Quinn you know how to tell it like it is
    Quinn I look at it as I walk away, don't look back, heal a new rebirth for me,but I'm not going to let it change me I'm still going to be compassionate lovely spirited person that I am I will be aware eyes wide open
    Have a blessed day 💜💜💜

  • C C

    You know I never was truly happy except for probably a month total. The love bombing stage I remember feeling quite satisfied that I have met a man who appreciates me, but I did always feel an underlying frantic nervous energy. Then towards the end it was just so sucking, I felt hate and anger and I never feel anger. I was unhappy most of the time but I told myself that it was my fault if I'm unhappy, because I can't blame others for my own happiness. Now that we've been broken up for a week or more, I have zero anxiety and I am so happy and optimistic and feeling so free and wonderful. I'm glad this experienced happen though cuz I learned a lot and honestly he was handsome and good in bed and nice to my face at least minus the weird energy. I learned how to love someone fully unconditionally and without freaking out and being insecure. I used to have horrendous abandonment issues but now I realized it's really not about being left and being left won't hurt me and if someone leaves me out of the blue there's probably a lot more to the story . when he left me the first time I was devastated and I thought there was something wrong with me, now I see it all. It's less about commitment and more about character. I didn't know about energy when I met him, I discovered all that s*** about energy and vibration after he dumped me and I was frantically searching YouTube for something to make me feel better. Then because I forgave him and was so frantic to get on his good side again even though he's the one who dumped and lied to me, I really forced myself to grow and now I know that was a future partner I will be totally able to just relax and enjoy having fun together instead of constantly worried about the future or being left. And I'm young 20s, 10 months is not that long. I'm glad this happened but I'm also glad it's over. Now I know I can dump someone if there's weird vibes or for any reason at all. I dumped him a week ago when I looked through his phone and found cheating, but I feel so great now that I will not hesitate to dump any future person unless they uplift me and respect me and are honest with me. Everyone has bad days but you know what I mean, these narcissist, it just got worse over months, I felt so drained and miserable and angry and kind of resigned

  • Dave Burton

    I know someone had a narc husband and I narc wife we listen to Quinn and discovered how in much deep shit we in but my friend is afraid to leave she think she can t make it. Soon as she starts preparing for a place he treats her nice so she won't move then she gets comfortable he attack her again and you could also develop cancer after years and years of stress try and work your way out the relationship or they will kill you!

  • myra cartger

    Thank you for asking us to take a assessment. I felt like I was always walking on eggshells. I moved out and moved back to my state. All I can do is take one day at a time to reformat myself. I will never go back. I cut off all contact. I can't even talk to any his family members right now. Everyday I am regaining my lost strength. I am excited about what is ahead for me.

  • susan aune

    You saved me..and I'm so grateful.
    I have learned so much!! Today 11-12 is my ex narcs birthday and after 8 months I thought I was on real road to recovery..but this morning I'm in tears over it…it was left unfinished but he discarded me in March because he IS a narcissist and secretly gay and a drunk and a porn addict. I'm so far from being a narcissist…I still cant wrap my head around this bs…14 years worth of time and usury…lies sickens me…why am I in tears today?? He never gave me a decent birthday and I bent backwards to make sure his were fantastic..he was on probation last year but as soon it ended he dumped me..I knew he had found new supply…but he used the excuse that he wanted a quite life..HES A DRAMA QUEEN!! YES I have lost my drive!! Until this day i was a rocket why is this hitting me so hard??? I'm grateful that I was discarded but today 8 months later I'm a mess…thank you because you have opened my eyes and I never want this in my life again!!!

  • yun hao

    My ex left me one month ago, I think the real reason was because I stopped stroking his ego and started to stand up for myself, although his reason was that we were too different. He made me believe that I was the one that did everything wrong. I felt really inferior and I could not do anything right by him.. Even after the breakup, I kept on thinking that maybe I could change, maybe I will do whatever he wants me to do, as long as I can get back to him, I will stop fighting for myself and will just obey him.. The lucky thing is he never contacted me and I never contacted him either. Looking back, it was the worst breakup to get over because I wanted the love bombing to come back. looking back at the relationship, I almost turned into my mother who was walking on eggshells with my narcissistic father.

  • Leonora Guastella

    How I feel? I miss him!
    I broke up the contact without “any reason”, but I felt he is not into me….just keeping contact like a friend…until maybe he needs me again. Fed up with this shit, but still missing him. For three and something years we have been more or less together with about 5 break ups for months due to “my bad behaviour or big mouth”!

  • Karen Abke

    I let go when I accepted that there was no peace to be had with this person. Every encounter was combat. Reaching the point of absolute mental exhaustion led me to no longer have the desire to figure it out any further. It will always be sad to me, but thanks to you the healing is getting so much better.

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