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  • Tricky Nicky

    Nice encouraging video, thank you. To heal from narcissistic abuse I am tapping on my forehead whilst thinking empowering thoughts and re-framing the abusive situations. I am using LOTS of ginger oil (neat) applied to face and vaporizing it also. This really helps with my insomnia, careful this could cause sensitivity to some people.

    I devoured as much information on the condition joining Kindle Unlimited which allows me to download as many books as I can each month. I try to comment somewhere every day, although sometimes I do think I rabbit on a bit and wonder if I actually help anyone but I figure that's what the 'read more' button is for, so people can't really blame me for pressing that if they had a choice not to! I think that stems back from my narcissistic father constantly telling me I was taking up more than my fair share of the airwaves. Most of the time I am too scared to ever go back to my comments in case someone says "That was rubbish, why did you write that". Plus there can be critical people and narcs patrolling the comments sections and that's just not nice.

    I listen to relaxation music and positive affirmations. I am juicing huge lumps of ginger juice every day and drinking it neat. I am using clear crystal to heal, rubbing it on my forehead at night and actually sitting it in my aromatherapy vaporizer to cleanse it and spread those great vibes all over my bedroom. I try to walk for an hour a day and have introduced drinks with Kombucha in it as I read that recent research shows pro-biotics can improve P.T.S.D.

    I am making my own yogurt and eating lots of fresh fruit. I had my iron checked and there is a new thing where they infuse the equivalent of six injections into you so I did that. I picked rose petals and infused them in hot water, cheap and easy to make a comforting cuppa with that. Apparently this is good for soul regeneration. I spend time in my garden each day and keep fresh flowers around the house from my garden. I got a full physical and STD check post escape, just to put my mind at ease.

    I don't feel I need to forgive anybody, I always saw the abusive behavior as a reflection of the narcissists psychological problem. Yes I was angry at the time but I realized the anger was a result of feeling hurt and disappointed and I expressed that at the time and explained to the narc that he had a psychological condition and needed to do some self work. I never really held onto the hurt I expressed it out to him (in factual, non-emotional terms) and anyone that would listen that I trusted really. Oh, I also escaped as well so I was proud of my strength and if I had of stayed any longer I would have seen it as a learning experience as I believe everything happens for a reason. It alerted me to the fact that I come from a family of narcs so I went no contact with my biological mother and low contact with biological father.

    I did a 12 week course on domestic violence and continue with counseling at Helping Minds (for friends/family of mentally ill people) and Relationships Australia. Overall I feel pretty darn good. I have learned a great deal in the past years since I went NC with the narc, honestly more than I learned from my 3 university degrees. I should quickly add that I experienced ALL abusive behaviors from the power and control wheel, he didn't just nudge me with his elbow and look at me mean 🙂 He is still stalking me but I understand that is simply a loss of control he experienced, nothing to do with me really. I realized it was nothing personal and de-invested pretty quickly when his mask fell off. I have good days, I have less joyous days I simply embrace it all as moving forward in one way or another and I listen to lots of music and 'Key of Awesome' videos which are funny (sometimes tacky) and look at meanings behind words/language used in a comical way.

    Hope this helps someone, a sense of humour is critical, I couldn't have survived without seeing the humour and absurdity of the whole situation, not to minimize it, just to cope and re-frame. X

  • Anonymous Follower

    Writing is what helped me to, you can start a blog with google, and you can control who sees it. (Important because malignant narcissists are notorious stalkers, and will find it.) It was such a relief knowing there was a name for what they are. It takes awhile, but than with knowledge you really see them for who they are, and things like how they project take on a whole new meaning. They can say any awful thing they want, instead of feeling bad now we get how they are really describing themselves. And it's a pretty accurate description! You sound very young, how lucky you are to have found out what this was early on. A future lifetime of so much pain avoided!

  • Project Lilac

    Thanks for this video. I would like to share this tip: I saw a therapist who specialized in ptsd. She used a technique called "Somatic Experiencing" and it was highly effective in getting me grounded into my body and feeling my feelings. Another tool I am using are "Positive affirmations". I listen to them every day. I agree with what you said about forgiving ourselves. I still sometimes feel bad that I let myself be fooled by my narcissistic parents. I ignored all of my intuition, instincts and everything and followed their plan for my life. I ended up going to school to be a pharmacist, spending lots of time and money and racking up debt, and I'm actually more into the arts. I was in college for years and years. I look back and think, wow it could have been so much easier if I just studied things that I liked and enjoyed. I was depressed throughout college and that led to so much drama in my life. I let myself be brainwashed into focusing on money all the time, instead of fulfillment. I'm having to unlearn this mindset as well. Have you found any supportive people in your life?

  • MsLovelylady32

    Hello. What helped me in my healing was forgiving myself. Of course listening to videos. The greatest gift I've given myself was the gift of meditation. It has taken me to another place. Also nurturing that little girl inside me. Letting her know I'm here for her, and I won't ever abandon her again. When a Narcissist has seen they have no power over you anymore they have a complete melt down. Now I only feel sorry for them as they are in a perpetual state of pain.. Never give anyone permission to abuse you. We are on our way.. Good luck to you. Sending love and light your way😘

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