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How To Diagnose A Pathological Narcissist

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How to diagnose a pathological narcissist is a discussion of how a mental health professional would diagnose this personality disorder.
Based on an interpretation of the criteria stated in the DSM-5 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders) published by the American Psychiatric Association, which is the “Bible” of psychiatry from which mental health professionals base their assessment on. This information is available online for anyone to research further into. Most victim of narcissistic abuse often gain much needed clarity from initiating their own educational journey into this psychopathology. The psychology of narcissism is a deep and complex topic that warrants more investigation and research.



  • Bev Bruns LOL

    I really enjoyed listening to and watching this video. You are helping everyone become more conscious of narcissism. I have wondered if we can receive narcissistic abuse from a source that is not fully diagnosed as pathologically narcissistic. And what about the narcissist wound in general? I wonder if it can only be delivered by someone who is pathologically narcissistic. So interesting. Can someone with a healthy sense of narcissism still suffer from a narcissistic wound? Thank you !

  • Cate-Nadine

    I researched and learned all of this a couple of years ago. One of the many heartless things she said to me was, "It is not my fault that your marriage is SO BAD", after I accused her of doing subtle things and comments to funk with my mind about my husband. We are married 40 years in January 2019 and no contact will remain with her. Thanks for your great information and understanding. <3

  • Gary Weston

    Professionals aren't necessarily equipped or even willing to diagnose NPD. My wife is a malignant narcissist. Doesn't matter medically diagnosed or not. She is what she is. I know this for a fact. I know what she is through personal experience and direct observation of this individual. She revealed herself to me, as she knew she could no longer hide it. I became her enemy number 1,and she literally tried to destroy me. She had the capacity to lie to my face about matters we both had literal first hand personal knowledge about. I'd observe her twist her perceived reality and force that reality upon me. When I did not comply, narcissistic rage was a matter of course. I watched her therapist become her therapist brought me in to the sessions. My narcissist raged, ranted, lied, and claimed I was angry over issues I absolutely was not. Despite my stating as such, she continued to rage. Seek conflict. To project and blame. This therapist with a PhD from MIT, I felt, seemed incapable of helping. I do not blame the therapist, please understand. The issue at hand was, the narcissist was literally unmanageable. Our last session I walked out of due to an inability to even express myself over her loud rantings and aggressiveness. As I left, she mocked me. The therapist was out of her element as the narcissist was chaos and illogic personified.. What I would have hoped, was action to hospitalize my wife. However I felt the therapist was incapable of action. At that point, it was up to me to save myself. Soon after this, the false accusations intensified. Where my narcissist began to attempt to use the legal system against me. The tell tale narcissistic final discard phase. Do not try to save such people. They are deranged, incurable. They are cursed and will be as such forever. They will destroy us if we remain. Get away at all costs.

  • Bintang221

    In retrospect, clues about his character emerged even at the very beginning….but I knew nothing about this pathology then. I just brushed it off…thinking he was just having a bad day. I would justify him even though the ways he talked and shouted to his exes in front of me actually disgusted me. Now I can see through all this. I even understand why he called the exes in front of me. To make me believe that he was over them. BS. After 5 years he still keeps in touch! Hides, lies, gaslights, triangulates…. empathy zero. Actually he blames and accuses me of everything. Whatever his pathology..he drained me mentally and physically and I cant live like this anymore. I am staying firm with my decision of leaving him and not going back this time. Of course…he just wont accept my decision and has started stalking….No more pity.

  • 215Gallagher

    He's dead, but the rest of the family thinks his problem was depression, but I was the only other male of the six and I was his antithesis when it came to sport, he was in Liverpool Uni's first 15 in the mid 50s and was a varsity sprinter, I tripped over my own feet and balls usually hit me in the face, so I was a nothing in his eyes, and dare I say my ineptitude and general clumsiness as a child proved to him how defective my mother was, and the fact I never saw even the slightest glimmer of spontaneous affection attests to their mismatch.

  • Ange Lom

    It is very hard to diagnose them because they are never sincere, most of them are covered ones. The most accurate diagnose is your gut, the way they make you feel and the way they affect your life and your well being.
    Thank you again, your videos really helped me to save my life and my sanity. Merry Chritsmas with all my gratitude!

  • Maya Krasikova

    Merry Christmas, Johanna. Thank you for this great support you have been for me and others this year. You are so right in that psychology is yet to define narcissism. I believe psychology isn't enough to deal with that because it is connected to energetic interferences, it involves spiritual deprivation and vampirism. Unless psychologists are educated and spiritually awakened themselves, they can't completely understand this phenomena. Also, to have experienced a narcissist in own life – makes huge difference in understanding of narcissism. To have experienced this trauma is also to understand how this effects a human being deeply. Thank you thank you again!

  • A. P.

    Everyone should also realize and remember the DSM is also created and based on emotions of the writers and creators of the DSM, based on propaganda and control dating back to the 1930's first DSM being published in the 50's… according to the DSM and all the mental disorders every person on earth has some sort of disorder e.g. if your obsessed about being healthy… now it just made it legal for almost anyone to force big pharma drugs, to have people committed / jailed based on emotions, to have them go quiet…. Money and control, also keeping in mind who is directly linked and controls psychology industry from the schools, training.. governments, lobbyist and big pharma. Why does the governments promote the big pharma drugs and not proven natural healing methods such as fitness, having/feeling a purpose in life, lifting others with positive words etc. Why is the media 90% negative, research operation Mockingbird … everything and everyone is linked, question the DSM, it is part propaganda, misleading and misinformation.

