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How To Destroy Your Narcissistic Mother

In this vlog we look at the dangers and negative impact of your narcissistic mother and ways in which you can manage the situation!

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  • Barb Wiest

    Hi ,, I am from pine City Minnesota USA .
    Very good video and nice jacket . I have a unusual out look on narcissism . I was a orphan then adopted so I thought my abuse was because I wasn't their blood , but I met my birth Mom , omg , same thing , almost identical . I am 61 now and as long as I went along with the junk of her ,, or them , I was okay , it has been a few years now I said goodbye to most of my families , except my sons , and one of them is this also .
    I wholeheartedly believe they know exactly what they are doing and the dark force they serve . To me that is the bottom line . She used to hand me books upside down .
    I worked with a girl that was labeled slow , she was just held back from a horrible Mom . I started teaching her other things to do in the company I worked for , and a few of the employees where angry with me because then we all had to share in the bad jobs they had that girl do . Once again and I have seen it with my x and my son's , these people know and plan ahead to enslave , hold back and hurt others no matter who they are . And if they did like a dog , as I had one murdered for crossing my Mom , they would kill it . They do not know of love and guidance at all . best wishes with your book and God bless your day .

  • Gypsy Lake

    Love you Aydin. Whatever you have been through you have been determined to not let it destroy you and to learn all you can to comprehend and avoid the quick sand of toxic relationships and you have been generous in your love and empathy for humanity to educate and share with others so that each may reach the potential of their humanity and ultimately live a loving and fulfilling life. Thank you for your dedication. Here's wishing for you the most meaningful loved filled life also.

  • Laniakea S

    I exposed my mother's abuse to all of her friends and colleagues at work. For the first time in my life.
    Showing them videos and audio of her tantrums and telling the story of my life.
    She killed herself a month later.

    Ye know what? She knew it was coming sooner or later.
    She knew I was about to destroy her illusion.

    You are completely right, friend
    Detect what her illusion looks like and destroy it

  • Muz hop

    Too add.

    Typical phone call with my mother. 25mins trying to be nice, last 5mins brings up some drama or something "bad" you done years ago and phone call always ends in depression/ or downer.
    One phone call this didn't happen. I was surprised. Next day she called back to give me some abuse about being useless at my job.

  • Christina Cataldi

    My mother withheld money from me until I was in such dire straights that I would have to get on my hands and knees groveling and so sick then she would come to my aid. I’m sick now and feeling some days I am going to die…she watches the suffering of me and my son and has plenty of money to give me some aid but nope….isn’t going to happen without paying a huge price

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