How to Have a Healthy, Happy Heart

You go to your Cardiologist and he has told you that you are very much in danger of having a heart attack. You go to a cardiologist at the Kootenai Medical Center for a second opinion, and she tells you the same thing. What are you going to do?

Get happy!

Music's affect on the heart.

A years-long study by Dr. Mike Miller of the University Medical Center in Baltimore shows that being happy can improve your heart health. It has been proven long before now that laughter can actually open up blood vessels and up the blood flow to the heart. Dr. Mr. Miller focused his study on music. If watching a funny movie can open up those vessels, why should not music that makes a person happy have the same affect? After a simple set up to monitor the hearts reaction, the result of a participant listening to music, or even playing an instrument themselves, was not surprising. Not only did the vessels open up and allow more blood to flow through, chemicals were also produced that are beneficial to the heart. When the participants listened to music they did not enjoy, the chemical production stopped and the vessels began to close.

What else can I do to have a healthy heart?

We have mentioned before that listening to up beat music during a work out can keep you motivated. This recent study shows that the music not only keeps you moving, it also keeps your blood flowing! Exercising will help you lose weight and that will lessen the strain on your heart. Working out can also increase the production of chemicals that help you feel happy and content. Double that up with music that makes you happy, and you are well on your way to having a happy heart! Miller does suggest to change up your music selection often as listening to the same songs over and over again actually decreases their affect on your vessels.

Source by Zach Hunt

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