How To Deal With Life After Divorce From A Narcissist | Dr Karen Finn

It won’t necessarily be easy, but your life can certainly be better.

When you divorce and break free from a narcissist, will your life go back to the way it was before? Can you truly move on from the narcissistic abuse inflicted by your ex?

There was a time when even Aristotle believed that the Earth was the center of the solar system, that the bright planetary bodies all revolved around us earthlings.

The narcissist has a similar take on their position in the universe. And anyone who is or has been married to one knows this firsthand.

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Those who couldn’t last “‘til death do us part” know that even life after divorce from a narcissist is no picnic.

Narcissists, quite frankly, are exhausting. You can never give enough, be enough, do enough, or flatter enough to satisfy their inflated sense of self.

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