  • Fahima D

    This truly sounds like you are speaking from your own experience. You have a deep knowledge. It is a high price to pay to get knowledge like this. I really do know how devastating this is. You are a warrior!! Thank you 🙏

  • Keith Freeman

    Very good, Joanna! Wow, what a masterpiece of a video. Great.
    I look forward to hearing more of your ideas and thoughts regarding the spiritual aspect of this condition. I like what you said about the psycho/spiritual. I’ve noticed that the Bible has plenty to say about the mind, but that the field of psychology apparently has so little to say about the spirit. Who’s to say that it’s up to psychologists to find the solution to this awful problem? Perhaps the answers are in the Bible.
    Thank you for all you’re doing. You’re making a positive difference in my life.

  • A. P.

    i do deeply appreciate Joanna's videos, as somebody dealing with people with mental disorders of all kinds for many many years, Joanna's videos explains this almost perfectly, better than any "professional".

  • A. R

    Oh my gosh . Just about 19 mins in or little before when you said " you need to change", never them . That's what she said to me . I have to change .
    And the draining part ! . Oh my god yes . It's like compleeeetly drained .
    These people are insaneee!!!.
    I think i am going crazy or is it me ? 🤦

    Oh my god . #8 . Holy crap. To a T !!!! …

    Am sooo tired of living with this nonsense . Anything is better than living with this woman .. and it's like no one else is seeing this toxicity . .. apparently i am the crazy one.
    I need to leave . She just make me physically sick.

  • kookiecanuck

    most who have lived it and survived it probably have the best understanding of it without a degree in psychology like on Seinfield
    Once the narcritis tumor has been implanted in to you repeatedly it is a cancer and follows you like your shadow and can't swat it off like swatting a fly

  • Gwendolyn Wehage

    We have a description of a narcissist in 2 Timothy 3:1-5. God condemns these people, they are not "sick" they are evil.
    "2 Timothy 3:1-5

    “Difficult Times Will Come”

    3 But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. 2 For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, 4 treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these.

  • researchfiend

    good points…a mental health professional fails to understand pathological narcissism or any mental health issue unless t h e y have experienced it themselves…Thank you for the clarification that the malignant narcissist erodes your will to live… Montana is the hive of mean girl queen bee narcissists…maybe why this city is tops for suicide in the entire USA?

  • Cliff Wilson

    My mother was a narc and I was the oldest of 5 and was the black sheep scapegoat I shut her off at a age of 18 when I left home and don't bother with her at all 37 years ago what a horrible person she is and still is from what I here

  • Aubrey

    I totally believe that unless you have been a victim of narcissistic abuse, you cannot understand it or fully validate the person who's suffering from it. It is simply unimaginable that a person could be so eager to bully others, so cruel, sadistic, dishonest, lacking in empathy, entitled, full of contempt, etc.. I was very into studying psychology but I still didn't totally believe people like that really existed until it happened to me. Then a whole new crazy world opened my eyes and I suddenly understood what victims had told me in the past. Sadly, it's something you must experience to understand.

  • Aubrey

    This is a great video! Great thorough explanation of each of the traits. One problem I have with these informational videos are their suggestion that people with NPD have trouble having long-term relationships. That is confusing because there are plenty of people with NPD who have held down long-term careers and marriages. Narcs often settle down with codependents for the long-term as a primary source of supply. So please don't assume that just because someone has been married a long time that they must not have NPD.

  • Lissa K

    If you learn better by example then watch/research the behavior of:
    1. Donald J. Trump
    2. Bradly Morris Cunningham (American imprisoned for the murder of his ex wife Cheryl Keeton)
    3. Kanye West
    These 3 men are pathological narcissists whose behavior is compulsive and observable.

  • Eagle Has landed

    Great information. There are people who will keep an animal alive as they eat pieces of it slowly. So when they go back for more the animal has a fresh supply of meat for them. This is wrong. That is a narcissist to a T. We have the power to stop them from eating at us slowly. Only if we see what is happening in time. Thank you for all the helpful and comprehensive videos.

  • John S

    Have you read “The People of the Lie,” by M. Scott Peck (an M.D. in psychiatry)? He introduced the term Malignant Narcissism into books aimed at non medical audience. When I read the book I realized for first time my mom and dad were malignant narcissists. I was reading the book to fight evil as a good Christian, assuming evil was rare and limited to murderers and the like. I wasn’t trying to learn about my parents but I learned my parents were evil. If all you ever know is evil people pretending to others and claiming to their victims to be good, how else could you know the truth, especially when it’s your parents that are evil? Once your eyes are open, it all makes sense. You connect the dots looking back over a long time.

  • Gracie Ackerman

    My ex husband to a T – been the subject of his abuse for 20 years- back in court with him/ during the first appearance he had his lawyer tell the court that I have no certification, no higher education, no talents or abilities

  • Critical Bill

    Narcissist..Out of Context…"hey I'm looking in the I look forth" I have a Narcissistic Mother, Sister..My Dad is "henpecked"..I spent the Holidays Alone..OK with me..I have to set boundaries and keep them!..And at the same time realize that she is "sick"….Happy New Year!!!

  • Bonnie Cat

    Could someone please advise me. Yesterday I told my husband I had had enough. We’ve been together for nineteen years. He’s been unemployed for seven years and I told him I can’t go on any longer, I’ve had to get a second job to make ends meet. He first played the victim saying I was being unfair on him and he was trying his best. A while later he turned verbally nasty when I told him he had to lower his sights when job hunting, saying that he wouldn’t take a menial job as it would make him suicidal. As usual he’s turned things round to make it look like me who’s in the wrong. I don’t want to back down on this but am I right? Any replies are appreciated.



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