• Bling SugarBaby

    Thank you so much. I am the victim of being raised by two biological narcissistic sociopathic parents, two evil stepparents (at least one is dead), an evil late grandmother, and a narcissistic late grandad, and great grandfather. My parents were sociopaths so I basically raised myself from the age of kindergarten. This helps a lot. I went no contact with the biological father in/after April 2006, and the biological mother in/after July 2007. I feel great having nothing to do with them, now. I feel content.


    It's so important to stand up for yourself against such people. They tend to thrive on FEAR. Sometimes challenging them is the answer as many of them do not like to be challenged. A passive attitude only empowers them. If this situation is not addressed right away they'll humiliating and talking down to you in front of other people. It can really be embarrassing. This is something that should be dealt with right away.

  • B Hinkle

    Great advice!! I finally realized I had to do all these things for my own sanity! I cant talk to my mom about anything negative, she can never be wrong and I act fake. I see her as little as possible. I would love to cut her totally out of my life but low contact is OK for now. It will never be a real relstionship but I pretend things are fine. She will never realize how messed up she is, so what's the point? Knowing she is a narcisstic, has helped me.

  • Tony Becerra

    holy shit im 22 now just moving back with my parents from collage , i wish i had this info when i was 14. I left my parents when i was 14 and ended up in foster care ,(thank god) and grew up much faster than i would have in their house, id be a completely different person. I try as much as i can to not butt heads and just do everything they ask witch is most of their responsibility's we have on ranch so they have me running around doing there agenda, labor, stuff they are not motivated to do. and i do one thing wrong or say one thing wrong, there is no buffer or boundaries they just flip without thinking and you cant calm them down with logic or reason so i just hide. hopefully i can learn to recognize the triggers before they happen an also watch my own attitude and not let them affect it

  • Holly V

    Hello, I need help. I am a 20 years old college student who lives with my parents. I live with them because I never learned how to drive, and they never let me go anywhere as well. I'm asking this because I simply do not know what to do right now. I need to get out but I am not making enough money right now. Although I am saving up. I'm writing this because I've had it with all of this abuse. For instance, my birthday is coming up soon. My boyfriend and I are going a long distance relationship right now. He planned a big birthday thing for the week of my birthday. His family offered to drive me up there (which is 4 hours away) and drive me back. My parents wouldn't have to do anything. All I did was ask for their permission. I do that because I still live in their house and I try to respect them. I didn't raise my voice or cuss my mom out, although she claims I did. She claims she says or does something that never happened, and the other way around. Last night we got In a big argument. I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner and we were talking about me going up there. She got mad and, I shit you not, threw knives at me. I asked, "why are you throwing knives at me?!l she said "oh. Bless it. It was just a butter knife" no it wasn't. It had a point to it, it stuck in the cabinet not even an inch beside me. I feel like I'm going crazy, I need to get out. I'm tired. If you have any advice, please help. I'm desperate 🙁

  • Vincent Stanzione

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